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My husband and I are Jr. High sweethearts, both of us just turned 30. I've had issues with my MIL pretty much since day one. Whenever my boyfriend at the time didn't want to talk to his family he would shut his phone off, his parents would call my phone yelling at me and cussing at me. His mom told me I was not welcome in her home so I never went over. I never yelled back at them and always tried to be respectful to his family. I started putting on weight and at the time I didn't know it was because I was getting sick and my boyfriend's family thought it was their job to make me feel bad about it. I found out last year that I have several chronic illnesses and that I'll be sick for the rest of my life, his family hasn't been nice about it and are constantly trying to force me to have a risky surgery. I've been telling them no for the last 6 months and finally the poo hit the fan last month when I told them all off on Facebook because they're unreasonable in person. Anyway the trouble with my MIL got worse when my boyfriend and I got engaged. I paid for everything and at first my boyfriend said I could plan our wedding however I wanted and his mom talked to him and didn't like my plans and made me change from a destination wedding to a wedding in our town. His sister started cyber bullying me and I had to block her and stopped talking to her in person. The more my boyfriend talked to his mom about our wedding the more expensive it got for me. My future monster in law told me I had to do this wedding how she wanted even though she wasn't helping, I wanted to cancel the wedding and I probably should have. He kept adding groomsmen and by him doing that I had to add more bridesmaids and his groomsmen backed out at the last minute because they wanted to get their tuxedos from a different store that looked nothing like the ones we picked out. I ran out of money for "our" wedding and I had to ask my aunt for help she completely took over and started telling me it was her wedding now and could do whatever she wanted. 6 months prior my grandma passed away and with my aunt and MIL and boyfriend planning our wedding was causing me to breakout in hives and I started having panic attacks. I thought it would help me if I let my MIL do the bridal shower, I thought she would get off my back it worked until the shower was over. She started buying random junk without asking me and just expected me to use it at the reception, I told her I got all the decorations but she just kept buying random junk that didn't go with anything. At the reception my aunt changed the things I paid the dj to do and my husband wouldn't let me go out and fix it and his mom put the random things out onto the tables. My SIL wouldn't let me dance with my husband every time we wanted to dance she would push me out of the way, I was so pissed and I got drunk because I couldn't enjoy "our" day.

On our first anniversary we went out of state for 4 days and my monster in law was calling me every 5 minutes trying to control every part of our trip, I had to shut my phone off. She doesn't want me to be happy and when we got got back from our trip my MIL and FIL had the nerve to start demanding I have a child (throwing temper tantrums). Every time I went over his father would greet me with "when are you having kids?" He would get to the point where he was almost always yelling at me about every time he saw me.

A few weeks ago they crossed my last straw line and I cut them completely out of my life I can't handle the stress from my illnesses and their bs.

Hi ,
I'm so sorry for whatever that has happened to you . Most of your concerns and worries remind me of my own life :( I wish i marry my daughter who doesn't have a MIL.

Riya commented 2 years ago

I sent you an email

Anonymous commented 2 years ago

Hi there,

I saw your post and am very interested in speaking with you about your story. Would love to chat when you can. Please email me at

Erin commented 2 years ago

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