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My youngest daughter Olivia has deadly food allergies. They are so bad she spent a week in the PICU. With that said, my MIL doesn't believe my daughters allergies are "that serious".
I asked her to read the few pages of information the Drs provided. I was hoping she would get on Olivia's band wagon and help us keep her safe. Instead of reading the information, she tossed it in the garbage and said she has a masters degree (and I don't), that she doesn't need any information...
Moving forward she is told to never feed our daugter anything. Period. Last week she visits and while my back is turned offers my toddler candy. Olivia takes it and breaks out in some hives.
I rush for the medicine while holding back tears and she says "oh come on, it's not that serious".. I yell she's got hives"! She quickly responds "I don't believe you let me see"
I grab my daughter and run into my room. My mil leaves.. Thankfully the candy didn't contain her anaphylactic allergens... Thank God because if it had, my daughter could of died.
After she left I told my husband if that bitch comes with in 50 feet of my daughter, I will kill her .....and I'm not kidding either.

Hi im lou i have the same problem to a degree my daughter is dairy intolerent and my mil will not listen to it she still gives her dairy stuff. My daughter has trouble controlling hers poo's my mil will slip her biscits and chocolate all the time i just dont know what to do and my husband is in complete denial of it my daughter starts school in september and they have told me theh wont help me or clean her if ahe does it there i really hate my mil she just will not listen at all.

Lou commented 2 years ago

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daughters in law, don’t suffer in silence!