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Mother in law who separated my 3.6year old daughter from me.. It's been 4days I spoke to her. My MIL came casually with my SIL and FIL to see my second daughter and had taken away my 1st daughter from me. That day evening when I called to talk to my daughter she hesitated to give phone to her. She was not happy in giving phone to her. She asked me should I really give phone to her??? Obviously she is my daughter and I want to talk to her. But I couldn't say dat to her. I said please give and finally they my daughter phone... I hardly spoke for half a minute.. She grabbed phone and cut it.. After dat didn't talk to my daughter.. Neither I called nor they..
My daughter was all brought up by my parents as I was doing my post graduation. So she is more attached to my parents. Even if she visits my in laws place by night she comes back to my parents.
Eventhough she was wit my parents I never felt she is separated.. Because in 24hours if she is awake for 13hours, I would talk to her or FaceTime for almost 8-9hours.. I would be knowing each and everything what she is doing, with which you she is playing and each and every minute thing... My parents would be updating me all the time and at the night. But my Inlaws never bothered to tel me wat she doing even if I cal.
My in laws didn't like dat.. They coudnt digest that. Obviously they would think their grand daughter should stay with them. But they were not able to Take care of her. I left my daughter with my parents when she was 2months old.. My Inlaws couldn't take dat responsibility of taking care of her at that age. Even I'm not secure enough with them.
Now I gave birth to my second child.. There will be a adjustment period for the 1st child to get adjusted with new born and her own mother. But my Inlaws took away my daughter from me.. She totally got separated and a kind of hatred developed in her in 3days. She didn't talk to me or come near me on the 3rd day of their casual visit to see my second child.
My mother in law Infront of everyone acts as though she cares for me. Mainly Infront of my husband. She brought my 1st child on 3rd day and said u r the mother, u would be feeling bad and u would be wanting to talk to ur daughter so I brought her. Then she should leave her with me and go. But she didn't. Later she spoke I took her because u need rest for ur sake. After 21days of delivery where I'm very much active and I have no problem in looking after my own child she spoke dat. She knows I'm doing my own work and my child's from day3 of delivery.. I went for shopping, to beach with her from day9..
Now comes my husband part. He believes and blindly follows what my FIL and MIL says.. And he says dat it's my mistake to feel that my child is separated from me. I should talk on phone. But who is giving phone to my child.
Even he would think when my daughter was with my parents then y not with his parents. But the difference is when she was with my parents I would know everything about her, talk to her. Now I know nothing about her.
There is a saying in Telugu without MIL DIL is fabulous and excellent in character and without DIL MIL are good at character
I lost my sensitive bond and relationship which I had with my daughter because of her selfishness. I coudnt say a word.
Upon that she also said my SIS had come down so she wanted to be with my daughter. My SIL is also carrying but younger to me. She is happy being with my daughter but on The cost of me losing my daughter. She will understand 1day how it feels. Hopefully she should understand how much I cried and how I spent my sleepless nights thinking of my daughter.
I pRay God to see that day should come to them and they should realise how I suffered that but coudnt say a word or talk back. Even my husband didn't understand me In this aspect

Hi there,

I saw your post and am very interested in speaking with you about your story. Would love to chat when you can. Please email me at

Erin commented 2 years ago

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daughters in law, don’t suffer in silence!