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Daughters in Law... don’t suffer in silence!

If you are looking for a place to find support, seek advice, laugh a bit, and maybe resolve your mother-in-law issues, look no further!
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I have a silly suggestion. I assume a mother in law is more likely to be a nightmare due to boredom, especially if they are without a man. Give her some spice, make it nice ;) plenty of grumpy old men out there wandering like lost sheep without their lady. Play matchmaker, remember to be nice. This must be an act to melt their ice and bring them blinding bliss forever so you are free. Be sure to photograph and film each precious moment possible, that will keep the love birds on low chirp mode. And better to be safe than sorry, don't let them wander off without a chaperone,especially driving! They might drink at dinner then forget they did. Oh my the possibilities. We can't help it if we are concerned, loving daughters in law. It is our duty to protect our husband's mother and grandmother to your children. Of course we do really love them...its just how female relationships are when hierarchy is challenged. She's heartbroken her baby no longer needs her, replaced by us. All those years she just barges on position to take over. Take control slowly, but not with desire for power. Do so as a woman to be there for your husband when his mother no longer is. One day you will be the mother in law too. The phases life have been trying on us women through time. Only we can back each other up and be a true helping hand for another woman in distress. Lets face it, men just look at us for food, sex, laundry, secreterial duties, child rearing and nursing. Nice guys are just so because they must do so to compensate for something they feel they lack. I hope I am wrong. All I am certain of is a woman on your side is pure gold. Deny a man fallacio expect a lawsuit for anything they can set you up for. I don't know what happened but men are very emotionally sensitive yet socially restricted to express their troubles. We are all in a bell jar. The best we can do is raise our sons to know they are not lone rangers in this mad world. Just because one girl hurt them, does not mean the next will intend to. Likely that first did not as well. I doubt boys are told this. They are mommas boys for reason. They need us women. But they need to develop a new outlook to adjust to the rapidly changing socital norms. Hang in there my fellow sisters. We can straighten this out if we commit to it with patience, expanded perspective and understanding. We are the rock that keeps the household standing.

Love and support,

It's sounds very naive for you to think its all the same problem. My MIL has a husband but he's not official FIL to me. They are perfect people who know everything who are without blame. They are deaf yet know it all. Ask for any advice and she forgot it all. So who is MIL to judge in the first place? I wasn't always mad at her this just happened recently.Mostly after babe was born. They know it all yet know nothing. When I'm a MIL I won't be emulating her I will do what I can to make my future DIL be a part of the family in a non manipulative way. She thinks she's so smart. She thinks she's so far ahead. Well, if they survive past retirement they want us to care for them. Being ahead of the game means you are certain you have it all worked out and not figured out. Big difference. Lol. She still has time to make amends but if she chooses not to well hell she brought up retirement home first. Lol which is ironic because I will have become a nurse by then. Shameless MIL s who think control is love. Love is love. For the record I'm very mad at her actions had to call the cops on her but I'm willing to forgive if she comes honestly and humbly no bs here. Crazy, judgemental and foolish IL should be nicer to us youngns we could potentially be caring for you.....or not

Veronica commented 2 years ago

My MIL already has a husband, but I can't say their marriage has inspired me very much. They are grumpy 70% of the time. Maybe what they both need is to find a partner they can gel with...but, they both seem to be pretty miserable people all on their own without the help of their miserable spouse. c

Cat commented 2 years ago

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daughters in law, don’t suffer in silence!