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Daughters in Law... don’t suffer in silence!

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My mother in law (who refuses to call me her son's wife even after seven years) came to my home, sat on my sofa, held my five month old son, and informed my husband that he must not be the baby's father because neither of us have blue eyes.

I feel your pain, 15 years together, & the wedding date is less than 2 months away. All she says about the gorgeous blue diamond, is 'omg! That's bigger than mine!' & our daughter is 8, but she still adds me last to any card and refers as the daughter in law to be!

TheB****shehates commented 2 years ago

She must not have internet access, get her a tablet. It'll keep her busy enough just learning to use it for two weeks or so. Make sure Wikipedia and You Tube apps are easily accessible on the first screen/home page. Maybe she can learn facts are a better use of breath than judgemental opinion. Is she Christian? God told us "thou shall not judge" yet we do it with each beat of our heart. I just did as well in this comment.

MOST Caucasian infants are born with blue eyes. Their true color can take up to TWO YEARS to develop. Here is a link to back that up

Best thing to do when a difficult person is in your life is to avoid isolation. Keep connected to the world, others in your common environment, and maintain commitment within your network of supportive people. Frequent reminder that people who care still exist is crucial. Remember you are not alone, reach out when you need a shoulder to lean on and see there are many out there for you.

NJ commented 3 years ago

Stop inviting her to your home, for starters! I hope your husband told her she was out of line!

Cat commented 3 years ago

That is vary rude to say. Blue eyes are resseve witch means that you and your hubby both carry the blue eye gen thus blue a eye baby. Most cupolas have a 1 in 4 chance of having a blue eye kid. Ignor her, you can't waist your time in exsplaining to someone who will not want to listen

Asuna commented 3 years ago

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daughters in law, don’t suffer in silence!