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I don't know where to begin so i'm gust going to start. My MLI does not like to eat real food. By that I mean she only eats anything that is convenient. Ramen, crakers, lunch meats, chesses thing that requier little effort on her part. Becuase of this a while ago we got into a fight that resulted in her not talking to my hubby or I and buying her own food (for once) witch it was great. She was staying out of our way and I did not have to worry about trying to please her.
Before this she always complained that I didn't cook enough or what she wanted, but when I did she was not hungry or didn't want it and would just let the food rot.
Now she is interacting with my hubby and dtarted her old habbits. I have a lot of food alergies and can only have some things in the snake relm. I have to buy blokes of cheese becuase I cant have the pre shreaded kind. The addative to keep it from clumping makes me vary sick. Not even a full week after buying groceries almost the entirer block of chesses is gone with half of the other. In a week!!! Not even over a long time just ugh. Ive gotten to a point where everything she does pisses me off. Just seeing her boils my blood along with her voice. I fell like she will never leave! When ever we bring up she cryes and turns into a mess and then we cant talk. Im just so done and don't know what to do.

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daughters in law, don’t suffer in silence!