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i left my husband because of my mother in law!

i'm almost four months pregnant and have left my in laws home and moved back in with my parents. i could not stand my mother in law anymore. she made my life hell. she gave me tremendous stress since i have been pregnant, and its been affecting my health.

and to make matters worse, my husband does not stand up for me. he does not understand what i went through. he and his mother have an emotional incest type relationship, so naturally i cannot win with her.

i have asked my husband to rent a place for us, but he claims he can do this only after three months or so. he is not happy that i'm away. i dont know what step he is going to take now regarding our marriage. i'm ready to divorce him if he doesnt change.

i'm really heart broken and lost and angry. i dont know what to do anymore. i'm tired of his family dictating my life, and will dictate my child too if i live with them.

Feel the same way about IL dictatorship.
Just cause you IL doesn't make you royalty and even then.... Really?!

Veronica commented 2 years ago

I' m about to leave my husband of 12 years if he doesn't start defending me against his selfish, evil, manipulative mother! I told him he needs to confront her about all his " mommy issues". I'm sick of him taking his anger out on me and our son ( not physically) instead of confronting her. Will probably never happen though as he is so afraid of her at 40 years old and just acts all happy and faky whenever talking to her. Then after hanging up the phone, always turns her being a bad mother his whole life around on us and starts yelling.

Jill commented 2 years ago

I know what you're through. I left my husband's mother's house yesterday after two years of waiting and waiting for my husband to make a move. I guess it was the right thing. She talked s*** as soon as my husband told her I left. She was glad I left. To her, I was a worthless bitch , didn't know how to cook or clean and that I needed to get the hell on. Of course when u fated and married him, I was perfect for him. I believe this is all my husband's fault, although he doesn't take responsibility for any of it. Damned if I do damned if I don't situation. I'm giving him a chance to get us a place. I moved back I with my parents. I feel embarrassed.

Monica commented 3 years ago

I think you made the right move, even though it is hard. I left my first husband for similar reasons...and now I have a hubby who is much better at defending us. You have to look out for yourself and your baby. Stay strong, and maybe your husband will realize that you mean business, and will finally get you all a place of your own and will make some changes in terms of defending you against his mother. If I were you, I'd consider giving him a second chance if he does get a place for you all....BUT....make him sit down and talk about all of the ways in which he could improve (in terms of how he is with his mother vs. you) and let him know if he doesn't change, you're happy to move back in with your family...but this time the separation will be permanent.

Cat commented 3 years ago

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daughters in law, don’t suffer in silence!