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Daughters in Law... don’t suffer in silence!

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My mother in laws dog attacked my 18 month old daughter. My husband and I asked her to cage the dog or put it away. She refused so we said we don't feel comfortable having our daughter near the dog so the inlaws could visit our daughter anywhere away from the dog. She then started a hate campaign on Facebook against my husband and I. She started harassing us at work so we contacted the police and had them advise her to stop. She retaliated by calling CAS and making a false claim. They came over and said we have a lovely home and a beautiful daughter. We have not talked to the inlays since. They have not seen my daughter since March 2013 the night the dig attacked my daughter.

Making a false claim to CPS is enough to cut off all ties with that woman forever. They could have taken your child away from you and MIL knew that full well while making the false claim and that's absolutely disgusting!! Stay away from this psycho and never look back!!

Rose commented 3 years ago

Sometimes a total cut-off is the only (and best!) answer! They sound dangerous....and I don't just mean the dog. They've clearly shown they cannot be trusted, and are happy to go out of their way to try to harm your reputation (and calling CPS, as you could, COULD have resulted in you losing your child - granted, unlikely since you are good parents, but the intention from your in-laws was probably hoping you'd have the child taken away). Stay far away from those people!

Cat commented 3 years ago

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daughters in law, don’t suffer in silence!