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Daughters in Law... don’t suffer in silence!

If you are looking for a place to find support, seek advice, laugh a bit, and maybe resolve your mother-in-law issues, look no further!
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My mother in law comes across as the most carrying and companionate woman you'll ever meet but truthfully speaking she is the most controlling , lying , manipulating , vindictive, rude, deceitful , mentally abusive and most sadistic, narcissistic woman I have ever had to deal with. Yes , the "C" word!! After my fiancé had been living with his grandparents for 5 years to get away from her , he was back in his mothers house for only a few weeks .. Thats when I started dating him. 2 years this woman /"mother" played me and her son against each other . Telling me he had anger problems, mental issues, bad work ethics ... and at the same time telling him I'm bi-sexual , a lesbian , an alcoholic etc. Eventually , it became direct . She was trying to destroy our relationship to have him back in her life and used me as her reason to tell everyone in her life that her son didn't want anything to do with her . The text message would never end that I trapped her son , I'm a druggy and that list goes on. She had to know everything going on in our home. Like, why a cable bill was in his name ( while we had been living together and we were pregnant) to my tattoos , friends, credit history etc. Not one person from his step-father ( who adopted him) to his brothers and sister ever called to ask our side , even to this day. She can make anyone believe anything . Just talk softly , act like your intentions are in everyone's best interest and start crying . She had me even fooled, to many time. She played both of us against each other. Telling us the same things about one another. Everything she was calling me was not true and actually happening within her home ! It destroyed me just taking it for so long . She is an alcoholic ( I don't even drink) and a pill popper. her sons that live in her home were selling drugs out of it and doing it , her 16 son at the time had a drinking problem (3 DUI altercations , crashes now 21 and losses his license and even being held hostage for 3 days getting beat. Her other son still selling drugs and just recently was broken into and beat up for what's in his safe and a step-father who doesn't say anything about anything cause his wife runs the world. My MIL's brother is schizophrenic and I swear this woman has something ! Back to the time line 1 1/2 years of hell , stress, tears, sleepless nights , vomited and depression, from her bone stop lies, accusations and insults . We almost lost our daughter being born at 3lbs 14 oz from her daily phone calls and text messages that lead me to literally beg the lord to end my life to end her madness . With another 2 miscarriages at 6 weeks and 11weeks, we were now done, beyond done . Along with my ex-husband , our 2 kids together, my fiancé and our daughter , we all decided to move far away 5 states away technically . Within 6 hrs our top secret mission his phone blew up . "is it true your moving , she threatened to take our children , death threats from his younger brother of" how could we do this to her , he's going to kill my fiancé !... UNREAL!! She contacted my father ( who helped us move, stayed with us the first 2 months, and had always been with us daily) to help her "save the children, work with her in court , Im abusive to the children and my fiancé ( her son) fears me. Let's just say my fiancé is one of the strongest men I have ever met, not intimidated by anyone and would have you on the ground before you blinked.. but anyways she even had the audacity to contact my ex husband ( who's idea was it) That man knows I'm a good woman and a great mother , we have always been a team .. yet this Phsycho thinks what she does, when she has never even seen me do anything she accuses me of because I DONT and I am NOT . Finally 5 years have past our life is everything , no drama, no fighting, we are so blessed and happy ... that was until just recently my fiancé contact her on Mother's Day . He gets preached " how sorry she is for everything she'd done and said", "that she wants to apologize to me and visit" . Oh lord I lost my mind . Started crying like it was yesterday.. its one thing for a phone call , but when someone has cost you so much pain , emotion, stress, and we lost pregnancies .. I ask "are you serious to ask in just one phone call. " .. I was so not ready .
Needless to say I messaged her . Finally opening my mouth for the first time about what she has caused us, and done to me and our children . I got no response back.
My fiancé decided after everything it was time to contact his biological father who signed his rights over when he was 7 years old .. thinking "maybe this man isn't everything she said and wanted to know him and his side for the divorce and giving up his rights. Within 5 weeks his father was at our door . It was the best time you could have had. Fun, exciting , they are so alike, and knowing what we know.. his side was understood ( he was accused of everything I had been . Worst off he had even been accused of molesting my fiancé and his brother . (I told you she's psychotic! ) So that's why he had enough and had no more money to keep fighting her and gave his rights up . So let's say his choices were immodestly forgiven . Just when a glimmer of having a family back in his life , was present .. it was taken ...
It was brought up that his mother always refused a pregnancy test , he always questioned if my fiancé was his son . Oh my god our hearts dropped ..within that 2 day visit they immediately did a test . My fiancé told his mother about contacting him , all was great .. but that's not what she wrote on face book when they finally met .My fiancé opened a Facebook just to read what she wrote and respond lividly .
72 hrs later the results of the paternity ..NOT the father ! He posted it for the world to see . Tired of biting his tongue all these years and taking her rathe and everyone else she brain washed .. he said it like it was and how he felt.
My man lost it , crying like he never has while taking out in the punching bag, to the point it split , I had to be the one to break the news to his dad . My heart broke hearing a grown man weep and scream " why on the phone " " how could she do this to me " "how could she ever put me through everything she has"... it was a hard day .
The outcome of phone calls from his fathers side poring in that they don't care , they have always loved him and still want him in their lives along with his mother now threatening legal action, slander etc. ( when she posted first) to his brother calling twice with death threats like he did 5 years ago . he was a emotionally toiled man happy, yet angry and heart broken .. and now even more questions as to who he is and who his real father and family is.
Needless to say this woman is officially written off , to all of us. We want nothing to ever do with her especially her own son for the 28 years of lies in his life .
Worst mother in the world is an understatement as his own mothers side, brothers and sisters feel for her and make the comments " why are you so angry ", "you never knew your father anyways" this is your mother, the test is wrong ". Forget them all he said . He had us and even though his father is not his biological father that's all they both want now. To be father and son . A court date is all we are waiting on to make it official again and the love and respect that should be expected , within a family . I pray the day she rots in hell . No one deserved what she has put her son, me , our children , the man she claimed was his " father, his fathers family and even her own that are all blind to all of this.

I was going to add to this site, but you just wrote my husbands story..

BB commented 1 year ago

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daughters in law, don’t suffer in silence!