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We had been living with my MIL and FIL after we sold our house. I had had some problems with post partum depression about six months before and my in-laws allowed us to move in with them so that we could afford my therapy. About a month ago they flipped <i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i> and decided to kick me out, not my husband and not our one year old son, just me. They then convinced my husband to take me to the psychiatric hospital to have me booked. This was all out of the blue to me. The only thing I had done differently in the says leading up to their freak out was decide not to walk 4 miles one morning with my FIL and the baby because it was getting too hot. Oh, and I didn't cook them dinner two nights before and had done my best to avoid them considering the fact that my mother in law was always finding new and inventive ways to tell me I wasn't measuring up. When I cleaned it was wrong, when I took care of the baby it was wrong-down to the cloths I wore and baby weight I was still struggling to lose. Later on my husband and I figured out that they freaked out because my FIL was going through a flash drive on my husband's keys, he most definitely had no business doing, and found a document my husband had written to a new therapist he wanted me to see, explaining what I had been going through for the past year-down to being suicidal and dealing with the pstd from being raped as a child and then drugged and raped in college by someone in my house. He was incredibly detailed but did not put a timeline on it so I think my MIL and FIL think I was dealing with suicidal thoughts when I was at their house-which I was not. They even went so far as to read through every therapy notebook, sort through all of our bank statements, my lingerie, everything. In their confrontation with me after I came back from being evaluated by the psychiatrists at the psychiatric hospital (who did not admit me because,shocker, I am not a danger to myself or anyone else) they screamed hysterically at me that I had to leave right then and that I would never have my child again &quot;Over their dead bodies&quot;. Honestly, in looking back that was a poor choice in words for them if they truly believed I was violent. Oh well. My MIL kept screaming at me in my face telling me to get out of their house &quot;Now&quot;. They wouldn't let me hold my son. My husband was just standing there doing nothing. Finally I went over to my FIL who was holding the baby in the towel and told him to give me the baby. He would not. My MIL was hysterically screaming next to me. I reached out and took hold of the baby by his midsection, because I didn't want to grab an arm or something and hurt him. My FIL would not let go. My MIL started screaming at the top of her lungs &quot;You're hurting him!&quot; So I stopped. My MIL then called the police and told them I hit her, which I did not, and that I attacked my FIL. She told them I was dangerous and needed to be locked up. At that point I left the room they were in and went and sat by the front door to wait for the police. I wasn't going to be around them a moment longer especially if they were going to blatantly lie to the police. While I was sitting by the front door I texted my BIL who works for DHS and texted my SIL asking if she knew a good divorce attorney, since my MIL made it common knowledge that my SIL was going to divorce her husband a while before. Turns out my MIL and FIL had known they were going to confront me that day and had had long conversations with their adult children about how dangerous I was. I didn't know this then. I booked a hotel room for the night and waited for the police to arrive. I also decided to go out on the driveway and wait for the police because I didn't know to what extent my in-laws would go to get rid of me-there were numerous guns they had locked up in the house. My BIL came out and assessed the situation. He was a godsend. We waited for about 2 hours for the police to come. I didn't know it at the time but my in-laws had locked themselves in their room with the baby and their guns. My husband told me later that when he had gone back there to check on our son they had told him he needed to divorce me and fight for full custody. Eventually the police came. One officer went inside with my BIL and husband, the other one stayed outside and talked to me. After hearing the story the officer told me I didn't have to leave their house, that I had a legal right to stay until they evicted me. I told him I didn't want to that even though I had nowhere permanent to go that if I stayed they would make my life a living hell. He seemed to genuinely feel sorry for me and gave me a card for a crisis hotline. My husband went inside to get the baby and brought him out with the police. He was unharmed other than not being fed or having his diaper changed while being in the back room with my in-laws and their weapons. We went to the hotel and the next day went to my parents lake house. A few days later we signed a lease on a townhouse that we now live in. That weekend we moved in. After getting our stuff and my husband going to his brother's graduation we have decided to break off all contact with my in-laws until they go to a certain amount of therapy and are evaluated by a psychiatrist. I doubt they ever will be. My MIL is terrified of psychiatrists because her father and sister are schizophrenic and I think deep down she secretly fears she may be as well. My FIL and MIL have successfully alienated me from their adult children who have not once made contact to verify their parent's story. Lord only know what they have told them. My MIL also told a counselor at her work something that was had enough to have the counselor call DHS on my husband and I. It's just bizarre, I don't drink at all, I have never done drugs, never been in trouble with the law, never hurt my child-always fed him, changed him, bathed him, taken care of him-even when I had postpartum almost 9 months ago. I have done everything I know to be the best mom I know how to be-except for the making your own baby food and freezing it. It just seems odd to me that family would do what they did. If you thought your daughter in law was suicidal and had gone through the emotional trauma that I did would you decide to destroy her life on a Monday at 2pm? I jokes with my husband that it is like someone teetering on the edge of a skyscraper, trying to keep from falling and someone walks up, sees them and just gives them a little push. To say I am disappointed in my in-laws would be a grave understatement. Happily though it has allowed me to see their and their daughter's true colors.

They should be somewhere. I'm just glad it's far away from me right now. My husband and I are doing great without their involvement. We hadn't realized what a negative impact they were until we left. I am soooooo much happier and our son is too, he is thriving. I mostly feel bad for my FIL now. My MIL is really horrible to him which I think was part of why she disliked me so much, because I treated him like a normal human being and felt sorry for him. My MIL is incredibly emotionally manipulative and abusive to my FIL but my FIL just thinks he deserves it because his mother was emotionally abusive to him as well. It is all really messed up. I think my MIL will try to get rid of my FIL next because she feels he is what is holding her back-not her incredibly manipulative personality or the fact that underneath all of the fake sarin sweetness she is a manipulative bitch.

someone somewhere commented 1 year ago

Your in-laws should be in prison. Kidnapping your child, neglecting them by not feeding or changing them and endangering the child by locking them in the room with guns. They are monsters.

Opal commented 1 year ago

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