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Well b!tch, I won. After your most recent outburst DH realized just how sociopathic you actually are and is content to have us and our children avoid you and your family. You have played the victim/martyr all whilst spewing vitriol. You and FIL fostered a toxic environment for your own children, who are still suffering the psychological effects, and I pity them. My DH mentioned it's hilarious that his siblings borrow money from you all the time - they're likely waiting for you to croak so they never have to pay you back. DH and I are self-sufficient and don't need your "help", which infuriates you since you aren't privy to our financial affairs. Your feeble attempts at controlling our lives have failed, all while bringing my family unit closer together. Enjoy the ride to hell.

Seems your in-laws are related to mine!! Isn't it great when they shoot themselves in the foot and their mask falls off so your H can see their true colors?? I just keep poking (covertly) at my ILs in ways that will continue to get them to go on psycho outbursts every so often, you know just to keep reminding H of what ridiculous humans they are. There's nothing toxic ILs hate more than when you stand on your own 2 feet and basically ignore them.

Me commented 1 year ago

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daughters in law, don’t suffer in silence!