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Originally when I first met my then boyfriend, I thought it was weird that I had not met his family, especially his mom. My husband & I have been married for 23 years & it's by the grace of GOD we have stayed. My mother in law envies me, despises & altogether has soo much hatred in her heart for me. She has stolen from me. Because of her, (her husband & son) my husband & I lost our first home, since she decided to "help-out" by offering her bookkeeping services, while we were living in a different state. She had her shady relatives move-in rent-free, instead of collecting the rent. She also kept all our furniture & personal belongings. Yet, was quick to include the property in her taxes for nearly 10 years! I never realized this until the movers arrived @ our first duty station, that she had also kept ALL our furniture & had the nerve to sell it in a yard sale. I lost things that I will never be able to replace, since it had great sentimental value. It's ashamed how she could steal from her own son, especially during a time when we most needed assistance. We have lived in the same town for nearly 2 yrs, yet never have them over. They are disgusting! She never washes her hands after using the bathroom, yet is quick to start cooking. Right. No, thank you! I have NEVER confided in her for anything; she's very heartless. She can smile & say she's completely happy for us & yet covets a lot. The handful of times she's been in our home, she admires my curtains, tv, etc & it's just a matter of time, before she buys something similar to what we purchased. She's very prejudice & says the meanest things when I'm around. Yet, I treat her w/ respect & have never raised my voice or gotten mad @ her. My mom taught me to respect my elders, so when mother's day or her bday, or any other special holiday come around, I buy her flowers, gift,etc, just to let her know she is appreciated, because her own husband doesn't do that. If I mention about going to the Bahamas on a cruise, she will be the first to call me & give me the detail of her urinary to the Bahamas. I no longer have my mom; and being raised by a single parent, I can appreciate motherhood even more! Yet, this family likes to take advantage a lot. During the time my mom past away, she volunteered to once again,"help out" in the home, while I attended my mother's funeral. During this time she stole, silverware, personal belongings, blankets, gifts my mom had given to my daughter & either sold them @ yard sales or give them away as gifts to her own family. I have called her out on her behavior, yet she claims she has never done anything wrong. I have great respect for the elderly, yet I have decided to withdrawl myself from them & choose only to visit them on very short visits. I am an educated, talented, wife who they frequently ridicule. She reaches out in order to cause problems between my husband & I. She texts non stop: All hrs of the day, calls during dinner & although has her older son living there, prefers my husband to tackle their yard work, etc. My husband has a very demanding schedule and I work, yet she expects us to drop everything, in order to tackle her,
"honey-do list." Her husband,spends a substantial amount of time on the computer looking up child pornography. He's one sick bastard! Precisely, why I rarely spend time w/ them; we have nothing in common.

Report the pervert to the police. Please don't delay reporting him. Think about the child he may harm.

Catherine commented 1 year ago

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