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Daughters in Law... don’t suffer in silence!

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Dear IL's, like a puppy, I am SO enjoying each opportunity to take your noses and rub them right into your own <i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i>. For YEARS you thought you had the upper hand, pulling your little passive-aggressive bullshit and then when I got a little miffed you'd gab amongst yourselves and ensure that anything I did as a response to your BS made it into your narrative as more &quot;proof&quot; that I'm an awful person.

Well, you know what? You really had NO clue what I am really like. I never, ever, ever once showed you my deepest, darkest corners of myself where I keep my temper. You didn't even get a WIFF of it, guys. You got this fake, fluffed up version where I feigned &quot;offense&quot; in order to keep my husband on my side while I created a longer and longer list of your infractions. Do you suppose your son was intelligent enough to see all of this for himself? No, which is why I had to spell it out for him like a little kindergartner.

I got to the point where I had nothing to lose but to allow a certain situation to unfold, mainly because I knew it would draw you out to show your true colors...and, golly, you certainly complied. I took a measured risk, and it worked out because you ended up shooting yourselves right in the foot, while I came out smelling more or less like a rose...perhaps a slightly thorny rose, but a rose nonetheless.

I then caused our situation to change...which I KNEW would p!$$ you off more than anything else because it would be a huge hit to your ego. You were more than happy with the idea that I was isolated and &quot;miserable&quot;...when in fact I was perfectly happy and planning the next phase of our lives.

You always seem to forget who actually has the upper hand, here. You thought he'd stay blind to your BS and that you could take everything away from me/us. In reality, you only made things worse for yourselves while we prospered

What I find infinitely hilarious is that I am pretty darned sure that you have discovered who I am on another venting site. I've known that for quite some time. You've given yourselves away by reacting to things I've said that you could only have known by reading what I wrote on that site. tsk, tsk, tsk...gave yourselves right away.

1.) How pathetic that you would regularly check up on me on that site to see what slanderous things I might be spouting off about you. It certainly raises some questions as to your motivation for that, wouldn't you say? One has to assume it is because of your crippling insecurity and need to continue to build the narrative against me. The problem is, of course, that you are simply building a narrative with a circle of people that we literally have nothing to do with. They are completely out of our lives in every, why would we CARE what they think of us? (hint: we don't)

2.) I have had more glorious fun p!$$ing you off with the stuff I spout off. Half of it is true, and half of it is misinformation. I love throwing it all out there and letting you try to guess which is which. (I'll give you a hint: I have never actually been all that angry with anything you've done. I find it amusing. Sorry, but what was left of my good soul was blackened many long years ago by people far more important to me (at the time) than you could ever hope to be. There's nothing left inside to have any kind of feelings whatsoever about anything you do. It's fun to feign offense, but don't kid yourselves that you ever have upset me. I simply use my feigned upsetness to continue to show my husband what @$$holes you really are. Oh, and by the way, he already knows my dark side. I showed it to him very early on and he still chose to love me. He's under no illusion I've been sweet and innocent in all of this...however, he DOES see that YOU have crossed far more lines than *I* have over the years....much, much more.)

3.) I have derived immense pleasure in knowing that you literally have nothing better to do with yourselves than to try to read stuff I write about you online. This really is infinitely amusing to me.

I'm sorry to break this to you (actually, no, I'm not sorry), but my husband and I are very happy together. I realize this is both a source of extreme jealousy, as well as supreme chagrin for you to admit to yourselves. We live good lives. We are good people. We are amazing spouses to one another, and great parents. We work incredibly well together. We love to dream, laugh, since, and play regularly together.

Whatever my faults are, he loves me unconditionally - and I, him. We both have warts, but we ACCEPT each other for them. These are all attributes you will never, ever understand. You only understand manipulation and misery.

Oh, sure, my little posts on that website could be construed as manipulation. I got tired of your BS and decided that after a decade of dealing with it, that I long up to the name you have unjustly called me all these years (bitch, in case you forgot). I finally decided to give you an actual REASON to call me that. Yeah, it's a little petty. I can live with that, and so can my husband. We've discussed this, and he totally understands. See, he's done with your little games, too. He also finds it hilarious that you take what I write and then gossip amongst yourselves about it - as though any of that will affect our lives in any way whatsoever.

We moved far, far away from ya'll for many good reasons, and we plan to keep it this way.

So, you wanna call me a bitch now? Guess what? I'm totally cool with that. As my husband would say, in an adorable Irish accent, &quot;Well enjoy your stay in hell&quot;.

Way to go!!! My MIL his passive-agressive too... I totally and fully understand what you went through. You really have the right attitude, I would love to have had the same approach, it would've saved me a lot of pain. But she's is out my life too now... and oh my God what a relief! Just want to say, I read up on passive-agressive personalities and it's the worst kind of people you can come across in your life... aren't we lucky?? Not

Marie commented 1 year ago

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daughters in law, don’t suffer in silence!