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We're not even married yet and I already know I'm in store for some long years with my future MiL. Our wedding is this summer and my bridesmaids are wearing 2 shades of blue. I asked my mother and future MiL to not wear blue, but was open to any other colors they feel fabulous in. A few days ago my future MiL goes shopping for her dress and sends me a picture of her in a navy blue dress, which she knows my Matron of Honor will be wearing. I kindly respond stating she looks lovely but we talked about her not wearing blue. She responds back stating she doesn't remember and bought the dress. Upset, I tell my fiance and ask for advice. Instead he tries to call and explain this was my only request to her. Her response? She gets mad and his father calls my fiance to demand $350 for the dress she bought. Still don't know if she's gonna wear it or get another, but it will set a precedence for our relationship with the rest of the marriage.

My MIL threatened not to come to our wedding because it was in my church. Then when she did show up she wore a black dress just to tick us off.

Jill commented 2 years ago

She is just making excuses. There is no need for her to wear that dress and if she does make sure there are consequences. Do not spend time with her for several month after the wedding, no phone calls or contact at all. Make sure she knows treating you badly will not be rewarded. If you plan to have kids you need to establish she cannot bully you or disrespect your relationship before you have them. Otherwise she will constanly try to dominate everything and ruin what should be joyful times for you.

Opal commented 2 years ago

OP here... I called her a few days after the incident to explain my side and try to appeal to her by saying I wanted her to beautifully stand out and not blend in with my girls. She kept trying to say she was going to alter the dress, but the store was closing and she couldn't return it. I finally told her we had many conversations about it before she bought the dress and I did not want her wearing it or any other blue dress. It's as if she didn't even care and was always going to do what made HER happy. After we hung up her husband of course calls to question my fiance. Thankfully he had to sit through one or two of our talks about dress colors and set his father straight. Still no word on what she will end up wearing, but we've already agreed we don't have to display pictures of her from our wedding.

Diana commented 2 years ago

No reason she couldn't have taken that dress back so this was deliberate bullying. Don't give them a penny. Also Fil doesn't sound much better if he didn't tell her to grow up and take the dress back.

Opal commented 2 years ago

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