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I have read all your posts and I think my MIL is the craziesy bitch alive. She has always been controlling and expects the world to revolve around her. Very abusive and yelling all the time at everyone! My husband is 40 years old and she has never told him the truth about his birth father. He has asked many times she keeps " forgetting" to do research and find names. Eventhough she does not work just sits on her computer smoking, yelling at her dogs, and talking on the phone. 7 years ago she told my husband he might have a half sister. If she knows THAT info she is obviously holding back names my husband needs to know to get answers. Update. My husband talked to a old old friend of hers and we are told she cheated on my husbands real father and then " claimed" abuse and ran away with my husband when he was 2, and her new lover!!!!! She has told us that the only reason she married her current husband is because he is a wimp and she is talking all his money. Oh ya that computer she sits on all day is his too under his house he bought. Poor sucker. She abused my husband through his whole life. Yelling, screaming and letting one if her MANY husbands beat my husband when he was young. Doing nothing about it. What a poor excuse of a mother. The other night after dinner she was yelling and carrying on while the rest of us were watching a documentry. I guess since I was ignorong her ( like I always do when she abuses me verbally) she started demanding a apology from me. I just snapped and told her. I won't apologize for nothing!! Anymore! She pulled a knife on me!!!!!! My husband said he looked into his own mothers eyes and realized she was gone!!! We left. Never to return!!! Thanks crazy bitch! Now we never have to see your ugly, abusive, crazy fucked up face again! Whooo whooo!! Oh ya did I mention she had sex with her own cousin after my husband was born and had a baby with him? Yep my husbands half brother is incest!!! Great mom huh? My husbands brother has mental defects and disorders because of it. I just pretend she is dead now lol.

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daughters in law, don’t suffer in silence!