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Daughters in Law... don’t suffer in silence!

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Where to begin? My mother in law has been separated from her husband for over 15 years. He has moved on and has another woman, yet whenever my mother in law wants to reinforce some wild concept that she knows best because she's been married for 30 years, she pays for his ticket to have him visit and sometimes, the new lady comes with him. Sick. Anyway, this has caused great confusion in the lives of her four adult children. My now soon to be ex-husband is caught in the middle because he has been given the role of her son/husband. On our wedding day, she was blocked by our pastors so we could run off at the end of the night and on her way home calls and texts my husband to say that we had to be home for dinner. That was the first sign that our marriage should have been annulled. We never left for our minihoneymoon because she wanted to have dinner. Dinner could happen ANY day of the week. When we planned our honeymoon a year later, that didn't happen either because my mother in law asked my husband to take her shopping because his sister was having a baby, I was having a baby as well and needed a break which was why we had planned to go away for a week before I was due to work through some things. I went by myself. It was the best vacation that I paid for, upon arriving back home, he spit in my face because I chose to go anyway with family. When I worked on my Master's degree, my MIL said that I should wait because I should focus on her son, however, I started the program before I even met her son. The problem was that she has a Masters and a PhD and she feels that I shouldn't have a graduate education. I completed my degree. Then, when my child was born, she came to the hospital after I specifically said I did not want visitors and it was an emergency situation so I would have preferred a visit a few days after. She still showed up and told my mother that she will do as she pleases and will see her grandson whenever she likes. One day she came to my home and told me that I have no respect and that my son would grow up to hate me all because she wanted to shave my 1 month old's head because she said the baby's hair is from the womb and it was disgusting. Later on she said that she has never worn or had long hair so I realized that it was a bunch of garbage and low self esteem. She has told my husband I am uppity and that I should not be as accomplished as I am and insinuated that I must have slept my way to get to where I am professionally. I have literally been pushed around and told that I don't matter and that his mother comes first among other things. There is so much more I could say, but I won't. As I said, I am getting a divorce because 1) I am tired of abuses from my MIL and husband and 2) who wants to stay in a dysfunctional relationship? To my peaceful, MIL free life with my son. Thank God for my uppity whatever and degree, that's how I was able to get out.

Good on you!

Hanna commented 1 year ago

Have a great life free from those idiots!

Opal commented 2 years ago

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daughters in law, don’t suffer in silence!