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My mother in law never liked me! She hated that I wanted more out of life than living off the government like her. She also hates that I have a college degree. She was later to our wedding rehearsal try to make her son late as well and the day of the wedding she wouldn't say a word to me and refused to take pictures with me in them. During the ceremony she talked on her phone the whole time even during prayer. She didn't stay for the cake afterwards she just left but not before yelling at her son. Then our honeymoon was cut short because she threatened to call the law on him if he didn't bring his motorcycle back to her which I was unaware was still in her name. The even crapier part is it was on my Birthday so I got to spend my honeymoon/ birthday in his truck in his mom driveway taking a bike back all the while her yelling at him and me claiming I slammed a door in her face the day of the wedding which being the bride I had people around me all that day who could testify I didn't and she came nowhere near me that day. I wish I could say this was all a lie but sadly it is not. It felt good to get this out I had been keeping this in and pretending it didn't hurt me but it did! It was nice to get this out. There no such thing as a perfect wedding day.

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daughters in law, don’t suffer in silence!