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For background info: My MIL text me back in August "Stay out of our [her and my bf] conversations it's none of your business what we talk about you're the worst thing that happened to us"

My boyfriends mom was great at first but since she moved in with us we haven't gotten along. She's never had a "real" job and when she moved into our apartment she was only responsible for herself but she's so intolerable that she couch hops until people are fed up with her. She has tried several times to guilt him into letting her move back with us but I told him no and that is that. she claims she doesn't have anywhere to go but the truth is no one wants to help her anymore - she has burned so many bridges.

We tried to help her but she takes offense to us buying anything (she acts like he is still a child) and would rather beg and scavenge for food/toiletries. She can't get a 'real' job so she just hits people up for random cleaning jobs. These people have money and she feeds them a sob story so they give her whatever they're going to throw away. I don't like to hold grudges but I have never had to forgive someone so many times. I felt betrayed because my bf took up for her. She manipulates him and guilt's him into taking her side. We used to argue about this but I have learned to listen to his side and politely say "I don't agree" and leave it at that. Since then he has taken up for me and actually makes her leave our house when she starts to yell at us.

I hope she realizes she is putting a wedge between her and her son and that she will treat us better.

You stay calm as you are. I feel you. My MIL gets ill when my BF and I go on vacation and he has to rush back to her. MILs can be toxic as my mom says.

Kari commented 2 years ago

Thank you! You're right. She threatened physical force against me and now he really cannot justify her actions. He isn't going to let her near me

Beth R. commented 2 years ago

Keep doing what you're doing. Let her be the bad guy, and you stay calm and rational. She'll eventually shoot herself in the foot one too many times and your BF will have enough of it. Good luck!

Cat commented 2 years ago

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