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Where to even start?! My mil is a crier. one of those that if it will get her attention,, you better believe the tears are going to flow. We live about 1/2 an hour from them but only see them thanksgiving and christmas. My husband has sisters, he is the only boy. mil was always really nice to me when i was first in the picture, because she was on the outs with one of the sisters, as soon as they patched things up (after a year of the sister not speaking to them) we were not talked to hardly at all. my husband has wanted to go hunting with his dad for years, but he is never invited but the new son in law goes wth the dad ALL the time. I get upset seeing hubby treated badly, and he doesnt even realize its happening. thanksgiving mil told hubby to sit by his dad, so he did, which was at the dining table, they had folding tables set up also, so me and my kids went to sit and there werent enough chairs for us. so we stood in the kitchen to eat our thanksgiving dinner. mil walked in, and i tried making it ok, sayiing it was fine we didnt mind standing we could just keep her company as she was in and out of the kitchen. well, as soon as my hubby and fil walked in the kitchen she turned on the tears! to which i got a sharp stern WHY IS SHE CRYING from my fil. but whatever! i let that go, now its christmas.........we always go to their house christmas morning at 8. every single year. so i made ALL of my plans around being there at 8. I have grown married kids of my own, that come to my house for dinner. so this year....i find out today we are doing christmas at 10! which means we wont be back home before 12. never mind that i still have to cook our dinner, and our presents wont be able to bee opened until noon or later and i still have young kids at home and dont think i should have to make them wait to open their gifts, or eat their diner. but husband doesnt see anything wrong with his parents or the fact they changed it this year last minute! Im so frustrated

People treat you the way you let them. Only you can change this dynamic.

Dawn commented 2 years ago

I would have told your husband and his parents that the change doesn't work for you and you will not be attend.

Kim commented 2 years ago

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daughters in law, don’t suffer in silence!