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I am 19 years old at the moment, my boyfriend is 20. We have been together for 3years. Lived with him for 2years. I had gotten kicked out by mother, because I was never home. But i had school, cna classes &amp; work. I would see bf after work. My mother took all my belongings to mother in laws house. I never wanted to live with a guy especially since we were just on for a year. Mother in law convinced me if i was comfortable i could stay. Yal seen how comfortable i been lol. One year in their house i was in a car accident which ruin me almost completely but God has kept me here standing strong. Before my accident all his family and I were taking Easter pictures. After we went home and broke eggs. I got called in for work so took off fast i used to drive ugly fast. But when i woke up in hospital my mom was there asking why je hit me or kicked me out. I couldnt recall anything. Nothing before. I couldnt speak, i got a trach. I really just wanted my bf there since i hadnt spoke with my mother since she kicked me out. As i found my ways to talk with my bf he would help with my memory. My mother told me my bf was there but when i was asleep or in deep sleep. She mentioned that she thinks my accident happened so that they could get along. My mother went for a smoke break, &amp; left him up there with me with his family too i guess &amp; they ended up coming down saying they are leaving because he still has school &amp; work to continue going to. My accident was horrible flipped 7x. Broken jaw, nose.. Ankle, collapsed lung. Teeth disorganized. &amp; they left. I asked him &amp; he said his mother said he had to continue his life i would be out soon. I was out very soon but with my mother because i felt embarrassed of everything, i didnt want him to take care of me i had to start feeding my self through my stomache. A peg tube. I missed him so much &amp; felt like i needed him, because we were together 24/7 we worked at same place too. I leave my mothers house. With no ss card which i need but since i left in bad conditions she didnt want to give back. I went to get my own &amp; i found out i was getting benifits all my life so they ended up switching the account to me. I wasnt working much sue to my recovery, but was getting that check monthly. I would give my mother in law $200 sometimes $400 when i had all i needed. We paid light. Also living with us is my mother in laws boyfriend who doesnt work, her daughter who doesny work either but is over 20. &amp; the grandpa. My mother in law worked at a stripes. &amp; once i started working at times when our money would be gone we would ask her for money. My bf got a new job that pays weekly on his first check he got $500 only cause he did over time, hos mother decided to quit her job, but it was summer which came to an end &amp; he needed to continue school but with the hours they put him 5pm to 5am he couldnt keep up. I was sadly devastated since i had my cap ready to be next to his. Now only him and i are working. My mother in law gets her fathers benifits &amp; works as a provider for him, but shes usually just in her room watching tv or asleep. She has been constantly asking for money almost everyday. My bf is very tired but making it happen, i hardly spend time with him cause i know he needs rest. There is times my mother in law is cleaning outside with the blower of leaves. &amp; im annoyed cause my bf needs sleep. There was a time he gave half of his money to her &amp; half to me. She went &amp; bought tiles for outside not sure we needed it. But asks for more money cause she didnt buy enough. Like WTH YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN WHAT YOU ARE DOING WITH YOUR PART OF THE MONEY. instead of saving xtra money we give her she still asks us to pay the light. She asks for moeny for trips to see her family. Like YOU DO NOT THINK WE NEED MONEY TO SURVIVE WHILE YOUR GONE WE DO! Idk why she doesnt save up she just keeps asking. I do not want to work my whole life for HER OR EVERYONE LIVING IN THIS HOUSE. EVEN WITH THE EXTRA MONEY WE GIVE HER SHE CANT THINK ABOUT SAVING ELECTRICITY BY TURNING OFF LIGHTS OR TV when in other room watching tv. Ugh its like shes a baby. I WONDER WHAT SHE THINKS. LIKE DOES SHE THINK I WANT TO LIVE HERE FOREVER PUTTING UP WITH HER WE R ONLY GROWING BUT SHES PUTTING US OUT THERE. I HAVE NEVER GIVIN SOMEONE SO MUCH. My bf thinks i dont want to give her money but i do its like he forgot what i would give her back then which was supposably for his car part or another vehicle. I bought a microwave for this house &amp; a water dispenser. I WILL HELP WITH WHAT IS NEEDED NOT FOR A FREAKING TRIP. ITS LIKE IF SHE FORGOT I WAS IN A ACCIDENT. Shes always saying shes too old and dieing when shes not EVEN CLOSE SHES TRIPPING I HAVE TIAS WHO ARE STILL WORKING. my bf says he owes her for all the money he has gotten from her that it will never stop. Her BF IS OUTSIDE SMOKING CIGS EVERYDAY &amp; wasting gas in vehicles.. He doesnt work so why use vehicle. This thanks giving i decided to step my ground. His mother asked for money to get a moon jump. BUT WHY IS SHE MAKING THOSE DECISIONS IF SHE HAS NO MONEY. WHAT IF WE WASTED ALL OUR MONEY. i told him i didnt want to be the grandma, if she wanted to please her kids kids.. She should have been saving what we been giving her. IM TRYING TO SAVE FOR MY OWN VEHICLE OR ONE DAY A HOUSE but it will not happen if she keeps asking for money. I owe college &amp; need to start saving to pay up. SHES ALWAYS BITCHING ABOUT HOW TIRED SHE IS THAT SHE CLEANED HER DADS ROOM LIKE WOW 1x a month. My bf is a mommas boy. Is ok but i want our own house where we could be naked all day and as loud as we want. Days ago my mother in laws bf was in kitchen watching tv after a while she steps out her room and starts watching with him i notice she left her tv on i turn it off walk into my room and hear her mention to her bf that i turned off her tv he gets up and closes door. Then i hear her say &quot;ay se creer la princessa de la casa&quot; that &quot;i think im the princess of the house&quot;. Im not sure if she ment that for me but to who else could she be refering too.. LIKE HOW DOES ME TURNING OFF AN UNWATCHED TV MAKE ME FEEL LIKE A PRINCESS OF THE HOUSE? How?!!! Im paying for the light why cant i touch the stuff you are not using. Her bf then burps loudly and says because i can also thought he was trying to tell me something like bro you dont pay <i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i> here!! But i didnt say that out loud i was just in my room &amp; he starts saying idgaf idgaf i really dgaf. I mentioned to bf &amp; he said he didnt believe me but that if they werent gonna respect me he wouldnt give her money. &amp; he has been kinda rude with her i tell him to stop and he says no if you dont like her i dont either. Its horrible i dont like that whatever i made happen, i just wanted him to know what happen. Light bill will come very expensive this month she filled up the back yard with christmas lights &amp; front. Help me talk with her she does not understand we are a couple &amp; need our own place. She wants me to have a baby but what for so that i can work and she takes care of my baby then come home and get charged for babysitting my baby. We r not ready we r just kids who r in the process of growing, she is a pain to me. I use to be fond of her she was so caring oh so caring now shes like give me give me. To HER YOUNGEST SON WHO HAS A GF INSTEAD OF PUTTING OR THROWING HER BF OUT IT WOULD SAVE US ALOT OF MONEY CAUSE WE HAVE TO FEED AN EXTRA MOUTH THAT IS NOT HELPING IN NO WAY.

I have been down a similar route. Save every penny you can. Do not give anyone money. Make sure all of your money is in your checking account. Move out. See your boyfriends family as little as possible, a few times a year sounds fair. Or get a new boyfriend. If you continue this path, you will have a truly miserable life and will never be able to come up as you are having to hand over what you should be saving to his mama.

joy commented 2 years ago

Get your ducks in a row and leave. If your bf wants to come with you he pays his way. You need to grow as an adult and become independent. Do not have kids whilst in that house and until you have a stable home.

Opal commented 2 years ago

Need comments

Jayline commented 2 years ago

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