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Again: were some errors because of some word and I'm not a daughter in law but perhabs you can advise me.

I've made a terrible stupid mistake. My wife works in nursing and has regular night shifts. My mother, a widow of 56 years, is sometimes staying with us. Although she is somewhat meddlesome I can get along with her. She has sometimes some sexually explicit remarks as we were alone during night shifts my wife but I saw it more as a joke. My mother in law is, unlike my wife, a strong woman and I have to confess that because of her comments I have occasionally fantasized about her.

One night, when my wife was on night duty, and I have some doozed asleep, I felt someone beside me cringe. It was my mother in law who, without talking to me began to stroke my body. It excited me and instead of sending her away I responded to her and we ended up pretty violent sex.

Although it was very tasty, I afterwards had very much regret and want to leave it to those one-time.
My mother in law, however, thinks otherwise and threatens to tell my wife, if I don't 'serve' here more. She knows because of the 'one night stand' among others that I have a birthmark on my private part which she can tell my wife.

So I came into an impossible situation because of my stupidity and do not know how I can get out of here.

It's a difficult position, you can't tell your wife and have to 'keep serving' her, as you say. Prepare that one day your wife find out.

In the mean time, I understand you liked it as much as your mother in law did, make the best of it. Know you're not the only one who does it with your mother in law. I know two men who does that. And hey, this is of all times, believe me.

A grandmother, who once was a mother in law too. :))

Grandma commented 2 months ago

Keep 'serving' your m.i.l. and pray your wife will never find out.

Anonymous commented 3 months ago

I hope your wife finds out and dumps you and her mother. You're scum.

Kim commented 4 months ago

Speak with wife, either way relationship is practically destroyed but letting her know yourself would be better than your mother in law

Anonymous commented 5 months ago

I think it's time to tell your wife. Imagine if your wife had slept with your brother or father and they demanded oral from her so they keep it quite. It's sick. And you need to tell her and of course be prepared for a divorce.

Emily commented 5 months ago

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