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A few years back my bf of 13 years had gotten a call from his father saying, son, I am not sure why your mother is off her rocker but I wanted you two to know that there was never a name given to the miscarriage we suffered after you were born. He had seen a post of someone in the mil family taking a picture of their blessed angel's gravestone, a premature baby who didnt make it after many invetro complications. This baby's was an angel being born close to full tern of course the family was sad. I. The comments section my fil read a post by his ex stating OUR 6 YO NAME! EXACT NAME! The MIL posted that she had suffered the same thing... out of attention of course. Not new to see her tantrum or make her the center. Very narcissistic in every form. OK so being with bf for over a decade, she had been banned from staying with us due to the altercationsame she caused. Once we moved there was no one close for her to stay with so that boundary was crossed again. His dad knew she was coming to visit us soon and wanted to share the info that he had seen on fb to tell the truthings before she came in and wanted pity. Our Daughter is happy, healthy and a light in our life and his father did not do this out of spite, it was more out of shock that she would even write this to take away from her niece who was truly hurt on this anniversary of her lost loved one who was in nicu for a week before she lost her fight. OK fast forward a day before she was set to leave... we had ignored the fact that we knew because it was so disrespectful and outlandish that we found peace at times to not give her the attention when she sought it out in the pity me stories came out. So she was sitting in our living room and decided to bring up this post on her kindle. I was sitting beside her and for the 1st time seen with my eyes that she NAMED OUR DAUGHTER AS THE 1 ON HER MISCARRIAGE GRAVESTONE Which doesn't even exist. She seen me flare, it was a big f*u fight. We explained that we knew all about her lies and purposely didn't say because she had no where to stay. Now as a couple we were shocked. As a parent I was bewildered as to how she planted this story in the thread of a real hurting family member. As a Jesus loving person I thought this was a thing you NEVER put out there, a living child's name on a headstone. Like when you call in to work and say you have someone pass, a way to play hookin is not a thing to do. Like what if it really happened!? The argument happened. I was so upset that I said to my bf that she is a dirty liar who never liked the idea we named our daughter after her grandfather which makes the story even more of a lie. She was told that she would be lucky to ever step foot in our home again and this thing she put on blast, she was told to delete the comment. Instead she calls her sister in a crying fit and askEd HER TO REMOVE THE ENTIRE MEMORAL POST! I was ready to take her to sleep at the airport and it was almost 2 years before she came back and now acts as if she did nothing wrong, never mind the fact that We never spoke to her until I had to call when her son was sick in the hospital. She has made me feel crazy numerous times and I have been under minded ever time she arrives. My fiance and I are to be wed in a few months. She has tried to sabotage the addresses for invitations. Disregarded the fact that we have tried to evolve her and expects to see us the morning after the wedding. Littlet does she know, this hotel room thing this trip will be permanent. I do not care to be around her spiteful, selfish ways. When she seen the engagement ring in person she said that's even bigger than mine. When she seen the invites, she noticed we added join us with our parents instead of naming each parent, step parent and my deceased parent... she turned he nose up at them and said we didn't need to send them to all of her family. Just 1 to the entire family. Wait get this: we took both moms to venues that were in our town. She picks the most expensive, we pulled it off, saving and making payments as we have paid for everything, she says it was only $5000, and I knew then she was trying to set us up to fight over money. Which we haven't and I just looked at her like she was crazy and said MORE LIKE $10000! It will be a wonderful event to show our great relationship. It is about showing the family that we truly do love each other. BTW it took him 4 suggested proposals and 3 promise rings until I said yes because of how his narcissistic parents treat me. I am happy with him and they to this day still bring up his exes who are doctors now. I am so glad he has started therapy before this last visit. She sees that he is a man, who stands up for his little family 1st. It encourages me that he won't be throwing me under the bus as he has before to please his mom. I'm not naive, I know this can escalate after the ring. Frankly, I can't wait to see if she tries to show up late to sabotage the actual day. We are in love and I have learned to pick my battles. So when she tells our 9 YO that she is 57 again this year, the smart little girl is noticing that she's really crazy, not mommy. Lol
Please wish us luck, pray, burn some sage for me & maybe once she getsaid here this time she will be realistic when her new husband is there. The guy who gets to chill at home while he sends her out to terrorize her only son and only grandchild.
Oxox peace & therapy readers. I can't make this up!

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