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I have been married for 17 years to a really sweet guy. I never thought that my MIL liked me from the start. I still think she doesn't. We had a very large wedding! We received ton's of gifts. My mother in law expected me to let her have first dibbs on our gifts but when I didn't she literally tried to fist fight with me. I stood my ground and returned the duplicate gifts for the money because at the time, my hubby and I just moved into a new apartment and didn't have anything in it. We bought groceries with the money. Later, my MIL would always call me materialistic because I always worked overtime to get the things I wanted to fix up our home. She didn't like that and thought that her son should be providing for her. Fast Forward, 17 years later this chick is still trying to undermine every thing that happens in our home. She took our house key and made a copy of it without asking. when I found out, I spoke to my husband and told him that I was not comfortable with her having a key to the house. He brushed it off and she tried to say she needed it for emergencies. She doesn't even live in the same city! If I had an emergency, she wouldn't make it in time because she lives 4 hours away. My husband got picked up for traffic tickets last year on the way to her house and was put in jail because he had a warrant that he wasn't aware of. She called me about it but instead of letting me know where he was, she says we really don't need you to come down here, I just need your credit card number to get money to bail him out! Really??! Use your money to bail him out if you don't need me! She came down here this past weekend and of course the key issue came up. My husband left her a key to get in the house and she politely left to go home with our key. I told him that he needs to call her and have her send out key back. I know that she did that to go and make copies of the key. At this point, I know that she is going to make herself a copy of the key. She better know that when she tried to come into our house without letting us know, that I already called the locksmith to change the cylinders out. Done with dealing with his woman. I love my husband. She is working hard behind the scenes to break this marriage up. I am so tired of the passive aggressiveness and the way she shuts me out from activities when she comes down here. Not happy at all.

Yeah stealing the keyboard was deliberate. Perhaps in addition to the new locks you could consider a security camera to film any attempts to gain entry if you feel she could behave destructively.

Opal commented 2 years ago

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