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Hi I am the mother law and helped my son and daughter move in with us helped them out they got their driver license help with buying a car she hung out with me then she got pregnant she was sick all the time then they where at the hospital my rule in my house is no sodas in your bedroom I new they had some in their room and they did about 12 half fill soda can and candy wrapper in the trash so I took the cans and through them away they came home from the hospital she let me hold the baby then they went to their room I guess she was she mad that I did that they got in a fight and now I have to ask my son to bring the baby down so I can see him now my son has got back to work she dose not come out of room not she will not eat dinner with just to use the restroom all this over trash I feel disrepected in my house I let u in my house and now treated like this

It's because you went into their private space and messed with their stuff. Doesn't matter that it's "your house". You were nice enough to let them move in, true! But now you need to respect their privacy, and apologizing will probably go a long way in fixing the situation.

P.S. My MIL lives with us, and I finally had to install a key-lock on our bedroom door.

Wendy commented 2 years ago

Is she perhaps mad because you entered their room and invaded their privacy ? How would you know what is in their room if you were not snooping.

Carol commented 2 years ago

I can't even read this wall of text. Please learn how to use punctuation. Damn.

Meghan commented 2 years ago

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daughters in law, don’t suffer in silence!