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My struggle with my MIL stems from her own loveless marriage (more like a partnership). My FIL to begin with is a huge struggle- verbally abusive to me and treats my MIL very coldly. He is completely emotionally detached and has some pretty significant mental issues. I would be incredibly remiss if I didn't share that my MIL (perhaps understandably, yet still unfortunately to my hubby and I) attaches herself too closely to my husband in what can only be assumed as an attempt to compensate for the lack of affection / emotional connection with with her jerk of a husband. It's driving my husband and I crazy. She is in constant competition with me, who I guess she sees as the woman who "took" him away? My SIL even struggled with her inability to keep healthy boundaries with my husband from what I believe to be the same compensation for affection due to her emotionally deficient father.

Things just got worse once our daughter was born. Now she's not only fighting still for the role as #1 woman in my husband's life, but suddenly she's an immeasurably better mother than I am!??? My rules for my child are disregarded. Anything I ask of her with regard to my daughter is received with nothing but resentment. One year, my husband innocently gave me a Mothers Day card that said "best Mother ever" and she actually had an issue with the card and legitimately got upset. She texts my husband saying awful things about his wife. We've tried everything with her- I tried talking openly with her and she cannot communicate- only gets defensive. One time, I called her up and I wanted to know what was wrong (genuinely, I did) and instead of being honest with me about her feelings, she just took a low blow and referenced one morning when my daughter was up super early and I was still waking up and actually accused me of not feeding my own child. Amazingly, she and everybody else wonders why we have kept our child away from her! One time I saw a text message to my husband from her actually saying that I was "wicked" and that our daughter "needs" her as if to imply that my husband and I need her amazing assistance?

My husband and I are exhausted. We cannot allow my MIL to see our daughter anymore until she gets some counseling, but she sneers at the idea. There is nothing wrong with counseling. She thinks she is too good for it.

This woman goes to church every Sunday, but behind closed doors is a selfish, manipulative, and judge mental prude. She is so selfish that she is willing to put her grandchild's well-being second to her pride. Case in point, she takes huge issues with any gift (kindle from my parents, Gymborre gym membership, private Christian school) because she's in constant competition not only with me but with my parents as well. She would actively limit my child's education potential because it wasn't a gift from her. My parents may have more money, but she doesn't always have to pout in the corner or (even worse) attempt to limit my child's potential because she can't afford to do the same thing. Side note, my daughter is not even 3 and can count to 12 and knows all of her ABC's. Wanna know how? Through the Kindle that my MIL openly disapproved of on Christmas Day. Will it ever get better? She's a nightmare.

It took almost 7 years for my husband to finally see the light. After the death of the only family member holding my husband's relatives together, we cut off the narcissistic FIL and the moronic, flying monkey Step-Mother In Law. It has been a wonderful 6 months. SMIL can live in blissful ignorance, having no children of her own, sitting inside her house playing with her parakeet children.

My MIL has broken the vow of silence after two months due to a power outage. I have been living with her for 8 months now, and thoes two months where the best form the lack of judgment.
My MIL cought me leas then indescent this morning comming back from the bathroom. (My hubby and I gave her the master suit, so out batheroom doir is right next to her bedroom door.) And proced to ask me if I knew wha was going on. I answered polietly and got my hubby to answer the rest, then darted for my robe. (So acwared) She passeve agressivaly requested to talk with my husbant so he did. And dear god oh mighty did the water works start.
(Him and her got into a fight two months ago about her lack of progress of not moving out or getting socisal secrity income fixed. Rightfuly so he has been living with her for two years.)
For a women who seas she hardly ever crys, when ever we or ever he trys to talk to her about anything she does not like she just cries and cries and turns herself into the victomin others eyes.
Her main poites where she can't move out, I don't pull my weight around the house, and she wants a hair cut.
For whatever reason her bringing up she wants a damn hair cut for her new drives licens pictuer (that she let exspier) just infereated me. She's ben complaing about her hair seans I was abel to move in!!! Also the fact that I don't clean or cook enough apparentily. At one point I tryed to do everything how she wanted it and just couldnt, even to the point I felt like a pace of $#!+ and went to bed crying for not living up to her standareds. I just dont don't and can't do that any more.
To make maters worse it looks like we are going to have to forfet out tax return and our move out data into an appartment for her if she can't get her self together, witch she wont because she drages everything out tooth and nail. I just want her out! We need our own spaces to call our own and to get away from this. We are in our early 20's. If we want friends over and make noise we should be abel too, not bending over backwards to please someone who claims she can't do or handel anything.
I did not go into ful detal of what is going on just key points that buged me the most and what is curent.

My mother in law is a generally sweet woman. But she is also neurotically insecure. Though we give her validation and her life is pretty sweet, she often talks about how she thinks her children just want her dead and out of the way, and is always assuming everyone is dissatisfied with her. Recently my husband has been staying at their house (temporarily) as he is transitioning to a new job in a new city and I am staying behind to pack up our belongings. Apparently this is an incredibly deviant arrangement: brief time apart for practical reasons? The marriage must be failing. My husband told me that his mother asks him every day if he is there because we had a fight or whatever.
You know how, if someone repeatedly asks you why you're angry and you're not, you will get angry at the baseless interrogation? This feels like that. I was excited for my husband to make this major life change and proud of him for being brave. But now after being grilled about it all day every day he is beginning to change his mind and wants me to move down with him immediately (impossible due to the terms of the lease and my two jobs). Whenever I see my mother in law, she hammers me about what I'm doing and why I'm not with my husband.
Now I'm beginning to see where my husband got his insecurities! And I'm full of impudent rage!

Open Letter To My IL's... (and thank you to the rest of you for allowing me to just vent this here)...

Did either of you honestly think that we would want to rent your run-down, insect ridden, stone-age-internet (in that particular borough) rental property that YOU own just to save $100 a month? There is no price that can be placed on the piece of mind that comes from telling you 'No Thanks, I think we'll avoid dealing with you even more deeply, opening up even more opportunities for arguments and discomfort not to mention allowing you all open access to our living space'.

You cannot even look me directly in the eyes and barely have 4 words for me (in-between saying passive-aggressive comments and jabs about myself, my children, and my husband). Why would I want to rent from someone who loathes the very air I breathe? Does that even make sense to anyone?? Oh, wait, I forgot: you didn't want your rental property to continue to stay empty, and in your heart-of-hearts (or whatever it is you call that dark pit in your chest) you know we are clean and responsible (I'm sure you'd never say any of that outloud, however, as that goes against the narrative you enjoy telling yourselves and anyone in the extended family who will listen to you.)

Congratulations, that offer caused DH and I to argue for a good 30 minutes (until we reminded ourselves how stupid it is that we allow ourselves to argue over such pathetic people). For a moment there, you reduced my husband right back to that little 7 y.o. boy who was afraid of making his mummy and daddy upset. Just like always, I had to be the one to remind my DH that he is, in fact, a grown man. I had to remind him that taking a sub-par apartment along with having more of a stressful connection to his family was a terrible, terrible that we couldn't just sweep under the rug because mummy and daddy want their rental property filled. We aren't responsible for their rental success.

I am still dealing with the fact that DH is too afraid of you two to make the simple request of a 24 hour notice before you drive 1.5 hours to our city to visit. I know of at least 3 occassions where you had to make those plans ahead of time as you had other obligations in the, you know, try a little courtesy where we are concerned and do not think you can just pop by whenever you want. It causes me to scramble to get out of the house before you arrive (because I am trying to go 80% NC, which means bdays and holidays only, honey). If you don't learn the courtesy of 24 hr notice, you'll discover my children also not here as well when you arrive. Don't believe me? Try me. Learn some courtesy. If my DH is too scared to make it more clear to you, I'm happy to do so in a much less tactful way than he would manage.

Lastly, my final thoughts for today include thumbing my nose at you another moment. After being literally ignored at Easter and my kids only receiving about 4 words from their grandfather, you have the nerve to ask if I want you to purchase us all tickets to a live children's event. Ummmm, no. Oh, don't get me wrong...I plan to go with the kids - without you. Oh, don't worry, I made sure to purchase tickets for the session that only had 4 tickets left.

If you want to spend (supervised) time with my kids - you'll learn to do it with the courtesy of a 24 hour notice and in a manner that ensures I don't have to look at your pinchy face and see your grumpy husband glaring at me from across the room. If you cannot figure out how to do that, you'll find your access to my children much more restricted. thought that seeing my daughter with mosquito welts all up and down her legs was something OK to ignore? You thought it was OK to throw your heads back and howl when I had my DH ask you politely to keep screen windows and doors closed so that my daughter (and I) didn't keep waking up in the morning covered in mosquito bites (and risking snakes slithering into the house as well)? Then you thought it was OK that your youngest son called my autistic daughter 'retarded' and then joked openly at the dinner table about her speech issues? Oh, and when that upset me, *I* was the bad guy?

You thought it was OK to tell my 6 yo daughter that she had gotten 'fat' in the 2 weeks since you last saw her (which was total BS as she's a very tiny girl, but even if she had gained some weight, it wouldn't be your place to point it out to her)??

So, let me get this straight - you refused to protect (or even care about the safety and mental/physical well-being of) your grandchildren (who you proclaim to love), and then think you can have access to them whenever you want? You're lucky I even let you anywhere near them. Just because my DH is too afraid of you to stand up to you more often, *I* am not. You've got only a couple of years to enjoy our proximity before we move thousands of miles away from you again. Don't think I won't give you the international symbol for 'hello' from 20,000 feet in the air as we leave.

You poked the mama bear one to many times, and now you'll reap the karma of all of that.

AHHH my MIL is driving me NUTS! My BILs both make over 6 figures no joke and she still buys them groceries! Us? over here not as nearly as well off as they are get nothing unless its expired. no I mean literally that's what she decides to just drop off at our house un announced on our front porch. Plus she pays for all of their vehicle expenses I mean EVERYTHING even schedules their Dr appointments (both BILs are over the age of 25) :(

My marriage of 5 years gets rockier as the years go by because of constant bickering about my mother in law and how she refuses to acknowledge boundaries. I recently call her a bitch and told her I hope she dies. She has really ruined my marriage and come between us so I feel like there's nothing to lose.

My story is years old - the biggest issue is we finally set some boundaries and my sneaky mil tries to break them. We've gotten the boundaries of space, invitations, questioning, etc in order, and she now must only contact my husband. A therapist suggested this and at first , I refused until my mom accused me of deleting an email. She's the same woman who felt it was fine to send an email to me and copy my husband at his work address! She thought I was hiding emails- sorry mil, I'm not you! My husband told her to no longer send personal emails to his work, but she acted like it was an accident! The copying part was just downright rude! So now, even though we've set it up where she only communicates with my husband, she still sends him texts or invites for me that she knows will get under my skin. I've repeatedly asked my husband that no matter how humorous he thinks these are, I can't find them funny based on my history with this crazy women! Recently, she sent an email for an all day ladies afternoon function through my husband to my teenage daughter and me. The function was on my birthday. Now this woman is good, but if my husband had never told me, I could go on happily. It irritates me so much that I started shaking, and I said," why, why can't you see what she's trying to do? And you're letting her! You're letting her schemes divide us." I know it's weird to say an invitation could be rude, but when you're inviting someone to an event on her birthday to which you know the person has no interest and it's also making a statement about how much better you think you are than your dil, it's extremely rude. So the prob is my husband still after many, many years still refuses to see her as scheming, but just as completely clueless when every person I tell this story to sees right through her. It's just never going up change, even with my clarity about what I want and don't want. Right before Thanksgiving, she was so weird and sent me a coupon to a store that I never visit. She also bought my teenage son a bunch of Star Wars apparel that we had to return w/o receipt. He stopped wearing that stuff when he was 10 or younger! Just can't stand her- not looking forward to spending another holiday with her either. I feel like Chrustmas wasn't long enough ago!!!!!!!!!

My MIL calls me a "bully" and is demanding that my husband "stand up for himself"....ummm, let the record show that she's the one who wants to be in control of things and that SHE is the one who is a bully and that SHE is and was a terrible mother.

1) She's mad that WE ( my husband and I) decided to cut off her access to a credit card that she opened in HIS name because we were saving for a house
2) She had the audacity to ask us to take care of her dog while she went out of town the week that I was due to have our daughter...but now you want to act like you're the greatest grandma in the world? Girl, bye.
3) The reason she's calling me a bully is because WE (my husband and I) decided to tell her to stop posting a million pictures of our daughter on Facebook (side note: What 50+ year old woman lives on Facebook anyway?)
4) She's three-times divorced and so she has no one to love her and is clinging on to her son
5) She flat out said that she didn't want to be a grandmother in the first place

For these and many other reasons, I refuse to let her keep our daughter for any length of time at her house.
Check and mate.

DH and I dated for a few years before we eloped. We invited our immediate families to the courthouse. My SIL scheduled service for her car on that day and in laws expected me to push off the elopement till the next day. DH & I looked at each other like they were insane, still eloped on the day we decided on. My parents came dressed nicely, my father even wore a new suit. In-laws wore jeans. This is how unimportant my marriage is to them. I lived on my own with DH moving into my apartment - MIL convinced us to give up the apartment and move into their house since it's just her and my FIL. Decided that would be a great option. BOY WAS I WRONG. From the time I broke my lease and moved the first box in MIL has been a nightmare. The first month was hell, everyday she would come into our bedroom and tell me that she wishes she never gave DH and I "permission to get married". She belittles DH and myself CONSTANTLY, insists that DH "puts me in my place". When I speak up, she ignores me and looks right through me. She always tells me how much my SIL is better than me. She made me clean out SIL closet and put all her underwear away. It was so disgusting and belitting. In laws are hoarders - they hoard cats. Currently 20+ cats with only 4 litter boxes. DH and I have really bad allergies, and almost every other day we have an asthma attack. Kitchen is so filthy to even cook in, the cats pee on the container, cat food is heated on the stove and splatters on the walls. The cats pee and drink from the sink faucet. I am used to cooking everyday and preparing my meals for the week. Before moving into the room that the in laws provided, it was housed by some of the cats. There was cat litter and feces in the floors and cat hair everywhere. My sister and family members came to help me clean out the room and move my furniture in, my MIL did not like this. She said why do I have to clean the room, that I act like the cats have a disease, that if I like to clean so much I could clean her house from now on. All the furniture that we have is from my apartment, the bed and closets, desks, everything is bought by DH and myself - brand new. MIL and FIL did not provide anything other than a room that they insisted that we move into. When MIL saw my furniture her eyes were SO wide. I knew she was upset that I had really beautiful things. She went out the next week and bought a brand new bed set with two wardrobe for SIL's room. SIL DOES NOT EVEN LIVE THERE. MIL and FIL do not even speak to me. When I leave or come in I either say Hi or Bye, they sit on the couch and do not even turn their face in my direction to respond. MIL spends four hours in the bathroom every morning - just doing her makeup and DH and I cannot use it until she is done or she gets really mad. One morning I had to pee so bad I couldn't hold it, DH had to ask her if we could use the bathroom, she came storming in the room in a fit of rage saying that she has to get ready for work. When I was leaving the house one morning, MIL was on the phone and said infront of me that DH was NOT MARRIED! She looked up and asked if I was okay because I stood there shocked! If there is food, she waits till DH is home to tell him there is food, but does not tell me anything. She only talks to DH and refuses to speak to me. Then when she complains to whoever on the phone, she says that I'm the one that ignores her and that I walk around acting like I own everything. When DH husband leaves, so do I. I do not come to his house unless he is here. I go to my mothers house or I stay in the library. MIL is so evil, she comes into our room, rummages through my clothes, steals my jewelry and makeup. She goes through every single item that is mine. I hope this women suffers for her mistreatment of another woman's child.

My future mother in law tells my toddler nephew that I hate him and that I am a horrible Aunt. This same woman likes to tell my toddler nephew that she will be dying soon because she like to see the toddler be upset at the thought of losing her

I just want to know if these things are normal, so please, anyone who has had similar experiences, help me find an answer :
1. Is it okay for a mom ( my MIL) to call his 26 years old son( my bf ) 5-8 times a day ? Everyday ??! Mornin-noon-evening, Even if they see eachother at least 2 times a week ? And usually these phone calls are just to vent and make him feel guilty because he doesn't live with them anymore . He is their only son .

We have been together for almost 8 years now .

I don't have a perfect relationship with my mom, we see each other once a week and talk on the phone maybe 6 times a month (and i am fine with that , since i am 23 ). But my MIL has such a needy vibe to her, or maybe she's just being a good mother, i don't know ??! She lives with her husband but keeps calling and buzzing her son multiple times a day. She keeps baby talking to him. He is not able to do his own laundry, wash dishes or wash his teeth because of how he was raised. I feel like he won't be able to man up and properly take care of himself since she still treats him like a baby but, at the same time, expects him to pay for their needs .

2. She always asks my bf for money. If she doesn't do it directly, she will keep talking about how many bills she has to pay or how much medicine she has to buy, until my bf feels guilty and gives her money. They are not exactly poor, but they are in weird situations with a lot of banks, being deep in dept. At the situation lasts for years, it didn't change since 2009 ( i kept hoping. Now i know it won't change for the better since they have the same unhealthy habits - they borrow money and need to keep borrowing to be able the pay the previous lenders ) . So my bf won't be able to have enough money for himself( again, he is 26 ), let alone for me or for a potential family/household because a lot of money go to his family . So I have to hussle by myself - i work and take care of me, my 12 years old brother, our house, i spoil my bf when i feel like he deserves it and take care of him too, and i find myself in the situation of having to lend money to his family as well.

They never ever helped him with financial stuff, let alone condos , houses, cars or properties. They are pensioners, and just sit in poverty, borrowing money from people and banks, just to borrow money to be able to pay those and so on. This vicious cycle seems to never end . Sadly, they are just getting older and sicker and all they do is complain and vent to whoever will listen .

3. The MIL calls my bf Daddy ??!?! When I first heard that i was shocked and extremely surprised . I still cringe when I hear that.

4. The MIL and the FIL are sick, illnesses that sometimes are contagious. But, since my bf has to visit them as often as possible and I just want to be by his side and uplift him, I would go with him . I get colds and flus really easily and I feel so disgusted because i just try to stay away from them when i know they are sick ( i might be afraid of germs too, since I don.t use the toilet without cleaning it after my own mom )but they are so extremely polite that they insist and order me to join them and sit close to them and now, of course, i got the flu again and i just bought myself antibiotics and i have to suffer in silence . I won't blame them outloud but i know i got the virus from there and i can't understand how you would keep inviting your own son and his loved one over knowing that you suffer from contagious diseases.

On the other hand, I know they are old and someone has to take care of them . My bf being their only son, he is the only one who can do it, and i know he suffers because they suffer too. My feelings are mixed but I feel like they don't care about my bf's well being as a man, as a husband, or career wise, but only as their son and how he/we can help them. I know that her husband always shouts at her because she kinda naggs him . I know that they are always drowning in bills, but still, never stop consuming . I know that they are extremely self pity . My concern is that this boy, my boyfriend, can't learn anything beneficial from them . This is the same situation I have with my mom and I just distanced myself from her .

Anyhow, I am wondering, what if they had a nephew ? They would keep smudering him even though they were sick ? They would conscientiously keep him in such a negative atmosphere ? this situation healthy ? Is it normal ? Am I a bad person for feeling like this ?

Hi I am the mother law and helped my son and daughter move in with us helped them out they got their driver license help with buying a car she hung out with me then she got pregnant she was sick all the time then they where at the hospital my rule in my house is no sodas in your bedroom I new they had some in their room and they did about 12 half fill soda can and candy wrapper in the trash so I took the cans and through them away they came home from the hospital she let me hold the baby then they went to their room I guess she was she mad that I did that they got in a fight and now I have to ask my son to bring the baby down so I can see him now my son has got back to work she dose not come out of room not she will not eat dinner with just to use the restroom all this over trash I feel disrepected in my house I let u in my house and now treated like this

I have a silly suggestion. I assume a mother in law is more likely to be a nightmare due to boredom, especially if they are without a man. Give her some spice, make it nice ;) plenty of grumpy old men out there wandering like lost sheep without their lady. Play matchmaker, remember to be nice. This must be an act to melt their ice and bring them blinding bliss forever so you are free. Be sure to photograph and film each precious moment possible, that will keep the love birds on low chirp mode. And better to be safe than sorry, don't let them wander off without a chaperone,especially driving! They might drink at dinner then forget they did. Oh my the possibilities. We can't help it if we are concerned, loving daughters in law. It is our duty to protect our husband's mother and grandmother to your children. Of course we do really love them...its just how female relationships are when hierarchy is challenged. She's heartbroken her baby no longer needs her, replaced by us. All those years she just barges on position to take over. Take control slowly, but not with desire for power. Do so as a woman to be there for your husband when his mother no longer is. One day you will be the mother in law too. The phases life have been trying on us women through time. Only we can back each other up and be a true helping hand for another woman in distress. Lets face it, men just look at us for food, sex, laundry, secreterial duties, child rearing and nursing. Nice guys are just so because they must do so to compensate for something they feel they lack. I hope I am wrong. All I am certain of is a woman on your side is pure gold. Deny a man fallacio expect a lawsuit for anything they can set you up for. I don't know what happened but men are very emotionally sensitive yet socially restricted to express their troubles. We are all in a bell jar. The best we can do is raise our sons to know they are not lone rangers in this mad world. Just because one girl hurt them, does not mean the next will intend to. Likely that first did not as well. I doubt boys are told this. They are mommas boys for reason. They need us women. But they need to develop a new outlook to adjust to the rapidly changing socital norms. Hang in there my fellow sisters. We can straighten this out if we commit to it with patience, expanded perspective and understanding. We are the rock that keeps the household standing.

Love and support,

I can't stand my MIL. My husband and I are from different countries, so my xenophobic MIL it's not thrilled about it. I've been living in his country for a little more than a year now and I was having some issues regarding my residencial permit, we were talking about it over dinner in her house, she said: Well, I guess you'll be deported now, rules are the rules, we can't have many foreigners you know?

She actually asked me once about how EVOLVED people in my country are, she was not talking about development and economics, but actual evolution, like if we had tails or something.

The last pearl was about a month ago, she came with FIL to visit for two weeks (without invitation of course!), she started to rearrenge my kitchen and my huband asked her to stop. She pulled a tantrum, she said that she was not feeling welcomed in our house and that I have no idea "how things are done in this country". I spent two days crying after that. I will never understand how this xenophobic, clasist, homophobic, bitter woman raised such a loving, progresist man that is my husband.

Love reading this every night... So here I go, I've been with my fiancé for about 17 months. He has a shaky past so that didn't help at all. His ex was a drug addict and when we first got together I was a dancer... Big mistake but we live and we learn. So I of course was compared to the drug addict. Finally she gets to know me and I her.. Let's say FAKE CHRISTIAN. She was so sweet to my face and behind my back sending my man messages like "she's not a woman of God, she's uneducated, ect ect, let God choose your wife".. Well once again I forgave her and we got on with it. Well he never tells him mother if we fight because if he does it's normally a big one or were about to end it which only happened once, about a week ago it happened again. He calls his mom and says God knows what, about an hour ago I look at his phone text from his mom she says "please let me introduce u to my friends no strings attached... I hope you're ready to come home, I hope you feel the same way I do." I'm absolutely pissed!! I've done everything for this woman and her son. When will she learn?

Don't Move!

Had a massive fight with in laws yesterday

I had a baby two weeks and 4 days ago. On day 4 my inlaws visited our home. They stayed for four hours, ate (basically had a party), barged into my kitchen to get stuff...whilst I stayed upstairs as in pain (with fever) due to the stiches and milk coming in. I was waiting for them to leave so I could go into my kitchen, eat properly and get on with our routine - I.e. putting our 3 year old to bed and feeding feeding the newborn.
Mother in law cleaned kitchen etc and left food for me, but I hate that as I like to manage my own house.
As I say four hours on they were still there and all I wanted was a short visit so that they could see their new grandchild and get going.
Yesterday they visited again. Mother in law asked if they can come basically said she needs to see her loved ones. Bregugingly and keeping fear of God in heart I said yes.
Well.... Guess what. Father in law barged in on me and baby whilst I was breast feeding. They have key to our house and he let himself in with our nieces and nephews and the three year old and didn't even knock on the door. I was in shock and went ballistic.
What is amazing that as I had a worst experience with my first child, I had sat mother in law down before the birth and clearly explained to her that I require my space and privacy this time round.
We had a massive fight. Father in law said sorry in a massively patronising way. Mother in law just had ago at me. Saying they are sorry but my anger was not warranted. What she didn't understand that the constant advice over the years, trying to force herself as my mother, taking over my home (cleaning), telling me how I should look after my house, my kids, my marriage, my career as well - and now this, using the emergency key when I was at home... Was/ is last straw. Still very upset about it all. That make everything's so complex ....and act like they are so nice by cooking for us and cleaning and bringing presents for the boys - when I don't want all this "niceness" just my privacy so I can rest, recover and figure out my newborn child.
Sad that I lost my temper- as they say why bang your head against the wall? Will make no difference to them- they will continue to overstep the boundaries.

Hi Ladies! We\'re Baaaaccckkkkkk! Or Almost Back:) was launched back in 2001 as the go-to place where women from around the world came to share their mother-in-law stories , get and give advice and so forth. Years later, we rebranded as the daughter-in-law society, Fast forward to 2015 , and we are launching the mother-in-law APP for iphone and Droid that will allow you to scream\"type\" away your mother-in-law frustration even if you are sitting right in front of you. Pretty cool right? Your Daughter-in-law sisterhood will be virtually there for you at any given moment. Register for the site here and you will be notified when the app is launched:)

My mother in law makes Everybody Loves Raymond look like a saint.

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My MIL is in a league all by herself. She walked out on my FIL out of blue one day, but refused to divorce him for 8 years. My husband has two older sisters and a younger brother. She took the boys with her, and they've never gotten over it. They all idolize their dad, all four of the kids, and with good reason, for the most part the man is the most loving individual on the planet, and would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. He's gone above and beyond for all of us more times than we can count. That's probably what started my MIL's problem in the first place.

Out of her three offspring, my husband is her clear favorite. He is the oldest boy, he is the prince of the whole family. She can't fart crossways without calling him and getting his input on it. He's given her money before, but after we started seeing a pattern we stopped giving her cash. She is one of those people that goes on and on and on all the time.... about NOTHING. She talks non stop no matter where we are and it's always about NOTHING. She'll start a conversation in the middle and expects everyone to keep up with her.

Her relationship with her kids is very strained, stemming from the seperation years. Almost immediatly after she walked out, she accepted the marriage proposal of her high school boyfriend. It's never been confirmed, but I think she probably left FIL with this guy in mind. She openly trashed my FIL and tried her hardest to damage his good reputation in our community, for no reason other than she wanted to come out on top, and in the end it did nothing but hurt her. When I first met my husband, I seriously thought that there was no "mom" in the picture period. I didn't know if she had maybe passed on or if he just didnt see her or what. It was nearly 6 months before I even heard him mention her and before I met her. In her 50's she failed miserably, after her third marriage did the same, at trying to be a country music singer. Nashville wasn't interested in a grandmother. But don't call her a Grandma, that makes her sound old. Never mind the fact that her oldest grandchild is 19 and she is about to have her 5th grandchild.

There have been several instances where she's overstepped. Like the time before our wedding when she wanted to wear a backless, slit up to the hip, plunging neckline, red, sequined party dress to my little church wedding. My husband was mortified and quickly told her it was inappropriate. She then made us wait until two days before our wedding to find a replacement. We were engaged for a year and a half, it's not like she was in a time crunch. There was the time when I was home alone, doing my housewifely chores and without a warning phone call, or a hello, she just walks through the front door like she owns the place. I was in my nightgown, I hadn't brushed my teeth. She hadn't called to ask if I was busy or to say she was stopping by, she just walked in. As soon as she left I called my husband infuriated. He advised that maybe next time she should give me a little heads up before just waltzing in uninvited. There was the time she drug me to my SIL's house for a day at the pool and insisted that her 95 pound 65 year old self wear a string bikini. Not to forget about the time that she stuck her nose in during an argument that my husband and I were having (which was actually a problem caused by her) and told us to kiss and make up, like we were three. I politely told her that it was none of her business and so she should mind her own. Or the time that she invited herself over for dinner, then invited herself to spend the night, then invited herself to clean and rearrange my kitchen to suit her own tastes while I was at work that day. I was livid when I got home (and she was STILL THERE, I was like what? is she moving IN!?) and so I made no bones about loudly changing everything in the kitchen back to the way I had it.

She's been on a roll of selfishness recently. My husband and I are expecting our first child after a long infertility struggle. 3 years of every kind of test you can imagine, at least 72 negative pregnancy tests and a miscarriage later, we have a healthy baby girl on the way. I think that has thrown my MIL's selfish nature into overdrive. Looking back on the past near-decade that I've spent with her oldest son, I'm seeing a pattern develop.

2 years ago, my husband was in an accident playing football at a friends home. His elbow was severely dislocated and we spent most of the night in the emergency room 2 hours from home. Thank God for good friends, they let us stay the rest of the night with them and then made the trip home later that morning. While I was doing damage control, still at the hospital, I called MIL to update her on what was happening. If his elbow hadn't gone back into place manually, they would have to do surgery in a town another two hours away. I made it clear that this was NOT happening, but my MIL heard nothing but surgery and the towns name. So she calls me an hour later, halfway there and asks is we are in the chopper yet. I tell her no and that we aren't going to need the chopper. I explain to her again the situation and tell her that NOW his elbow is back in place and everything is fine. She doesn't like it and hangs up on me. The next day I get my husband home, cleaned up, in fresh pj's and prop his poor banged up arm up on some throw pillows. He is comfortable and he is happy. Until she gets there and starts yanking the pillows out from under his arm. He's screaming that she's hurting him and she keeps saying "I'm your mother, I know what you need." And she treks back to our bedroom and jerks the sleeping pillows off the bed. He complains non stop that she's hurting him but she won't stop. When she finally sits down, I go and gentle remove the other pillows and put the throw pillows back. When I ask him how that feels he looks at me with the most helpless pitiful look and says "so much better, thanks babe." There's more to this particular story, and I will share it soon....

The part that has become blatantly obvious about my MIL lately is that she is JEALOUS of our relationship with my Mom. Let me preface this by saying my Mom is all I've got. My Dad passed away 9 years ago from Cancer, my half brother lives 5 hours away and my cousins and I don't speak because I prefer to NOT to be around drug dealers and users... call me crazy. My Mom is such a pleasant person to be around. Her home is a nice peaceful place to be. She goes to church with us, so we see her on Sundays, now that we are expecting she is helping me to get ready for baby girl, and we try to include her in a lot of things because otherwise she simply wouldn't leave the house, she's very lonesome without my Dad. One sunday a month, she cooks a big sunday dinner for us after church and we spend the whole day being lazy at her house, and we love it. We look forward to that sunday dinner all month long because it obviously brings her so much joy to be able to do it for us and because we can check out of the drama for a day, because my Mama ain't got no time for no drama.

And then there is MIL. She works third shift at a factory. She leaves for work at 9pm, gets home at 7am, and sleeps until 6pm Sunday through Friday. She spends her entire Saturdays sleeping. It's impossible to spend any real time with her. It takes her literally hours to "wake up." She goes through two pots of coffee and a pack of cigarettes before she's awake enough to do anything. She was given the option to take first shift because of her age when she was hired but she insisted she wasn't as breakable as people thought and that third was fine. She'd worked thirds as a temp at a different factory and had gotten so stressed she'd dropped down to 95 pounds and stayed bruised from the shoulders down. She said her body was "used to thirds" so she didn't want to disrupt it's natural schedule. So it is impossible to coordinate a time to be with her because she's either sleeping, or still waking up (I'm telling ya it's a process) or gone to work.

I've tried in the past to give her the benefit of the doubt. She's flighty, ok, fine, it's a personality quirk. But as the years go on and I become more settled in the family, things become much more clear to me. My MIL is SELFISH. And she always wants to be the center of the universe to her kids. She hurt them by leaving their Dad, she alienated them and kept them at arms length for years and years and now suddenly she's hurt because they don't want much to do with her. And now she's so green eyed jealous of the good relationship my husband has with my mother. Looking back I can see that it's been brewing for a long time. Since the elbow accident. The morning I got him home, I was overwhelmed. I needed backup. My Mom and I are a great team. When I called her from the hospital she dropped everything, drove the ten minutes to our house, shut everything down in case we were going to be gone for longer than a night, packed a little suitcase for us for that just in case, picked up our dog and made sure everything was ready for us whenever we got to come home. When we finally did get home, he was in agony and needed his pain killers that we hadn't been able to get filled. So I called my Mom. She brought back the dog, took the RX's and got them filled for us and then brought us home lunch cause she knew we were probably starving. After we got him settled in, I called my in laws to let each of them know we were home and he was fine. My MIL lives 5 minutes in the opposite direction as my Mom. Barely 5 minutes had passed after I got off the phone with her when I see her car crash into my driveway on two wheels and come to a complete stop in my yard at my front door. She jumps out barely dressed and comes banging on the door shouting for us to let her in. My Mom answers the door and just as soon as MIL sees her she freaks. She starts shouting "THAT'S MY KID! MY KID! LET ME IN THAT IS MY SON IN THERE!" Very possessive, almost as if she felt like my Mom being there was taking away from the fact that she was my husbands mother. I explained to her that Mama was here to help ME out and not because my husband had specifically asked for her, but I'm pretty sure it all went in one ear and out the other. I chalked that experience up to trauma and let it go. I have no time to dwell on drama, I've got enough going on in my life that i have to deal with.

When we found out in March that we were expecting a baby girl, we were over the moon thrilled. We'd wanted this baby for so so long, and to know that our little miracle was a girl was all the more exciting. So we decided to do a little gender reveal party, just for our family, just to make it special and fun. We found out late on a friday afternoon and knew we couldn't keep the secret for very long, so we decided to throw a party together the next day at my Mom's house. She has a new house, on an acre and a half of land, she's always kept a spotless house and loves to entertain. Plus she has a better parking situation of 15 people than we do at our house. So it was a pretty easy choice to have it there. We planned it for 4pm. That would allow the family (his family, again, I have none to speak of) time during the morning and early afternoon to do whatever they had to do, it would still be daylight so that we could take some cute photos and so it was settled. We started calling people and they all said ok, 4pm works great. My MIL was so excited she could barely stand it over the phone. So the next morning at 9:30, she calls my Mom. She asks about the "food situation." We live in the South, any "get together" requires food. My hubby and I decided to get Little Ceasars Pizza, it's quick, inexpensive and tasty and would please a large crowd. And that was it. My Mom suggested my MIL maybe bring ice and soft drinks or dessert maybe. MIL insisted she bring sandwich stuff so that we could have a "sandwich making station." Ok. Fine. If she's paying, bring it on. She says she will hop in the shower, get ready and go get the stuff and be at the house by 4. We get to my Mom's around 3 and get everything set up. Family starts trickling in around 3:30.... but at 4:30 there is still no sign of my MIL. My sisters in law are getting antsy, my FIL is used to this and my husband is getting angry. So he calls her to find out where she is. To our horror, she has not showered, not gotten ready, not gone to the store and is currently putting together a piece of furniture for her bathroom and says she has one more to go. "Time must have gotten away from me." She tries to cover. My husband calls her bluff. "From 9:30 to 4:30?!" He tells her to forget the sandwich stuff, the pizza is enough. He doesn't care what she looks like she needs to brush her teeth and get over to my Mom's so that we can get the party started, we obviously can't start without her. She doesn't come rolling in, slowly, until 15 minutes till 6pm. She went to the store anyway, bought $100 worth of stuff that no one ate and had even gone to a different store to get a bag full of baby essentials for us as a "smooth it over" gift. We didn't even let her get inside the house, we drug her to the back yard and opened the box with the pink balloons in it immediately. She absolutely ruined that party for us, and she did it, I believe, on purpose, because it wasn't about HER.

That was when it occoured to me how much the center of attention she has to be at all times. She knew. Without a shadow of a doubt she knew she had somewhere to be at 4pm, and chose to dilly dally and put together a piece of furniture instead of doing what she needed to do.

It came to a head this past weekend.

We had just gotten out of Church on Sunday afternoon. We like going out to eat on Sunday's as a family because it's the only time we all are ever together long enough to do it. My Mom goes to church with us and being that she is my only family she is always invited to come along. Apparently my MIL and husband had talked that morning and he asked her if she wanted to come along with us that afternoon. She turned him down, but said she wanted to see him (not any of the other kids, just him, mind you) so he said he'd come spend the afternoon w her afterwards. But on our way home from the restaurant my cell phone rings and it's her. I hand the phone to my husband cause I don't want to talk to her. When he answers I can hear her screaming on the other end of the line. Apparently she changed her mind and wanted to come, but she'd never let my husband know, so we went without her. She was hostile, and when she found out that my Mom had gone with us, she got even more upset. She basically demanded that he come pick her up and take her out somewhere to eat. Even though we'd just stuffed ourselves she told him he was going to go eat with her. She said "you can eat again." He told her no. That he was full and he didn't want to go eat and that he didn't want to sit in the little local diner and watch her eat. He'd rather be someplace where he could rest. He offered to pick up a to go order for her and bring it to her house. But she wouldn't hear of it. He finally told her no, if she wanted him to pay for her food she'd take it the way he gave it. She started in then that she never got to see her kids. Hubby reminded her that it was her choice to work thirds and to basically not have a life. He finally got frustrated with her and hung up. I decided to skip the "fun" at her house and instead went to my Mom's where I could sit in peace and enjoy a sunday. But he's forgotten his cell phone, and he has to have it in case I need him for anything. So instead of immedaitely going to my Mom's, I pack up the dog and go to my MIL's house, praying she isn't there when I get there. But she is. So I pull up in the driveway, honk the horn, get my husbands attention and give him his phone. I can tell he's mad, so I put the car in reverse and start to back out. That's when MIL runs out the back door waving her arms and screaming for me to come inside. I politely tell her I have somewhere else to be, and I've got the dog with me and I need to get gas etc etc, so maybe some other time. She won't hear of it. She basically comes and drags me out of the car and into her house. I didn't realize it until that day, but I think my MIL is trying to copy my house. I recently took my house from dark pottery colored walls to white/grey walls. I painted all my black picture frames on my gallery wall white and painted my kitchen cabinets white and the base of my coffee and end tables white to lighten everything up. She is doing the exact same thing, and she didn't start until after I did mine. I guess imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but a MIL copying the DIL? Does that seem weird to you? It does me. Her kitchen table has a white base now, her walls are white now, every picture frame on her walls is white now. She is splashing aqua blue around everywhere just like I've done. It makes me uncomfortable, because I'm wondering the motivation behind it. Anyway, I go in, take a 30 second look around, fake a smile, tell her its all so cute, and then apologize again and say I really have to get a move on, Mom is waiting for me I should have already been there.

Later that night after we both get home, my husband tells me that his mom expressed to him how she thinks it is UNFAIR the amount of time we spend with the other parents as opposed to the time we spend with her. And I say "WE" as in my husband and me in particular, not the three other adult kids she has. Just us. It isn't UNFAIR because we do all we can to include her in our day to day, but she won't let us. We invited her out three weeks ago to have dinner with us and she refused, saying she couldn't get ready in time. 5 hours later when we stopped by her house she had barely gotten out of the shower when she answered the back door. She just didn't want to go because we were taking out my Mom and my MIL's mom that same trip. I go out of my way to invite her over for supper and she will always refuse saying she'd rather not come at all as opposed to coming and then having to get up and leave for work. So, she decreed that from now on, the third Saturday of the month is HER day. (My Mom's day is the third SUNDAY of the month.) She gets to be first. She said "I can't cook for you like [my mom] does." She can, she just won't. As if cooking would be the only reason we would come see her.

It occoured to me then, that all these years she has been pea green with envy over the good relationship my husband has with my Mom. She is jealous now because she knows that this baby will have more to do with my Mom than with her. She is jealous because I don't need her for anything. IDK what she expects? Am I supposed to say sorry Mom, you can't help me pick out baby clothes every because my MIL wants to be the one to do that? Who am I gonna call in the middle of the night when my baby won't stop screaming and I'm at my whits end? MY MOM, that's who. Cause she is MY MOTHER. In reality my MIL and I are complete polar opposites in spite of our similarities. She is jealous because she isn't the kind of mother anyone would ever be proud to have, and my Mom is. I hate to sound like "My Mom is better than His Mom," but what kind of woman walks out on her kids and then expects them to not resent her for it? What kind of Mom insists that when she broke up the family, nothing was different? She claimed her boys never even knew there was a divorce happening, that they didn't see a difference at all, and when my husband called her bs on that, she wouldn't have it. She got so mad she could have spit fire, but my husband stood his ground. Everything was different and she can lie to herself all she wants to but it IS ALL HER FAULT. Whatever reasons her kids have to not want to be around her are HER FAULT. She only started trying to be a Mom again a few years ago. All of a sudden everything she was doing was for her kids. Buying a house she to this day struggles to afford was for her kids. None of her kids NEED a house, we all own our own homes. She can't be told she is wrong about anything, even when she outright LIES about things and we catch her in her own web, she claims we are wrong. She tells a story about something I said during our wedding and it's a flat out LIE, and I have the whole thing on video to prove its a lie, and I've shown it to her and she keeps telling the same lie! What kind of Mother is JEALOUS of the relationship her son has with his mother in law. A GUILTY mother. That's who... one who KNOWS she screwed up a sure thing, one who knows she scarred her children far more deeply than she could ever even imagine. One who tries too hard to be the example of a perfect mother and fails miserably every time. That's who. And she is that woman.

She never congratulated us on the baby, or the engagement. And will barely mention either. She has called me stupid, racist(I'm a mix of everything under the sun), and a snob. When we were looking for a new place she said that my family would always be visiting (with a negative tone). Said my fiance was in trouble when we went to a finance course in regards to my pension (I'm from out of the country and can't work yet). To top it off he tries to hide her offensiveness. Plus many more things she has said and caused me to have breakdowns while pregnant. I don't ever want to be under the same roof as her again.

Got a great one: MIL sends my husband a birthday card yesterday that says "find your own path in life that makes you happy. Just be 100% you- you don't have to fit into any certain pattern in life". Are you FREAKING kidding me?!...

My MIl has done more than her fair share. Latest topped the cake and my husband still speaks to her as if nothing's wrong just won't let her keep the kids again. Here it is:

We let our kids stay with her for 3 days (one full day) bc we were getting away for the weekend. One of my toddlers (unable to communicate well at the time bc of age) took abt an 8ft free fall off of something. MIL did not tell us or take her to the doctor. On Sunday my DD cried when I Picked her up so I took her to the Dr. Bc she was obviously in pain. My MIL then tells me a lie on what happened to my child(dr said no way she's telling the truth). Dr got CPS involved so we could find out real story (which was that she fell & It took 2 weeks to pry that out of her) ... meanwhile child had cracked skull (no bleeding on the brain though) broken collar bone, and busted ear drum from fall. We checked on the kids all weekend and she never told us anything. She didn't even act normal abt it bc she is sooo crazy!!! I come from a very normal family who would have rushed to the ER if my child were to have even fell off the bed, unfortunately my husband doesn't. Thoughts, on how you would have reacted in my position!? Please!

Ha says upload image I wish mil never wants to take a picture of me but she flash her iPhone in my face I wasn't ready lol I saw the pic she took l of me I look not so great she did that on purpose I'm only 30 she is 70 she always trying to compete with me when it comes to looks I love inner beauty she loves buying things no judging just wish her negative attitude would change!

My husband and I are staying with his mother until we get our own place. She complains about everything. She always tells me what in doing wrong, actually what she thinks I'm doing wrong. My husband works long hours so I'm there with her all day. I wanted a job so bad, but it's hard to apply when you don't know anyone around there and MIL said she doesn't want to babysit our one year old. When I do get hired somewhere and find a sitter, she makes comments like;" You just want that higher paying job so you can pay the babysitter AND have extra money in your pocket!" I don't think she realizes that it's the idea of having a job. She gives me looks when I speak. Criticizes my driving,(she doesn't have a license or a car because of DUI's) so she has to rely on me to take her places. She tells me how SHE does laundry and dishes and that's how she wants me to do it. Certain settings on the washer only. I can put dish soap on the sponge but not the dish clothe. She said I bring too much food in the house. I told her I buy for all of us. She said she doesn't easy what we eat, but whenever I make dinner, she eats it. I'd I don't offer her something she gets offended. But I cook and clean it up. Her RULES are always changing. She treats me totally different when her son is not around. I told him some things the other day and I was crying. He said something to get and she stopped talking to me. She still has her demands, but otherwise she stays clear of me. I can feel her watching my every move tho. I want to scream. She tries to tell me how to raise my daughter, tells at her, tries to discipline her. I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't. She always has something negative to say to me. I don't know how long I can handle living there. I escape to my parents house sometimes. They live over an hour away. There's so much more I could say, in just going to take a break now. Ahh.

When I first met my (now) MIL, she said to my husband that she didn't like me from the start because... I talk too posh and went to university.
...that's a first!

I feel for everyone that uses this post, because I know the difficulty of a horrible mother in law. Wish I could of stopped my anguish years ago without having to get a divorce. I just was not able to come up with a solution. Hope you do better than I did.

My husband is from another country, and I can understand his native language but only speak a few words. I am a full time student and a mom to a 1 year old. We share an apartment with his older single brother who looks down on me and despises me. He insists to be my husband's #1 relationship and does not allow me to join in on family conversations. He is verbally abusive to me. My mother in law came to stay with us for 2 months. They spoke about me often in their language when I was in the room in a horrible way. She not only condoned his behavior, but she turned into a wild hyena and screamed at me to get out of my own home. My husband backed her up. I came back but I don't know what to do.

My mother in law is horrific. She is everything I hate in a person. She has never worked, has been in welfare her entire life and never made an honest living. She judges everyone else, including her own brother, saying "He'll always be poor". HE WORKS! Even if he works 2 or 3 crappy jobs at least he makes an honest living.

She (and my husband) brag how great of a single mother she was. How she spent all her time doing things with him. She actually brought up a spoiled rotten brat, who she couldn't even bring out to family dinners because he was so misbehaved. She even said so herself, but with no shame or regret.

She acts like a homeless person who always EXPECTS everything for free. She abuses coupons - even for small companies who are trying to advertise to create more business. For example, she had a coupon for FREE pizza in the newspaper. She found as many coupons as she could and used them more than once. She didn't even tip the waitress!

She judges ME for being a single mom, but THIS single mom now does your son's laundry and cleans up after him! AND SHE was a single mom! Her excuse (which I don't need an excuse, I'm fine having been a single mom, proud of it actually) is that her husband beat her up. I get that she left, I understand he was a drunk but how can she judge someone for being a single parent when she was a single parent?

She is dirty! Her home is like a big pile of garbage that is cluttered with items from as far back as 40 years. She never buys anything on her own. HER sister in law (her brothers wife) buys, prepares and DELIVERS food to her door. She doesn't pay for it and then she treats her sister in law like garbage. She does NOT act grateful to the sister in law and calls her names behind her back.

She has these old wives tale ideas like - she won't get a flu shot? Like they're bad? She had an infection in her leg and had to go to the doctors every single day for antibiotics through IV because it was so bad. And it's because she is THAT DIRTY!! She won't take care of her health and her legs and feet are HONEST TO GOD the dirtiest, grossest feet I have ever seen. Even the doctors made comments on it.

She wears Depends and she won't change them because she is too cheap. AND SHE GETS THEM FOR FREE FROM HER SISTER IN LAW!! She lives on a pension and it's not like her rent is expensive, she lives in affordable housing by the government. She has no food expenses and her car insurance is paid for by me and my husband.

She has a MAJOR gambling problem on top of it all. We take her to Vegas every year and she gets mad at her son EVERY SINGLE TIME. She talks to him like crap yet she won't let anyone else talk to him - or about him - like that. She tries to run him down to me and wants me to agree? NEVER would I do that.

He's a grown man now, a good man and tries to take care of his mother (who guilts him like she gave us so much for him!) She was a lazy POS her whole life so she gave up nothing! She talks smack about everyone - she literally has no friends. Her reputation at her place of religion is "the crazy lady with rotten teeth who doesn't get along with anyone". And that is LITERALLY her nick name. So it's not just me.

I was warned about her from SO MANY people when I met my husband. I still have all the patience in the world. I treat her like a queen. I have invited her along on vacation every single year, even when my husband says no. I don't know why I do it because every time, it messes up MY Plans and she fights with me or him - EVERY SINGLE TIME.

And BTW - she has money in the bank. Lots of it. She's just cheap because she is a whack job. She won't pay for anything. I thought it was a farce but after this many years. I realize - she takes the cake in the cheap department! She wont pay for food unless it's a coupon. She will eat buffets and take 5-6 plates full of food. She even sneaks the food out of the place in plastic bags! She will drive 50 miles to get free food. She won't 'share' costs with anyone but EXPECTS everyone else to pay for her.

I told my husband that she can be very generous! But I did not tell him that it's ONLY when she gets something for FREE. She has never spent a PENNY on my husband since we met 5 years ago. He has spent tens of thousands on her. She will give him left over food or drop off used crap we don't need but hasn't even bought him lunch.

She treats me like absolute garbage. I can't even begin to tell you the things she has done or said to me. But the reason for my rant is, we are supposed to go on our annual trip in a few months and I WILL NOT do it again this year. I have had it. Last straw. I don't know how to tell my husband but I have to this time. For my own sanity!

I have tolerated her before and I obviously ONLY do it because I adore my husband but she is literally the MOTHER IN LAW from HELL.

Mother in law who separated my 3.6year old daughter from me.. It's been 4days I spoke to her. My MIL came casually with my SIL and FIL to see my second daughter and had taken away my 1st daughter from me. That day evening when I called to talk to my daughter she hesitated to give phone to her. She was not happy in giving phone to her. She asked me should I really give phone to her??? Obviously she is my daughter and I want to talk to her. But I couldn't say dat to her. I said please give and finally they my daughter phone... I hardly spoke for half a minute.. She grabbed phone and cut it.. After dat didn't talk to my daughter.. Neither I called nor they..
My daughter was all brought up by my parents as I was doing my post graduation. So she is more attached to my parents. Even if she visits my in laws place by night she comes back to my parents.
Eventhough she was wit my parents I never felt she is separated.. Because in 24hours if she is awake for 13hours, I would talk to her or FaceTime for almost 8-9hours.. I would be knowing each and everything what she is doing, with which you she is playing and each and every minute thing... My parents would be updating me all the time and at the night. But my Inlaws never bothered to tel me wat she doing even if I cal.
My in laws didn't like dat.. They coudnt digest that. Obviously they would think their grand daughter should stay with them. But they were not able to Take care of her. I left my daughter with my parents when she was 2months old.. My Inlaws couldn't take dat responsibility of taking care of her at that age. Even I'm not secure enough with them.
Now I gave birth to my second child.. There will be a adjustment period for the 1st child to get adjusted with new born and her own mother. But my Inlaws took away my daughter from me.. She totally got separated and a kind of hatred developed in her in 3days. She didn't talk to me or come near me on the 3rd day of their casual visit to see my second child.
My mother in law Infront of everyone acts as though she cares for me. Mainly Infront of my husband. She brought my 1st child on 3rd day and said u r the mother, u would be feeling bad and u would be wanting to talk to ur daughter so I brought her. Then she should leave her with me and go. But she didn't. Later she spoke I took her because u need rest for ur sake. After 21days of delivery where I'm very much active and I have no problem in looking after my own child she spoke dat. She knows I'm doing my own work and my child's from day3 of delivery.. I went for shopping, to beach with her from day9..
Now comes my husband part. He believes and blindly follows what my FIL and MIL says.. And he says dat it's my mistake to feel that my child is separated from me. I should talk on phone. But who is giving phone to my child.
Even he would think when my daughter was with my parents then y not with his parents. But the difference is when she was with my parents I would know everything about her, talk to her. Now I know nothing about her.
There is a saying in Telugu without MIL DIL is fabulous and excellent in character and without DIL MIL are good at character
I lost my sensitive bond and relationship which I had with my daughter because of her selfishness. I coudnt say a word.
Upon that she also said my SIS had come down so she wanted to be with my daughter. My SIL is also carrying but younger to me. She is happy being with my daughter but on The cost of me losing my daughter. She will understand 1day how it feels. Hopefully she should understand how much I cried and how I spent my sleepless nights thinking of my daughter.
I pRay God to see that day should come to them and they should realise how I suffered that but coudnt say a word or talk back. Even my husband didn't understand me In this aspect

Ladies, let me share a little something that has helped me over the years: Utilize sites like this for all its worth! Find other sites, too, where you can vent. Find as many different ones as you need to!! Getting support is SO important, but even more important than that is having places where you can spill your venom about your evil in-laws without always dumping it into your husband's lap. After all, it will only push him further away if you are constantly nagging at him about his horrible family. I'm not saying you should NEVER mention it to him, but be a bit strategic about how and when you do it.

For example: after 'romantic time'. While lying quietly in bed snuggling after some romantic time, think of a moment when he showed even the slightest acknowledgement that what your in-laws have done (recently or in the past) was not cool. Bring that back up again to compliment him and praise him on it. For example 'You know, I was thinking about how you agreed the other day that when your mother hung up on me that it was pretty rude. I just want you to know that I really appreciated your support in that moment. Your words really meant a lot to me, and let me know that I am not going through this alone.'

He might be confused by the praise, but just ignore that. Just quietly snuggle even deeper into his chest, breathe heavily and happily, and let it go for another while.

You see, men are a lot like puppies. They like praise when they do good things, and a little tap on the nose when they do bad. We often make the mistake of only tapping on the nose, when they actually react much better to the praise. In fact, it might help even more if you brought up a praise-worthy item (again, even if it is very MINOR, make it out to be a BIG DEAL to you that he is finally getting on board) and just start kissing him happily after you dish out your praise. Then, make those kisses deeper, and then whisper into his ear 'This is getting me all hot and bothered...wanna go into the bedroom?'. Trust me: this kind of praise will leave a lasting impression.

It's called rewards and punishments.

Do other things as a reward, too. Surprise him with a great meal (either home cooked, or order out), with all of his favorite foods and desserts in it. Greet him at the door looking your best and smiling from ear to ear, giving him a huge hug (and squeeze of the behind). Then say 'Surprise!! I just wanted to really show my thanks for being so supportive the other day when I was feeling sad about what your mother had done to me. I wanted to show you how much that meant to me by making you some of your favorite things for dinner!'

Ignore any eye rolls. I PROMISE you, this all will throw him off of his game!!! He will begin to associate pleasant things with him finally starting to come around to your way of thinking about his nasty family. He'll associate time with you as AMAZING, and time with his family as emotionally taxing and frustrating in comparison.

You've gotta work it, Ladies. I know it sounds manipulative, but these man-boys clearly cannot get it together on their own. If they could, we wouldn't be on this board looking for support, because these men would take the situation by the horns and stop their families from being so awful to us. Clearly these men are NOT able to sort this out on their own. They have MOMMY ISSUES. They are looking for love, approval and affection. Well, my them that they can find all of that and more RIGHT AT HOME.

'Why the turnaround??' they might ask? Simply smile lovingly and say something like 'Well, I have been thinking that I no longer want your family to create drama and problems for us in our marriage. It's caused enough fights and issues, and I want those days to be over. I realize now that it's more important that we have a happy and supportive marriage more than anything else! Make no mistake, I'm not going to tolerate any BS from your family, but as far as our marriage goes, I want to return to how happy we were before those people started creating drama.' Then kiss him sweetly, and say 'I know that this year is going to be our best yet!'.

This idea that 'Life before sucked because of the in-laws' coupled with 'Life is going to be so much better now and we're going to be on the same team' will be the takeaway for him....without him even realizing it. You aren't ASKING him to be on the same team, but clearly that is what you will be praising him for and making the un-said suggestion that it is happening. He'll think it is HIS idea that he's been slowly coming around, when in fact he's just responding to all the praise you give him whenever he shows even the slightest signs of coming around.

Continue to praise regularly in many different little ways (little notes on the table "thanks for such a great chat last night!"....or even a simple "I **REALLY** enjoyed last night! *winky face*) will have him constantly thinking about your 'rewards' for his actions. Send him out the door to work with the reminder of a romantic night you had last night and he'll be thinking about it all day long!

It will take time for this to translate into real change, but I have seen it work for myself and for 2 of my friends who I shared this with. Always, however, keep this on the Down Low. Don't share it with anyone who you think might tell someone!!! Keep this tucked FAR under your hat. Your special little snowflake needs to think HE is the reason you are so happy now, and that it is HIS idea to be more supportive of you and to protect you more against his terrible family.

Be patient, it may feel a little awkward and forced at first for a while, but keep just rolling with it and eventually you'll find a rhythm that works.

Good luck, Sisters!

Again: were some errors because of some word and I'm not a daughter in law but perhabs you can advise me.

I've made a terrible stupid mistake. My wife works in nursing and has regular night shifts. My mother, a widow of 56 years, is sometimes staying with us. Although she is somewhat meddlesome I can get along with her. She has sometimes some sexually explicit remarks as we were alone during night shifts my wife but I saw it more as a joke. My mother in law is, unlike my wife, a strong woman and I have to confess that because of her comments I have occasionally fantasized about her.

One night, when my wife was on night duty, and I have some doozed asleep, I felt someone beside me cringe. It was my mother in law who, without talking to me began to stroke my body. It excited me and instead of sending her away I responded to her and we ended up pretty violent sex.

Although it was very tasty, I afterwards had very much regret and want to leave it to those one-time.
My mother in law, however, thinks otherwise and threatens to tell my wife, if I don't 'serve' here more. She knows because of the 'one night stand' among others that I have a birthmark on my private part which she can tell my wife.

So I came into an impossible situation because of my stupidity and do not know how I can get out of here.

Please don\'t beat me.

MiL barged into my kitchen and started cleaning all the dirty dishes, whilst I was upstairs feeding the baby, despite me saying that I don't like it. Hubby basically let her. So I told hubby off....and told him in front of her that he can ask whoever he wants for help when he does the housework. But since I do it I have every right to say no. They are just not willing to accept their boundaries and the fact that people can have some sense of pride and may want to keep dirty dishes (they were mine - they didn't use them - it's not like we had had a party) etc a private thing. There is just no respect.
Tired of boundary stepping inlaws and a husband who is not willing to step in.

I'm glad to see this site back up!

So, here's my latest....

Due to all the poor behaviors of the ILs (and ya'll will appreciate that I couldn't possibly go over all of them over the past year since it would mean writing a book), I've finally come to the point of ushering in NC. Right now we're at LC. We're moving 2,000 miles away from them in 6 months (can't wait!!), and in the meantime trying to navigate the waters of laying down boundaries for when we DO see them - which of course they immediately trample upon. They show their deep disrespect for us at every turn and their complete unwillingness to respect the boundaries we've put in place (simple things, like please give us a 24 hour notice before just popping by and to not say cruel and judgemental things to our kids - I know, right? You shouldn't have to ask such a thing, but with these people unfortunately you do).

Everyone interaction with them is a minor nightmare, which is why I've been avoiding them like the plague. I put a complete block on MIL on FB and the 24 hour notice before popping by is so that I don't have to be home when she pops by. This woman is a real piece of work, and more than I could possibly go into here, but basically she's a covert narcissist (while my FIL is an overt one). Their whole family is one big dysfunctional mess, which means of course that we've suffered quite a bit any time we've had any dealings with them.

I'm not saying I'm a wallflower, but anything I've done or said has been in reaction to their BS. I will NOT just lie down and say nothing, and of course they hate me for that. They hate me for stating the truth, or for putting my foot down and insisting we not be treated that way.

I can't WAIT for our move, and in the meantime, I'm just counting the days and trying to avoid contact with them wherever and whenever I can.

I hope you all are doing well. It's good to have the site back up so we can continue to be a support for one another.

I had no idea about passive aggressive personality disorders until I met my mil. Most of these off the wall mil's have personality disorders. The difference between personality disorders and mental illness is mental illness can be treated with medication. So in my opinion personality disorders are much worse. Check out personality disorders, and maybe you will get some answers.

My MIL always has a Birthday dinner for the FIL whether he wants one or not. She called us all on Thursday to inform us that the bday dinner was on Saturday, never checking to see if we had plans. My cousin was in hospice at the time and his children were flying in from Oregon on Friday to spend time with him. I hadn't seen them (cousins) in person for more then ten years. My husband and I were picking them up from the airport and helping them out. I explained this to MIL and said I may/may not make it to party, husband free to make own decisions. Unfortunately, my cousin passed early Friday morning and unbeknownst to us....MIL changed party to Sunday and was pissed when husband told her what happened and neither one of us would be there. She called in a rage to anyone who would listen to her crazy <i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i>:(. Thankfully, everyone else has common sense! Who does that kind of stuff?!! Ugh:(

I am so glad that I have found this website!!! I have been married for just over three years. My husband and I have been together just over four years. My mother-in-law basically is on a pedestal in everyone's eyes. She has this way of controlling people because no one wants to upset her. It is so hard to explain how horrible she can be to me without even saying much. What makes it worse is I feel like my marriage has been one big competition for my husbands love. I do not want him to not have a relationship with his mother, but is it too much to know that i matter to him? That I come first in his life? She even talks to him and calls him Babe like a wife should. And I am always made out to be the bitch because she cries if I stand up for myself. Sometimes I wonder if my marriage is even worth fighting for if she is going to be at the center not me.... Any advice?

I have been dating my boyfriend for over two years, known him for 5 years and for all purposes we are partners. We live 16 hours drive from my family and 2 hours from his. I love him with all my heart and he loves me. His family is of a different culture, religion and race which seems to matter to them but not us.
When I first met the family, after a year of dating, they already hated me. The grandfather had instilled a sense of hatred and racism in all of them. He would tell them to wash themselves if they touched me.
This weekend was the worst. His mother told me to be with my own &quot;kind&quot;. She told me that they will never accept me or any children we have together. She spewed out ignorance that all around could see. She even took the car keys out of the ignition while i was driving to hit and harass me when I was trying to leave a bad situation.
My partner was so upset he drank until he was sick. I had to take away the alcohol, bath him to hydrate him and get his best friend to calm him down because he wouldn't stop crying.
I don't know what to do. I am there for him but I feel a distance in is heart. His mother has hurt him so much. He still wants to marry me and have kids with me. I think he realizes for that to happen, his family may not be able to be a part in our lives due to their own wishes and not ours. I sacrificed my pride to try and make things work with his family and I can't do that any more. I have chosen to keep them at a distance.
I hope after all this my partner still wishes to have a life we planned together. I pray whatever happens, that we will be happy again without this dark cloud of in-laws hanging over us.

i left my husband because of my mother in law!

i'm almost four months pregnant and have left my in laws home and moved back in with my parents. i could not stand my mother in law anymore. she made my life hell. she gave me tremendous stress since i have been pregnant, and its been affecting my health.

and to make matters worse, my husband does not stand up for me. he does not understand what i went through. he and his mother have an emotional incest type relationship, so naturally i cannot win with her.

i have asked my husband to rent a place for us, but he claims he can do this only after three months or so. he is not happy that i'm away. i dont know what step he is going to take now regarding our marriage. i'm ready to divorce him if he doesnt change.

i'm really heart broken and lost and angry. i dont know what to do anymore. i'm tired of his family dictating my life, and will dictate my child too if i live with them.

My name is Donna. My boyfriend (Derek) and I have a 1 year old daughter. She was unplanned. He\'s 25 and i\'m 29. Him and I both are living with my parents because we both have low income jobs. He works full time making $10/hour, I work full time making $14/hour.

My boyfriend and I are not married. Probably because of his mother. His mother is very annoying to me. Her name is Kimberly.

Kimberly does not have a good marriage with her husband (Rick). Her husband drinks and her other son (Brendan) smokes weed. Brendan is 19 years old and he gets spoiled by his parents. He doesn\'t have a job and still depends on his mom to take care of him.

When Derek told his parents that I\'m pregnant and that we needed their support, his mother was like \&quot;you\'re on your own.\&quot; Basically, his parents did not want to help him find a better job or help him go back to school or help him out in any way. And Derek has a low income job, he cannot support his me and my daughter on his own. And so i have no choice but to work full time and put my daughter into daycare.

When I gave birth to my daughter, I had this bad feeling about Kimberly. My motherly instincts tells me not to trust this lady. I barely knew this lady. And Kimberly just got all excited and was impatient about bringing my daughter back to her house. And I told my boyfriend that I was not ready for that. He did not defend me. He was only thinking about his mother\'s wants. He did not realize how uncomfortable that would make me feel. And I hated him for that. And i hated his mother for that as well. She did not think twice before taking my daughter away from me, and she was only 1 month old and I was breastfeeding.

Kimberly tried to make up excuses to get me to let her have the baby at her house. But I was uncomfortable about it. Especially the fact that my boyfriend and I are struggling financially to support our own daughter and his parents do not want to help him out. And I had to financially support my own kid more than my boyfriend because i make more and i work full time. I wish i didn\'t had to work so that I can be with my daughter more. I did not want my daughter to be raised by Kimberly. I was uncomfortable about that.

Derek needs to stop being a mama\'s boy. And Kimberly needs to back off! it\'s not her kid although she thinks it is. Derek should have defend me against his mother.

I have a feeling that Kimberly only cares about herself and her grandchild. She doesn\'t care if me and Derek do not work out. She doesn\'t care if our relationship is unhappy. Kimberly recently told her son, \&quot;why do you stay with such a bitch!\&quot; all because she couldn\'t get what she wants which is doing whatever she wants with my daughter and taking advantage of the opportunity. I do not respect this woman who does not respect my wishes and does not respect my boundaries!

My boyfriend needs to stop being a <i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i> or a whimp towards his mother. I see that his mother suffers from depression and is negative and puts her son down all the time. She\'s not emotionally supportive towards her son because she\'s not getting what she wants. Derek has problems confronting his mother and standing up to her. His mother threatens him that if she doesn\'t get what she wants which is to see my daughter whenever she wants, she would not give him his pain medicine for his back.

And I ask Derek, \&quot;Why do you continue putting up with your mom?\&quot; I don\'t understand.

I cannot get over my MIL. I just need to let it OUT! We've been married for almost 4 years now and my tongue is bleeding because of how much I bite it! I have really been trying my best to be positive and not read into things and be the better person but in order to do that I just have to get it all out. My MIL has three kids all boys my husband being the oldest. She puts us last in EVERYTHING. We have one child and one on the way. She never asks us when we would like to do get together for holidays etc. They don't give us more than 10 min notice to do family suppers. She expects us to go above and beyond for the other boys (the middle one has one child as well) to watch our niece but our child gets shoved behind. Example... Our son is under the age of 3 and she volunteered to watch him on a day she didn't have to work so we said yes and we would like it to be an all day thing so we could clean and get things done before the new baby which is due in a few months. She agreed. Well this morning came and we called, texted, and even stopped by her house to drop off our child and she didn't answer, and was not home. She didn't answer until the afternoon and said she decided that she needed to go out of town for an oil change and wanted to mow first (112 heat index) and then she requested we watch our niece until about midnight Saturday night so she and everyone else can stay late at a wedding for people she barley knows. Now she said going to be able to watch him until 1 so we gritted our teeth and accepted. well it is now almost 3 and still no more updates, no help no nothing after we made plans to be productive. This is not the first time. The other times (yes multiple) we asked if she could watch our child after I was done working so we could go have a mini date night and she agreed which really was just needing 3 hours or so to have a meal and time to reconnect so we went to a restaurant which was about 30 min away. Both times during our meal like 15 min she calls and requests that we come get our child so she can go to town to watch the other grandchild but we would have to be there ASAP because they wanted to go out drinking. I feel like she just favors this other child and its sad because our niece is a sweet girl and I don't want to associate anything negative because of someone else. She agreed to our request first so I don't understand it. It doesn't make sense to me that you would put one child over another when on top of it I'm super pregnant and my husband just had surgery and so I have to take care of him as well then add all that on and expect us to bend over backwards but no respect or consideration in return. *UGH

Where to begin... From the beginning I thought the world of my mil. We were inseparable, shopping together, me bringing her to her appointments, going out for lunch,an staying with my husband and I 3/7 days per week due to the long commute between her house and ours. I bend over backwards for her, I am very generous with $, time, and purchasing whatever she needs. Well, its been 15 years and I just experienced a traumatic shock. I caught my mil stealing from me. I caught her going through my cupboards and taking whatever suited her and stuffing my items into her bags during one of her recent visits. When she left her bags unattended, I opened all her bags. I found some of my bracelets, linens, spices, trash bags, and food in her personal bags, tied into small bundles. Let me also say that she and both my husband's family and my family were all together celebrating a special occasion. I just completed a major renovation in our home to add more bedrooms to accommodate all of the family so no one needed to stay in a hotel/motel. Let me also say that this visit was the first time she was very rude to me and some of the guests. I am compeletly shocked because we have always had a good relationship. Why did she do this? I told my husband and he didn't appear shocked. He said she probably thought we wouldn't notice anything missing. What? Then my husband isn't surprised yet he insists shes not a thief. I reply, &quot; yes, her stealing from our home makes your mother a thief. Now I don't trust her. This situation needs to be addressed before shes allowed back into our home.&quot; My husband says he will, but I doubt it. The worst part is that this could not be the first time shes done this, I just happen to catch her after all this time. My idea of her has changed, I no longer trust her, and I am angry. Ive never told her no when she has asked me for anything, She does not have dementia so that is ruled out. WTH?

When my mil went in a nursing home, and was unable to violate boundaries it was the happiest day of my life.

I honestly don't know where to start with my mother in law...she has said some nasty things about me and my daughter that I had before meeting her son (she still has not met me in her life), she has stalked my Facebook so bad that she made false accusations about me and made the rest of his family believe them about me. So when they put us in a group text message, I will get messages from everyone of his family harassing me. Recently, I been getting messages from some of his family gripping at me for not trying to interact with their family and they are very welcoming people! Very welcoming people?! Really? So calling me trailer trash whore, a druggie, a party whore, threaten to call CPS on me and etc. was just joking around to make me feel part of the family?

So today is a great, laughing day for me!! We've known for about a month that we're moving, but H only just told his parents yesterday. It was a short, curt message only saying we're moving within the next 30 days so that they don't send us mail here (mainly he wants to avoid getting anything in the mail from them on his birthday). He didn't even give them our new address, and they still don't realize that we've changed our phone number 6 months ago and never gave them our new phone number, either.

There are times when I could just kiss that man. In fact, I think I'll go do that right now....

I married a great Mexican-Irish guy. MiL is batshit crazy. Steals towels from the Lifetime Fitness, lays them down as potty papers for her 3 dogs (who are in poor health due to her not wanting to take care of their health issues outside of the once yearly free clinic to get shots) to piss and crap on. She then takes them back to Lifetime and dumps them in the dirty laundry bin in the changing room. Her house smells of mothballs (spreads them in the attic to keep out the squirrels that have made holes that she wont repair), piss/poop, cheap air freshener, dust, musty moldy stench, and general garbage.
My husband wonders why I 'look so uncomfortable' over there.... but then gets pissy if I don't keep OUR house spic and span...

My husband and I have been married almost a year, his Mother...the cunning witch that she is sent us both an email a few months after we got engaged wanting us to purchase a house with a granny flat or enough land where she could build a small house, apparently selling her house to help with us. YEAH RIGHT! Even per my husband she is a mooch and has lived off off people her whole life. I did not respond back to her assuming he would tell her no and he never did. He ignored it, I ignored it too until she told him she had found us the perfect house. Uhhh excuse don't get to decide the house we purchase so I sent her an email explaining she was not going to live with us ever. She seemed to understand but whenever she comes over always makes mention we have 3 bedrooms and she could have one. Uhh NO!

Taking her to eat or cooking for her is a complete nightmare, she eats like 5 things, really. No dairy or sugar, beef, onion or garlic including seasoning, has to be all organic and non GMO, no corn and no eggs...well sometimes those things change at any time. She drives the servers insane when we do take her to eat asking a million questions such as &quot;do you a gluten free menu?&quot; we live in a small town that does not even know what gluten is let alone give a crap. I refuse to cook for her anymore and my husband is aware of this. I plan on sticking to that as well. I have no desire to try and figure out what she can eat this week as opposed to last week. She could not eat eggs a few months ago but we took her out for Thanksgiving, she got a salad that had eggs on it and somehow they disappeared, must have been an egg fairy. One of the times I attempted to make a nice family meal for her and even a nice dessert and went to much trouble, right down to getting rice flour and organic berries and making sure I knew what sweetner she could eat, she stated honey. So I made this nice berry organic, non GMO, gluten free sweetned with honey berry tart. She took one bite, asked me what it was sweetned with and when I said honey she spit it out. SERIOUSLY? We think all her food BS is simply for attention, even her Dr. whom I used to work for thinks as much. She has tried to play like she was on deaths door so many times it has gotten way old, apparently even before I came along. Cry me a river...

When my husband was 7 his Father passed away, now mind you his father had sense enough to divorce her and remarried, I assume her was much happier. After he died she joined a commune, my husband was 7. It was some religious commune, more like a cult if you ask me but his life was pretty much miserable. She even admitted to me she checked out as a Mother and was glad to have other women mother him. SERIOUSLY? so I have little respect for her anyway. I raised two kids alone and had to work, in the community she did not work, she apparently just worked on herself and played victim, another thing my husband says she has always done. Kinda makes ya wonder why he even bothers.

At our wedding, oh this gets good. My son was a groomsman and walked my maid of honor down the aisle, this was a small wedding so no one walked the moms..well except for her, she threw the whole things off confusing my son and making him walk her down the aisle to her seat. &quot;Oh I am sorry, I did not know this was your wedding!&quot; Anything for attention which my husband also states is her MO. Well that is fabulous! She walked around annoying everyone like she was something special or some sort of VIP and then had the gaul to complain about the food, there was nothing she could eat. &quot;oh I am sorry, I did not know this was your wedding!&quot;

Just a month ago she went on a cruise with my husbands ex wife..does anyone else find this disrespectful? She actually emailed me about it and wanted to make sure I was not mad. When I did not respond because I literally want zero contact with this woman ever she came by my work and brought it up in front of my co-workers and asked if i was upset. I said and I quote &quot;I don't care if you go on a cruise with Satan or baby Jesus, have fun!&quot; she obviously did not get the response she wanted and tucked her tail..AKA horns and left. From what my husband tells me his ex can't stand her so I assume when they spoke briefly one day and she mentioned her husband could not go on the cruise she invited herself and perhaps the ex is one of those people who can't say no. She even payed all the expences. She tends to invite herself often.

Recently her cat had to be put down, Boo Hoo and she wanted my husband to go with her. Mind you this cat was like 20, gross and she was tired of it but she needed moral support..whatever she wanted him to pay for it. I asked him not to as we have enough bills, more than her and her house if payed off. I knew that was the only reason she wanted him to go and it was, apparently she hinted around for him to pay for it but he did not. She is always talking about how much money she does not have but she manages to put in new windows and go out with GF and take trips that are not always payed for so BS.

When she comes over, she never knocks she just walks in like it is her house, my parents don't even do that. She gets her nose in our business and send us emails about marriage councling as we did did start after 5 months namely because he drinks to much and her. She is nosy and has told me to leave him when he drinks to much and when I told him and he asked her she denied it. Threw me under the bus so needless to say never again.

My husband refuses to go see her alone, thinks I need to go for his sanity, he admits he cant handle 15 min of it. But I am going to refuse to go and tell him to go alone. I can't stand her energy and end feeling like I need a good ole smudging after being around her.

My MIL told my 15 yr. old son that he was going to lose friends because he had cancer - in fact we were all going to lose friends because he had cancer. This was the day AFTER he had gotten out of a month long stint in ICU, 3 brain surgeries and numerous other horrors. She then went on later to tell most of her family that my hubby and I were getting a divorce due to the aforementioned son having cancer!!! How messed up is that? I finally stood up to her and told her off right royally. She barely speaks to me now but has now taken to saying hateful crap about me and my side of the family - knowing it get backs to me - as some sort of reprisal. She also wore the same coloured dress and my wedding dress, to our wedding. That should have been a HUGE red flag but sadly I didn't see the desperate grab for attention way back then. Practically everything that comes out of her mouth is either hate filled rubbish intent on offending and upsetting her target for the day OR a cry for attention. I'm amazed I'm still married to her son.

My mother in law has a lot of money. Which would be nice, except that she holds it over my husband's head and, being as he is an only child, has written a ton of classes into her well demanding that he do everything that she wants. She was renting her house to house rent free, and then decided to charge us $1400 in rent out of the blue without warning, along with a $4000 deposit. She has written closet into her will that state that if he does not make $150,000 a year before he turns 35 she will have them written out completely. And then all of her money will be donated to charity. She forced him into a career that he doesn't want to do, again, by using her will and his inheritance. I try to avoid her at all costs, but that's really hard when she owns the house. We also are not allowed to even consider having kids for another three years because she's got a clause written in there that if we have children before a certain age he'll be cut off. I've never hope that someone would meet their maker so much in my life until I met this woman. It really would be easier if she would she would just die, but at my luck, she'll probably live to be one hundred.

I used to love Thanksgiving.. until I met her. Every year since my husband and I have been together we've had to travel 9 hours to her home and share it with her. Last year he was mad at his mother (he goes back and forth nearly weekly) so we had a delightful Thanksgiving at his cousin's house just a few minutes away. ALL hell broke loose, even calling the cousin every whore in the book... telling my spineless husband that I guess you found a new mother now. Well this year I knew I'd have to see her but it couldn't be that simple... she is staying at my house for the entire Thanksgiving week. I am scared to death over her because she's such a liar. She has literally told people I am abusive to her when she and I are alone together. Yet another Thanksgiving ruined.... and its 5 weeks always... and I'm this worked up about it already.

I'm the husband, my mother in law in a nut job. I can't believe my wife came from her and survived. There's so many issues but I'll list the worst.
1, on our wedding day told my wife our wedding was a &quot;f$&amp;king circus&quot; because she didn't like my tie. Our wedding video is unwatchable as during our vows, she. And be heard telling her friend that I was only marrying her daughter for a visa (I'm Italian) &amp; that it would be over in 6 months. During reception gets caught smoking pot in bathroom and then proceeds to yell that if anyone has a problem with it they can kiss her arse (Now married 6 years, together 9)
2, turns up unannounced 2 days after my wife has given birth to meet the baby, reeking of cigarettes and marijuana. Walks in with her new dog that proceeds to piss all through our house, then tells my wife she better clean that up as she can't cause she's got the baby. After 15 minutes, hands the baby back and says she's going shopping and we can look after her dog while she goes. The dog barks the entire time as my wife is trying to rest and whe MIL gets back, blames the barking on us for not carrying it around.
3, second child is born, again turns up unannounced at 8am 3 days after our son was born, walks in and tells my wife she better get dressed as she's invited the family around to meet the baby. Family turns up, mil then has the nerve to tell my wife to stop being rude and offer everyone a drink, I'm about to say something when my SIL pipes up and says &quot;NO she's just had a baby, I will make drinks&quot;. MIL starts ranting to wife about sil calling her a stuck up cow. My wife walks away.
4, wife has a older son from a previous relationship that the MIL favours, Christmas comes, favourite grandson gets $150 gift card and toys, two younger grandsons get a $25 gift card each.
5, called my wife every name under sun because she got it in her head we were changing his last name. (She's paranoid and makes up scenarios in her head and then is convinced they are true,We weren't and never even considered it) disowned her, guilt tripped her (how could you do this to the family ect)
6, constant guilt trips and tantrums if she doesn't get what she wants how she wants it. My wife is now in therapy due to constant mental abuse growing up from this woman. But MIL takes no responsibility and acts like the worlds best mother ect.

My niece wouldn't eat her dinner, as six year olds do. She complained to her mom (SIL) who said she had to ear it. Niece said &quot;But (my DD) said it's disgusting.&quot; SIL said &quot;she doesn't know what tastes good, she eats boogers.&quot;

Nice. A grown adult picking on a 5 year old, and teaching her daughter that is just fine.

My boyfriend finally passed all his test and he gets to graduate high school in August. To celebrate his mother decided to take the whole family out to lunch! Guess who isn't apart of the family? Me and our son

Uh, ok. Where do I start? My MIL also has a passive aggressive personality. She has no friends, her kids can't be around her for very long with out it dissolving into screaming and tears. Most of her grandkids hate her, mine doesn't only because she has no choice but to.

My SO is her youngest son. We eloped about 3 years into our relationship. I proposed. We didn't want a wedding. we didn't tell anyone for almost 2 months. I'm VERY private. He just has a shite memory. When we did tell, it was with no fanfare, no gushing. Just &quot;Sooo, we got ya know married...yeah&quot;. Pissed her off. Said I took away the joy of a wedding. I said I never wanted one. Blah Blah. We got over it. She keeps bringing it up SO and I keep slapping that shite down. Leave it alone. What's done is done. Your were not involved. Get over it.

Before SO and I were married me and MIL were cool with each other. She forgot about me more often then not. I faded into the background. When the girl was born shite went wrong. I had very bad Post Partum Depression. SO had no clue what to do about it. He told me to 'suck it up to the gut'. I was sad, tired, and angry all the time. She insisted we move in with her to save money for our house. It's been damn near 10 years. I don't know my child because I can only have (what seems like) supervised visits with her. She undermines everything I say. I've just ran away from her and her bullshite. She wants me to engage but I refuse. Says snide little things that makes my child doubt me. I just recently decided to fight back. She told me she didn't want to see, her, or think I was in her house. I'm banned from going upstairs. That's where the kitchen and shower is. It's hot as balls, I wont be denied a shower. I took one. She wanted me and all my things gone. I let EVERYTHING off my chest. Evil old b!tch bully. I don't care if we have to struggle right now. I'm going to learn my child and love my husband again. I don't care if I gotta live in my car. We'll be free.

My daughter married a wonderful young man. As soon as the I do's were said his mother turned into a jekyl and hyde. She started acting like a witch at the wedding reception. Up to this point butter would not melt in her mouth. God I wish my daughter did not have to put up with this dysfunctional behavior. I feel so helpless, because I had a mother in law from hell 30 years.

The first time I met my mother-in-law she didn't even say hi to me, just stared me down. She kept pictures on the wall of my husband and his ex wife and their wedding invitation was hung on the fridge still (from 9 years ago). The only time she acknowledges her grandson is when people are around and then she really over exaggerates the kisses and hugs and how much she loves him (in a super sappy way)! And whenever her other daughter-in-law comes for a visit from out of town she is so nice to her and tells her she's her favorite. Tells her how beautiful she is and how perfect she is for her son.

That's A Testing Confesse's, Share Your Storie's !

Latest Confession: talking to my in-laws over Christmas was great (although I was totally dreading it!). I got a little liquored up (and I am *NOT* a drinker, but figured I'd have a few to try to get through the annual Christmas webcam chat in one piece). What was particularly great is that my in-laws were stopped dead in their tracks and in awe of how well my husband and I are doing - how beautiful our home is, etc. They seemed so stunned, they couldn't even brag about their ridiculous lives and could only sit there in stunned silence as my husband let them know how well things are going here. My mother-in-law didn't even have a chance to say something passive-aggressive, which is a first for her. Needless to say, it was a once-in-a-lifetime moment to revel in watching these arseholes be shut down, if only for a few minutes. I'm sure they'll recover enough to toss out passive-aggressive jabs in future webcam visits, but my husband has already said that I can return to my No Contact status with them (so long as I agree to make a polite appearance each Christmas on webcam...which is fine with me)...and they certainly dial the passive-aggressiveness down when I'm not there.

Needless to say, after a decade of dealing with their crap, including them always looking down their noses at us, it feels fabulous to have them sit there in jealous admiration for five minutes. Again, I know they'll return to looking down their noses at us, but there's no price that can be placed on this momentary feeling of wonderful, delicious karma.

I hope you all found moments of similar delight with your own wretched in-laws over the holidays!

My mother in laws dog attacked my 18 month old daughter. My husband and I asked her to cage the dog or put it away. She refused so we said we don't feel comfortable having our daughter near the dog so the inlaws could visit our daughter anywhere away from the dog. She then started a hate campaign on Facebook against my husband and I. She started harassing us at work so we contacted the police and had them advise her to stop. She retaliated by calling CAS and making a false claim. They came over and said we have a lovely home and a beautiful daughter. We have not talked to the inlays since. They have not seen my daughter since March 2013 the night the dig attacked my daughter.

I come from a culture where most people live with their in laws. My husband's family has always been dysfunctional and my problems have always been there with my pushy mother in law but after the baby it's been so difficult.

I have a stressful job and often have to work 3 hours after normal office hours. I was suggested bed rest by my doctor which i could not due to demanding work. My mother in law everyday complained about me not helping out in the house. And as if that was not enough, to add to the stress she was complaining about &quot;the baby shower that my mother is going to hold should be at her house&quot; and similar issues.

She believes that the baby should be kept as hot as possible. On the day my dd was borne, she put the a.c. at 30 degrees c, then covered her in warm clothes and swaddled her. Then their were 4 more blankets. When the baby cried and I insisted to switch of the a/c she came up with &quot;oh n you think you know everything dialogue&quot;. There was coal in the room I slept for good 15 days to keep tge room warm and when I tried to say it's harmful, she cut me midway and said &quot;You just watch&quot;. She used to feel my breasts and say they are not full, you are not producing enough milk as if I am a machine she was checking.

Now after 3 months she has a point on everything. It's 33 degree c outside and we live in topmost floor of a concrete house. She insists i put socks and cap on, does not let me bathe my daughter indoor, insists dd should be put in the sun, insists on double layer clothing then has an opinion about how long i should hold her, how often i should feed her. She even insists my pumped milk should be heated to feed my daughter.

I am returning back to work tomorrow and will have to leave my dd with her. She feels offended when I don't do according to her and has talked about this with everyone in her family and is planning to talk to my mom to ask her to talk to me. She has to be in charge. Now, when I leave dd behind i am sure she is not going to listen to me.

My in laws are separated, my mil is unemployed and old (She claims to be one n she is not even 55). My husband is the only son, so can't leave my alone. My husband says nothing to her and when I ask him why, he says &quot; she isn't going to understand, you are the more one, please adjust.&quot; MIL does not agree for a nanny or to leave dd with my mother. I am not sure if this is post partum depression or what but I feel overly cranky, want to cry all the time and feel so not in control.

I just wish my daughter would be treated as my and my husband's daughter first then her grand child. It's getting too much for me to handle.

evil mother in law

Only one confession? I've got a thousand! But the worst one has to be when she called up my workplace trying to get me fired. I work as a Chaplain and she told my Director that I was pregnant (not yet married) and had mental health issues so I shouldn't be working. All this just to stop us from getting married. For to say, she didn't get an invite to the wedding!

Good GOD help me find love and patience for this evil vile woman and please help her be less crazy and childish. Ok so I was in the bathroom when I heard my phone ring but I finish my business. Before I am done washing my hands this crazed obsessive woman texts me. I read it, it says, &quot; I got my patches and from now on when you guys call I won't pick up. So I text her that my husband is still at the gym and I was in the bathroom when she called, I'm sorry I could not make it in time to the phone but I am texting her back now. (Please kindly correct me if my handling of this was wrong and offer kind suggestions but anyway ladies.) She texts my phone probably thinking that my husband was texting her, she says, &quot;Your wife is so nasty, my message was for you.&quot; I read it and my mind flares up in anger and I compose myself to be able to speak to her calmly without exploding. I call her and calmly tell her like it is (I am so done with her self appointed high horse, I refuse to grovel and let her walk all over me). I said, &quot;Mrs. Adams (real names will not be used just in case she reads confessions to try to find ways to be the worst mother in law possible) I was not trying to be nasty but was simply stating the truth and also, my husband is still at the gym and I am home by myself right now. Then this crazy woman goes to say, &quot;You know what?! That message wasn't for you!&quot; Still keeping calm I respond repressing my anger and utter disbelief that a grown 50 something year old woman could be so petty, &quot; But it's my phone, you called my phone and texted my phone.&quot; Then she angrily says, &quot; You know what?!&quot;.....*short pause* She then abruptly hangs up on me instead of trying to talk things out calmly like adults. My husband and I have been married for 2 and 1/2 years known each other in total for about 5 years and slowly her crazy is starting to show and day by day it gets WORSE not better. She is extremely petty and childish. She never admits that she is wrong and whatever my husband or I do for her she is not appreciative of and sometimes forgets it all together. She over exaggerates and constantly takes things ANYONE says the wrong way. She is a woman that if she doesn't like someone she wants everyone in her circle to hate them too. Dear God I pray and pray and pray hoping you will answer. We need me find patience and love for this crazy woman.

Well, my MIL is trying some hoovering techniques with DH to try to suck him back into the fold by doing some love-bombing, doing a few &quot;generous&quot; things, and then daring to keep spreading well-wishes for MY holiday (4th of July - I'm an American, they are not and are very xenophobic about Americans). We're well aware that they hate me and everything I stand for, so to keep wishing us a happy 4th smacks of not only insincerity, but also shows how fake this whole thing is. DH is allowing it because it's easier than having a face-to-face confrontation with them (and we're moving 2,000 miles away from them in January...good riddance, f'ers!). He reckons we can do a full and total cut-off at that point. Well, I'm not waiting that long, so I've already gone NC with them and haven't spoken to any of them since MIL showed up unannounced last month (don't worry, DH made it clear to her afterwards that she'd be wise not to do that again).

Anyway, just chuckling at how obvious they're being with this whole hoovering thing. I was worried that it might be confusing DH, so I asked him his thoughts and he said &quot;Oh, don't worry - I don't suddenly feel that everything is rainbows and sunshine. I don't forget all their sins of the past, and won't be forgetting just because they buy us a few things or inquire about a holiday they know only means something to YOU.&quot; They seem to always discount how intelligent this man is. I guess I also made the same mistake, because he seemed happy to accept the money they sent his way.

The funny thing is, I'd rather accept NOTHING from them, because I think it is dishonest to accept things from people whom I have zero respect for and who have zero respect for me in return. I feel that's a more honest way to live. It cuts out any game-playing on my part, right? Those people love to think of me as some kind of b!t@#, when in reality they just don't like how honest I am. If only they realized that DH is actually far worse than I am, when you think about it. Here he is accepting money and gifts from them when in reality he's lost all respect for them and is basically just taking what he can get.

Don't worry, I am not proud of DH for that attitude, but what can I do? His parents have been emotionally abusive to us for YEARS. I've been showing my anger towards them openly....I guess I can't fault him for how he's choosing to display his utter disdain and loss of respect for these people. I'll just be glad when the move happens.... 2,000 miles still won't be far enough away for my happiness, but it'll be a good start.

My youngest daughter Olivia has deadly food allergies. They are so bad she spent a week in the PICU. With that said, my MIL doesn't believe my daughters allergies are &quot;that serious&quot;.
I asked her to read the few pages of information the Drs provided. I was hoping she would get on Olivia's band wagon and help us keep her safe. Instead of reading the information, she tossed it in the garbage and said she has a masters degree (and I don't), that she doesn't need any information...
Moving forward she is told to never feed our daugter anything. Period. Last week she visits and while my back is turned offers my toddler candy. Olivia takes it and breaks out in some hives.
I rush for the medicine while holding back tears and she says &quot;oh come on, it's not that serious&quot;.. I yell she's got hives&quot;! She quickly responds &quot;I don't believe you let me see&quot;
I grab my daughter and run into my room. My mil leaves.. Thankfully the candy didn't contain her anaphylactic allergens... Thank God because if it had, my daughter could of died.
After she left I told my husband if that bitch comes with in 50 feet of my daughter, I will kill her .....and I'm not kidding either.

Long time lurker here but have finally decided to talk a bit about my MIL. For the most part she seems like a nice lady. DH and I met in high school. We dated for five years and are now married for three. During the entire time we dated my in laws never took an interest in me. Never included me or tried to get to know me. When DH was graduating basic training at 19 in the Army out of state I was 17. They organized a trip to go see him. Their trip included his mom, dad, brother, grandmother and aunt. They also took along his brothers new girlfriend. At the time we had been together for 2 years. High school romance mostly. But still two years. She did not ask if I would like to go with them. Which I suppose I can understand. I was still technically a minor and it was a long trip. But she then fussed at DH when he wanted to talk to me on the phone after graduation. How dare he want to have a brief conversation with his long time girlfriend he hadn't spoken to in a while with his family their! And when I say brief I mean it. We are not the type of couple to talk long on the phone.
Then DH got stationed overseas, he would be gone for a year at a time and come back home on leave for two and a half weeks. When he would come home on leave his parents would purposely exclude me. Not share flight information or plans to go get him from the airport even though he would send me the information and ask if they had contacted me like they apparently said they would. I wasn't very sure how to react when this happened so I just didn't. I backed off and let them control his leave and waited for him to contact me once he was back in the states so we could plan a meeting. But he did not have a phone to use back in the states so that means to contact me he had to ask to use his parents cell phones. I didn't hear from him for a week once he landed because they were not ready to share him. They wanted to drag him all over the place to visit family members he had no interest in seeing and didn't think he needed much time to &quot;visit friends&quot;. At that point in time we had been in a relationship for a little over three years. But that still didn't matter. By the time they were willing to drive him to our home town where I lived and he originally wanted to be for the majority of his leave there were only two days left. And I still had to share him with his friends and family that were in our home town. And the sad part is that the more she pushed him to do what they want the more he pulls away. During those last two days we struggled to get alone time after being apart for an entire year. He was guilted by his parents to go visit people he didn't want to and stay out at the local bar very late (the same bar his mom would keep him at all night long as a child) and refused to go without me because I was the only person not pushing him to do things against his will. They didn't like that either. The poor guy was absolutely exhausted. After those two days were up I didn't see him for another year. It was very hard on our relationship.

At around 5 years together we decided to get married. DH was stationed at his second location overseas at the time. He was struggling with depression due to loneliness and anxiety. When he announced to the MIL that we were going to get married the first and only words out of her mouth were &quot;oh, is she pregnant?&quot; After being apart for 11 months at the time it would've been one hell of a magic trick if I was pregnant with his baby.

After we got married we still had to be apart awhile because I couldn't join him overseas yet. But during that time I gained some confidence as his wife and took control of his homecomings and would send them updates welcoming them to join us. At his request I would allow him to borrow my phone to call his friends and I would take him anywhere he asked or needed to go. Their were a few hiccups regarding his mom wanting to control everything along the way but for the most part she seemed to back off.

I thought things would get better after all of that, they didn't. I will continue our story soon.

My Mother in Law is the worst and I am not even married yet ! This lady has lied on me and mistreated my children! My fiancé walks on egg shells around her! It's gotten so bad to the point where she has dragged other members of her family into the situation. To top it off she calls my fiancé and bad mouths me on a regular basis! I'm starting to hate her !

I had the most horrible mother in law on the planet for 30 years. Now I am seeing my daughter go through the same thing with her crazy in laws. God I wish I could stop this crazy making behavior.

My mother-in-law has never let anybody use her kitchen even her own husband! I caught my father-in-law frying eggroll outside when while it was raining and there were a lot of mosquitoes. I don't understand and so I asked my husband to ask her why she's not letting anybody use the kitchen, and she said &quot;because it is my kitchen, nobody can use it, only me.&quot; Even her own children cannot cook in the kitchen anytime. One time when her and her husband went to Vietnam for three weeks, she put a foil over the stove top because she said we are not allowed to use anything in the kitchen besides the microwave. It frustrates me but my husband's dad offered to let us stay at this house until we have saved up enough for a house. What should I do? I'm going crazy!

Oh gosh where to even begin.............. My MIL is super passive aggressive and I strongly suspect going through major menopause and in denial about it as she does the stupidest things with no common sense whatsoever and is stuck-up to boot!
We have been stuck living with them for over 5 years now saving for a house and its destroying me mentally, emotionally and even physically we have both gained so much weight due to stress and frustration eating as we can't vent our feelings. My anxiety is through the roof!
I can hear her downstairs right now stomping and slamming everything around in her latest tantrum and I'm literally cowering in our room until hubby gets home too scared to come out (70% of my nights when hubby is home late are spent like this). So todays latest fiasco is due to the faulty range hood thats been broken for months (she buys shoes, clothes and random junk 3 days a week, they go overseas first class but they can't get a new range hood when the old is literally falling apart literally) anyway its held up by blue tack as FIL broke it ages ago and today it had fallen off a little again so i tried to fix it and it feel off more so I tried to fix it again (more bluetack) and it exploded and sparked everywhere scaring the bejeezers out of me (can hear her on phone right now complaining about me). Never mind that it could have killed or seriously injured me she stomps home in a strop bigger then her normal everyday strop! Doesn't say a word to me or ask if I'm okay (i got hubby to text them about the range so they wouldn't touch it as its not safe). Stomps in and slams the glass back door open which i had just closed don't get me started on our door/blind fights she has no common sense its winter so I close the glass door and blinds when it gets dark to keep the heat in the only reason she tore it open was because it was me who closed it (she doesn't close blinds either on 40 degree super hot days to keep the house cool so stupid!). Anyway she did that had her usual stomp and sigh woe is me i have the most difficult life in the world show (she doesn't at all) and then went to turn the kettle on (she literally has 15 cups of tea/coffee a day then claims she has vertigo and is dizzy so can't go to work she never drinks water just tonnes of wine and coffee and is clearly dehydrated but what would we know hubby is just a nurse and I'm a food scientist what would we possibly know plus duh common sense) if she had just been civil and an adult and asked me I could have told her the powerpoints blew when the range exploded and i don't know how to fix them at the box. But no she just swore and had a massive fit downstairs and i ran into our room to hide.
You know what sorry I'm just so tired of all this its endless and i can't even get it all out the damage this woman has done and is doing to me is immeasurable and as its passive aggressive i have no method of defending myself or i will look like the crazy unstable one. There is so so so much more............... Raaaaaaarrrrgh!!!!

I am 19 years old at the moment, my boyfriend is 20. We have been together for 3years. Lived with him for 2years. I had gotten kicked out by mother, because I was never home. But i had school, cna classes &amp; work. I would see bf after work. My mother took all my belongings to mother in laws house. I never wanted to live with a guy especially since we were just on for a year. Mother in law convinced me if i was comfortable i could stay. Yal seen how comfortable i been lol. One year in their house i was in a car accident which ruin me almost completely but God has kept me here standing strong. Before my accident all his family and I were taking Easter pictures. After we went home and broke eggs. I got called in for work so took off fast i used to drive ugly fast. But when i woke up in hospital my mom was there asking why je hit me or kicked me out. I couldnt recall anything. Nothing before. I couldnt speak, i got a trach. I really just wanted my bf there since i hadnt spoke with my mother since she kicked me out. As i found my ways to talk with my bf he would help with my memory. My mother told me my bf was there but when i was asleep or in deep sleep. She mentioned that she thinks my accident happened so that they could get along. My mother went for a smoke break, &amp; left him up there with me with his family too i guess &amp; they ended up coming down saying they are leaving because he still has school &amp; work to continue going to. My accident was horrible flipped 7x. Broken jaw, nose.. Ankle, collapsed lung. Teeth disorganized. &amp; they left. I asked him &amp; he said his mother said he had to continue his life i would be out soon. I was out very soon but with my mother because i felt embarrassed of everything, i didnt want him to take care of me i had to start feeding my self through my stomache. A peg tube. I missed him so much &amp; felt like i needed him, because we were together 24/7 we worked at same place too. I leave my mothers house. With no ss card which i need but since i left in bad conditions she didnt want to give back. I went to get my own &amp; i found out i was getting benifits all my life so they ended up switching the account to me. I wasnt working much sue to my recovery, but was getting that check monthly. I would give my mother in law $200 sometimes $400 when i had all i needed. We paid light. Also living with us is my mother in laws boyfriend who doesnt work, her daughter who doesny work either but is over 20. &amp; the grandpa. My mother in law worked at a stripes. &amp; once i started working at times when our money would be gone we would ask her for money. My bf got a new job that pays weekly on his first check he got $500 only cause he did over time, hos mother decided to quit her job, but it was summer which came to an end &amp; he needed to continue school but with the hours they put him 5pm to 5am he couldnt keep up. I was sadly devastated since i had my cap ready to be next to his. Now only him and i are working. My mother in law gets her fathers benifits &amp; works as a provider for him, but shes usually just in her room watching tv or asleep. She has been constantly asking for money almost everyday. My bf is very tired but making it happen, i hardly spend time with him cause i know he needs rest. There is times my mother in law is cleaning outside with the blower of leaves. &amp; im annoyed cause my bf needs sleep. There was a time he gave half of his money to her &amp; half to me. She went &amp; bought tiles for outside not sure we needed it. But asks for more money cause she didnt buy enough. Like WTH YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN WHAT YOU ARE DOING WITH YOUR PART OF THE MONEY. instead of saving xtra money we give her she still asks us to pay the light. She asks for moeny for trips to see her family. Like YOU DO NOT THINK WE NEED MONEY TO SURVIVE WHILE YOUR GONE WE DO! Idk why she doesnt save up she just keeps asking. I do not want to work my whole life for HER OR EVERYONE LIVING IN THIS HOUSE. EVEN WITH THE EXTRA MONEY WE GIVE HER SHE CANT THINK ABOUT SAVING ELECTRICITY BY TURNING OFF LIGHTS OR TV when in other room watching tv. Ugh its like shes a baby. I WONDER WHAT SHE THINKS. LIKE DOES SHE THINK I WANT TO LIVE HERE FOREVER PUTTING UP WITH HER WE R ONLY GROWING BUT SHES PUTTING US OUT THERE. I HAVE NEVER GIVIN SOMEONE SO MUCH. My bf thinks i dont want to give her money but i do its like he forgot what i would give her back then which was supposably for his car part or another vehicle. I bought a microwave for this house &amp; a water dispenser. I WILL HELP WITH WHAT IS NEEDED NOT FOR A FREAKING TRIP. ITS LIKE IF SHE FORGOT I WAS IN A ACCIDENT. Shes always saying shes too old and dieing when shes not EVEN CLOSE SHES TRIPPING I HAVE TIAS WHO ARE STILL WORKING. my bf says he owes her for all the money he has gotten from her that it will never stop. Her BF IS OUTSIDE SMOKING CIGS EVERYDAY &amp; wasting gas in vehicles.. He doesnt work so why use vehicle. This thanks giving i decided to step my ground. His mother asked for money to get a moon jump. BUT WHY IS SHE MAKING THOSE DECISIONS IF SHE HAS NO MONEY. WHAT IF WE WASTED ALL OUR MONEY. i told him i didnt want to be the grandma, if she wanted to please her kids kids.. She should have been saving what we been giving her. IM TRYING TO SAVE FOR MY OWN VEHICLE OR ONE DAY A HOUSE but it will not happen if she keeps asking for money. I owe college &amp; need to start saving to pay up. SHES ALWAYS BITCHING ABOUT HOW TIRED SHE IS THAT SHE CLEANED HER DADS ROOM LIKE WOW 1x a month. My bf is a mommas boy. Is ok but i want our own house where we could be naked all day and as loud as we want. Days ago my mother in laws bf was in kitchen watching tv after a while she steps out her room and starts watching with him i notice she left her tv on i turn it off walk into my room and hear her mention to her bf that i turned off her tv he gets up and closes door. Then i hear her say &quot;ay se creer la princessa de la casa&quot; that &quot;i think im the princess of the house&quot;. Im not sure if she ment that for me but to who else could she be refering too.. LIKE HOW DOES ME TURNING OFF AN UNWATCHED TV MAKE ME FEEL LIKE A PRINCESS OF THE HOUSE? How?!!! Im paying for the light why cant i touch the stuff you are not using. Her bf then burps loudly and says because i can also thought he was trying to tell me something like bro you dont pay <i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i> here!! But i didnt say that out loud i was just in my room &amp; he starts saying idgaf idgaf i really dgaf. I mentioned to bf &amp; he said he didnt believe me but that if they werent gonna respect me he wouldnt give her money. &amp; he has been kinda rude with her i tell him to stop and he says no if you dont like her i dont either. Its horrible i dont like that whatever i made happen, i just wanted him to know what happen. Light bill will come very expensive this month she filled up the back yard with christmas lights &amp; front. Help me talk with her she does not understand we are a couple &amp; need our own place. She wants me to have a baby but what for so that i can work and she takes care of my baby then come home and get charged for babysitting my baby. We r not ready we r just kids who r in the process of growing, she is a pain to me. I use to be fond of her she was so caring oh so caring now shes like give me give me. To HER YOUNGEST SON WHO HAS A GF INSTEAD OF PUTTING OR THROWING HER BF OUT IT WOULD SAVE US ALOT OF MONEY CAUSE WE HAVE TO FEED AN EXTRA MOUTH THAT IS NOT HELPING IN NO WAY.

There were some errors, and I'm not a daughter in law but perhabs you can advise me.

I've made a terrible stupid mistake. My wife works in nursing and has regular night shifts. My mother, a widow of 56 years, is sometimes staying with us. Although she is somewhat meddlesome I can get along with her. She has sometimes some sexually explicit remarks as we were alone during night shifts my wife but I saw it more as a joke. My mother in law is, unlike my wife, a strong woman and I have to confess that because of her comments I have occasionally fantasized about her.

One night, when my wife was on night duty, and I have some doozed asleep, I felt someone beside me cringe. It was my mother in law who, without talking to me began to stroke my body. It excited me and instead of sending her away I responded to her and we ended up pretty violent sex.

Although it was very tasty, I afterwards had very much regret and want to leave it to those one-time.
My mother in law, however, thinks otherwise and threatens to tell my wife, if I don't 'serve' here more. She knows because of the 'one night stand' among others that I have a birthmark on my <i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i> which she can tell my wife.

So I came into an impossible situation because of my stupidity and do not know how I can get out of here.

I look forward to her funeral day when all peace will come to me

ranny flat or enough land where she could build a small house, apparently selling her house to help with us. YEAH RIGHT! Even per my husband she is a mooch and has lived off off people her whole life. I did not respond back to her assuming he would tell her no and he never did. He ignored it, I ignored it too until she told him she had found us the perfect house. Uhhh excuse don't get to decide the house we purchase so I sent her an email explaining she was not going to live with us ever. She seemed to understand but whenever she comes over always makes mention we have 3 bedrooms and she could have one. Uhh NO!

Taking her to eat or cooking for her is a complete nightmare, she eats like 5 things, really. No dairy or sugar, beef, onion or garlic including seasoning, has to be all organic and non GMO, no corn and no eggs...well sometimes those things change at any time. She drives the servers insane when we do take her to eat asking a million questions such as &quot;do you a gluten free menu?&quot; we live in a small town that does not even know what gluten is let alone give a crap. I refuse to cook for her anymore and my husband is aware of this. I plan on sticking to that as well. I have no desire to try and figure out what she can eat this week as opposed to last week. She could not eat eggs a few months ago but we took her out for Thanksgiving, she got a salad that had eggs on it and somehow they disappeared, must have been an egg fairy. One of the times I attempted to make a nice family meal for her and even a nice dessert and went to much trouble, right down to getting rice flour and organic berries and making sure I knew what sweetner she could eat, she stated honey. So I made this nice berry organic, non GMO, gluten free sweetned with honey berry tart. She took one bite, asked me what it was sweetned with and when I said honey she spit it out. SERIOUSLY? We think all her food BS is simply for attention, even her Dr. whom I used to work for thinks as much. She has tried to play like she was on deaths door so many times it has gotten way old, apparently even before I came along. Cry me a river...

When my husband was 7 his Father passed away, now mind you his father had sense enough to divorce her and remarried, I assume her was much happier. After he died she joined a commune, my husband was 7. It was some religious commune, more like a cult if you ask me but his life was pretty much miserable. She even admitted to me she checked out as a Mother and was glad to have other women mother him. SERIOUSLY? so I have little respect for her anyway. I raised two kids alone and had to work, in the community she did not work, she apparently just worked on herself and played victim, another thing my husband says she has always done. Kinda makes ya wonder why he even bothers.

At our wedding, oh this gets good. My son was a groomsman and walked my maid of honor down the aisle, this was a small wedding so no one walked the moms..well except for her, she threw the whole things off confusing my son and making him walk her down the aisle to her seat. &quot;Oh I am sorry, I did not know this was your wedding!&quot; Anything for attention which my husband also states is her MO. Well that is fabulous! She walked around annoying everyone like she was something special or some sort of VIP and then had the gaul to complain about the food, there was nothing she could eat. &quot;oh I am sorry, I did not know this was your wedding!&quot;

Just a month ago she went on a cruise with my husbands ex wife..does anyone else find this disrespectful? She actually emailed me about it and wanted to make sure I was not mad. When I did not respond because I literally want zero contact with this woman ever she came by my work and brought it up in front of my co-workers and asked if i was upset. I said and I quote &quot;I don't care if you go on a cruise with Satan or baby Jesus, have fun!&quot; she obviously did not get the response she wanted and tucked her tail..AKA horns and left. From what my husband tells me his ex can't stand her so I assume when they spoke briefly one day and she mentioned her husband could not go on the cruise she invited herself and perhaps the ex is one of those people who can't say no. She even payed all the expences. She tends to invite herself often.

Recently her cat had to be put down, Boo Hoo and she wanted my husband to go with her. Mind you this cat was like 20, gross and she was tired of it but she needed moral support..whatever she wanted him to pay for it. I asked him not to as we have enough bills, more than her and her house if payed off. I knew that was the only reason she wanted him to go and it was, apparently she hinted around for him to pay for it but he did not. She is always talking about how much money she does not have but she manages to put in new windows and go out with GF and take trips that are not always payed for so BS.

When she comes over, she never knocks she just walks in like it is her house, my parents don't even do that. She gets her nose in our business and send us emails about marriage councling as we did did start after 5 months namely because he drinks to much and her. She is nosy and has told me to leave him when he drinks to much and when I told him and he asked her she denied it. Threw me under the bus so needless to say never again.

My husband refuses to go see her alone, thinks I need to go for his sanity, he admits he cant handle 15 min of it. But I am going to refuse to go and tell him to go alone. I can't stand her energy and end feeling like I need a good ole smudging after being around her.

Everything is a damn competition with my SIL. Our babies are 3 weeks apart and she thinks her daughter is so much better than my son. She get everything handed to her and doesn't have to work for anything. It's so irritating that everyone treats her like royalty. Her daughter isn't even cute

Everytime we visit my husbands parents its a nightmare. My MIL cooks all day and her food is lovely BUT she constantly moan and complain about it and it is so obvious she doesnt enjoy it. We dont ask her or need her to cook for us at all but she insists. we enjoy going out to eat and will invite them everytime. We earn a lot of money and will eventually buy them
a new house and car. Last year we visited with our 2 month old baby, I had to do the dishes after us having dinner as late as 10 pm every night (first of all I begged we have dinner a bit earlier as I needed to go to sleep) by midnight I would be done, (God forbid her son/ my husband were not aloud to help and should relax) and then I spent the night waking with my little baby to feed him while everyone else was sleeping and then SHE was in a bad mood in the morning because she didnt sleep well. Give me a break! Same thing this year. My husbands dad is such a trooper, he has to stand up with her constant nagging and bossing around. Eat this, dont eat that, do this, dont do that. This time around our baby is 14 months and obviously talks a lot and cries sometimes. She wants him to be quiet all day and shout at him and keep saying kids should be quiet and we are not their slaves so our baby need to fit around her schedule. Our baby is afraid of her and doesnt even go near here, he loves his grand father and hugs him
all the time. She treats her husband and me so bad but her son (my husband) and daugther like royal. She also treats her daugthers boyfriend like me. We are not worth anything. She is constantly mad, either its the weather or the lamp in the neigbours apartment that annoys here or you didnt eat the steak despite explaining you dont eat meat. The weirdest stuff and the worse is that my husband always puts her first before me. I refuse letting her babysit my baby alone as she doesnt have the patients for more than 2 hours and Im afraid she might harm him (she beat her children when they were small). The worse is she will give the silent treatment for days following arguments, ruining everyones holidays so everybody's tipping on toes around her. For me its a waste of my LIFE to spend any time with them and we have so little holidays already. I honestly dont know what to do, my husband has a lot of her bad behaviours like beeing moody, giving silent treatment and I dont want my baby to ever have to experience that. Im considering divorce but just want the best for my baby. Staying with him (I will suffer) leaving him and I dont know what happens with my baby when Im not around. My baby is the sweetest most innocente boy, he is very sensitive but really like an angel. I cant stand the fact of anyone ever being bad to him. Any advice?

WHY do some mother in laws want to be so mean? Just don't understand the drama issues.

I had a mother n law from hell for 31 years. I bit my tongue for years, and tried to protect my daughter from her. My daughter never saw her passive aggressive behavior and spiteful ways, because she was good at hiding it. Her son thinks she has done nothing wrong, and I am looking like the crazy one. My advice to the young girls is to get out of the marriage as soon as possible. It will not change and, you will look like the crazy one in the end. regret staying, Ellen

I live with my MiL and I cant stand it! She keeps giving me unwanted advice about what to feed my baby. She gets mad when I tell her I don't feel comfortable giving a 4 month old oranges. And she keeps walking through my room even though I closed my bedroom door. There is absolutely no privacy for me.

These stories really point out how many of us have MILs that have narcissistic personality disorder. My MIL refuses to attend graduations and birthdays of her grandchildren because she won't be the center of attention. She wants my husband to come live with her and complains that she let him go to college. She refuses to eat any food that I cook and will go into her room and eat candy instead. She has complete meltdowns when she comes to visit and demands to go home early. The best news is that after 25 years of marriage I no longer care what she thinks and I refuse to let her visit when I am home. When my husband says that her last visit &quot;wasn't that bad&quot; I pull up the email he sent me with all the details of her ridiculous hateful behavior. I used to think that she behaved like a two year old but after having raised two boys who never acted like the spoiled brat that she morphs into, I have zero tolerance for her ridiculousness. I am now older than she was when I married her son, so I no longer accept the argument that she is old. She actually tells my husband that we need to go to church when she is the most un-Christian like bitch imaginable who has no respect for our marriage. If I treated people the way she does I would not expect to have anyone in my life, so why should I cater to her? Stay calm, say no and stick up for yourself.

Well I don't really know where to begin.. I'd be here all day explaining the ins and outs of my relationship with my mother in law to be but basically the easiest way to explain is she is a narcissist. If you don't know what this is google it.. She ticks every single box. I have been with my partner for 6 years. We have a two year old daughter. My MIL has always been difficult as she has never been happy that my partner met me and has always tried to compete. She constantly puts me down in front of my partner but in very subtle ways.
Since he was very young she has always been very inappropriate with her son and has always put a lot of guilt on him. He used to have the weight of this all on his shoulders until he became a dad himself and realised he couldn't put up with that and being a father.
Anyway that is a story for another day!
The main issue is she always has to make everything about her and steal the limelight at every turn. The latest one is we are due to get married next June. We have been engaged for 3 years and our wedding has been booked for two years. So now it's on the countdown and our families should be getting involved and excited in our wedding plans.
Now you may be thinking how could she make her sons wedding plans all about her? Well to give you a bit of background about her.. She has been married 3 times. She has never got married for the right reasons. She has now been with her bf for the last 10 years and he has said continuously he doesn't want to get married. We have been there when she has cried to him asking for a ring and why won't he get married. He has been married once before and has been put off the whole idea. Anyway last Christmas guess what she got engaged.
Okay so that may not seem too bad so far.. I knew right away she would have to get married before us so yup she booked it for this August, 10 months before ours. Still not seem too bad? Myself and her had a conversation about what dresses I like. I also told her I liked pale green for the colour scheme.
So... My partner was visiting her the other night and asked her to send a pic of her dress to make sure I don't get the same one.. Her words were 'oh she will get a similar one because she told me that's what she likes'. Now that to me is really out of order. She can get what dress she likes and maybe she liked that style but for me to tell her what I wanted in my dress and her still to go and get a dress she thinks her future daughter in law will wear in her sons first and only wedding 10 months after her is shocking.
Also guess what her colour scheme is? Yip pale green. She has asked our daughter to be a flower girl (Which we are really gutted about because we had always assumed our daughters first time as a flower girl and walking down the aisle would be our wedding but I know that's our own personal problem) and she had also asked her other young granddaughter from my partners sister to be flower girl. She has bought her other granddaughter the younger version of the bridesmaid dress which was £200 but she has told us we will have to buy our daughter the flower girl dress and if we can't spend the £200 we have to buy any dress from a high street shop but in her colour scheme. My partner is furious because she has spent £200 on her other grandchild and won't spend a penny on our daughter. He doesn't want her to be a flower girl now as he feels she isn't being treated fairly.
So to sum up she is managing to ruin all our ideas for our wedding day and it is turning into a nightmare! Help please!

Hi there. I don't even know where to begin. I guess at the beginning? I've been with my husband for over 10 years and we have two children together. My in-laws took an instant dislike to me, even before they met me. We've done various stages of cut-off with them over the years, which have always been successful in getting them to behave better. We used to live much further away from them, so back then it was easy to just not pick up the phone...

We made the sorry mistake of moving in temporarily with them when we moved to their country (yes, you read that right). Things had been somewhat on the improve when we made this plan....and so was the economy here. We seemed to arrive as the economy tanked (we had been planning this for 2 years, sold our house and gave away/threw out/sold 99% of our possessions before we moved). What we also did not realize is that my BIL would be living here. We (incorrectly) assumed that since he's away at college, he know....stay there (until the xmas break). We didn't realize that because BIL needs his butt wiped every other weekend by his mummy and daddy, it would mean we would then be 7 people living under one roof.

Seven people under one roof might not be so bad if 2 of those people weren't ignorant. My BIL and his daddy are good ol' boy drinking buddies who feel BIL should never be spoken to for his rude behaviors (I guess I missed the memo that BIL's poo doesn't stink, that he's god's gift to the world and that he should be encouraged and clapped on the back for his cruel and rude behaviors).

Well, you can see the writing on the wall here. I finally had enough of BIL's ignorant behavior, and I finally snapped and told him I didn't appreciate it, didn't want to hear his mouth, etc. Well, daddy dearest came to baby boo-boo's rescue and said that he's taking a side, and that &quot;OBVIOUSLY&quot; (his stressed word, which he used twice for emphasis) he's going to take BIL's side (without even knowing any of the facts leading up to this because, and I know this sounds strange, but I don't go running and whining to my MIL and FIL every time BIL steps out of line (mainly because I'd be running to them constantly lol...and also because I believe 2 people can sort out their own differences - and also because I knew my side would never be respected anyway.)

Well, you can imagine it's made things incredibly tense here in this house. Hubby is still desperately looking for work an hour away from this one-horse town, but as I mentioned the economy has tanked and unemployment is high, so he's competing with lots of other people out there looking for work.

Now we're stuck in a very uncomfortable position, and I've finally lost my ability to suffer in silence, so we're all at a bit of an impasse. I've tried just hiding in my room and not speaking to anyone, but they come bother me in here wanting to hash it out again, and frankly I just want everyone to leave me alone and just let us try to move on in peace (if the darned phone would hurry up and ring with a job offer).

My husband is a very gentle soul. He has spoken in my defense, but his opinion is never respected around here...little baby boo-boo is the only one who gets anyone to listen to him, and naturally they're too busy wiping his butt and clapping him on the back to realize they've created a monster who, at 30 years old, should by now be a decent human being who is capable of treating people decently. BIL's been cheered on by his heavy-drinking father (FIL) because he's also a fan of his drink, he's a womanizer, and an athletic guy (everything that my husband is NOT).

I'm at my wits end, nearly ready to find some kind of crisis center so the kids and I don't have to deal with the crud that goes on in this house...but that would really hurt my husband, and so I've held off on that option. We're exploring every option for housing (even house sitting), but nothing has yet panned out (at least, nothing we can afford without a job). My husband does have unemployment money coming in (this country actually takes care of its unemployed folk to some degree), but it is not enough to pay for an apartment. There is housing and rent assistance, but the gears grind slowly on that front, and we're likely to be another several weeks waiting for that to work out (but yes, we are applying for it, especially now that tensions have risen so high).

I'm just - lost. I'm in a strange country living under the roof of people who never really liked me in the first place, and tensions are very high in our home. I'm having some trouble adapting 100% to the climate and social differences as it is, without their crud adding on to it. Hindsight being 20/20, we would have made other choices in our move if we had known the BIL was going to be here so much...but, here we are.

Just needed a safe place to vent. Clearly, it's not safe to vent here in this house (except to my poor, long-suffering husband, whose heart is breaking over all of this)

My mother in law is a real piece of work. Never respecting boundaries, coming to the back door and looking through the window before knocking. Looking through closets, chest of drawers, stealing pictures out of my photo albums when we were not home. Of course your are asking why did you give her a key? She aggravated my husband and assured him it was only for emergencies. She respected no ones privacy. I hate her. Why did I have to end up with the craziest mother in law on the planet?

I been with my husband for 3 years married, my mother in-law lives in hawaii and comes to visit in illinois were me and my husband live. when she comes to visit she stays in her own apartment building in which she owns. but now she wants to stay in my house when she comes to visit ..... which is for 3 weeks to 6 months. i already dont get along with her and i don\\\'t want her to stay in my house. im fighting with my husband bc my husband doesnt see a problem with his mother staying with us when she comes to visit. its my house and i don\\\'t feel comfortable with her staying in my house for weeks . i already dont get along with her and im extremly stressed out , im crying every night please help me... my husband says he will divorce me if i dont let his mother stay with us when she visits, i dont want her in same house as me as she is controlling, and makes me cry, . please help me what do i do?

I have been married for 17 years to a really sweet guy. I never thought that my MIL liked me from the start. I still think she doesn't. We had a very large wedding! We received ton's of gifts. My mother in law expected me to let her have first dibbs on our gifts but when I didn't she literally tried to fist fight with me. I stood my ground and returned the duplicate gifts for the money because at the time, my hubby and I just moved into a new apartment and didn't have anything in it. We bought groceries with the money. Later, my MIL would always call me materialistic because I always worked overtime to get the things I wanted to fix up our home. She didn't like that and thought that her son should be providing for her. Fast Forward, 17 years later this chick is still trying to undermine every thing that happens in our home. She took our house key and made a copy of it without asking. when I found out, I spoke to my husband and told him that I was not comfortable with her having a key to the house. He brushed it off and she tried to say she needed it for emergencies. She doesn't even live in the same city! If I had an emergency, she wouldn't make it in time because she lives 4 hours away. My husband got picked up for traffic tickets last year on the way to her house and was put in jail because he had a warrant that he wasn't aware of. She called me about it but instead of letting me know where he was, she says we really don't need you to come down here, I just need your credit card number to get money to bail him out! Really??! Use your money to bail him out if you don't need me! She came down here this past weekend and of course the key issue came up. My husband left her a key to get in the house and she politely left to go home with our key. I told him that he needs to call her and have her send out key back. I know that she did that to go and make copies of the key. At this point, I know that she is going to make herself a copy of the key. She better know that when she tried to come into our house without letting us know, that I already called the locksmith to change the cylinders out. Done with dealing with his woman. I love my husband. She is working hard behind the scenes to break this marriage up. I am so tired of the passive aggressiveness and the way she shuts me out from activities when she comes down here. Not happy at all.

My husband is an only child raised primarily by his grandmother and mother. He never had a relationship with his father. I realized I was not first choice for her son. I was a single mother of 3 at the time we met, and he pursued me for over 2 years.
Page forward, we have been together 10 years and have been married for almost 2. This is a 2nd marriage for both of us, as he was married for 3 years (no children) and I was married for 13 years (3 children). I have single handedly raised wonderful children who have turned into amazingly accomplished adults.
This woman has said the rudest things to me, and I have chosen to ignore her most of the time. She NEVER insults me around my husband. He can't even stand to be around her. She lost her home and we moved her into our first home along with her two roommates. They pay half of what a rental in our area would cost and EVERYTHING is out of pocket for us. She is constantly trying to use the fact of me NOT wanting to be around her and me being mean to her. She cries to my husband about how EVERYONE hates her and she has no one....all lies. She has more friends than I have had in my entire life.
I grew up in foster care and I simply do not want to be around ANYONE who treats me like crap. Life is to short to be around abusive people. She has Munchausens and is constantly injuring herself or lobbying her different doctors for invasive surgeries. She is very manipulative and wants all the attention on her, which is fine with me.....if it weren't for the fact that she uses this to make my very kind and wonderful husband miserable with perceived guilt. I hate to see him unhappy. For this reason, I have NOT once said a mean thing to her, I just ignore her which drives her up the wall apparently.
I feel our lives would be so much better without all her made up drama. I feel if she wanted a relationship with me then she can pick up the phone and make the effort. She is just not my cup of tea and I could care less about a relationship with her. She uses me and my children as an excuse to whine to my husband. Which REALLY upsets me. She lives 4 blocks from our home in a very small town, and it's all I can do to muster up enough mental energy to deal with her during the holidays.
I realize my MIL issues might seem trivial compared to most. I have no family other than my children and husband, you can count my friends on one hand. I like peace and quiet and my ideal day is to spend a day working in my garden. I have little use for people that demand constant attention....I never babied my children and I am not about to begin babying a 67 year old woman....sigh. :/

I met my bf 2 years ago. We were set up on a blind date. I was 38, he was 47. After a short time, we fell in love and I moved in with him. At the time, his brother and SIL lived with him, but moved out a couple months later to their own apartment. We were alone for 6 months when his mother came back to live with him (when I met him, she was living with her daughter 3 hours north of us). I didn't fully understand their family situation at first, but his mother has (for the most part) always lived with my bf or her daughter. They are definitely a family that is very much involved in each others' business. Before she moved back in with him (and me), she came to visit to meet me. I was making dinner for everyone, and MIL comments &quot;Well aren't you a little Suzy homemaker&quot;. I smiled and just commented back how much I enjoy cooking for others. I didn't know her at all, so I didn't know to pick up on the condescending tone that was obviously there. Shortly after she moved in, comments started. I'll list them so it's easier to read:

1. She and I would go to the laundromat together, and she would tell me how SHE did his laundry...not drying his pajama bottoms because they'll shrink, adding the laundry soap after the water has begun running into the front loader to prevent discoloration on the clothes etc.
2. She will not let me wash dishes at night after dinner. I tried and she would say &quot;it'll give me something to do tomorrow.&quot; I explained that I don't mind and I like to take part, too. I was by the sink getting ready to do them, when she annoyingly sighed after this exchange and then bf said to me &quot;Let mom do them&quot;. I left the room crying and very frustrated.
3. We leave the house very early - before 6am. He sometimes forgets to bring things with him (like we all do)...a snack, beverage, whatever so she told me that it would be helpful if I reminded him because he forgets things. She also told me that it would probably be best to make our lunches the night before so that I'm not running late in the morning.
4. One hot summer day, he and I got home and she didn't have any windows open. We didn't have an A/C at the time. She commented that there wasn't a breeze anyway. I opened a window anyway, and sure enough there was enough of a breeze to help the hot staleness. She didn't talk to me for several days after that. When we did get an A/C, we had it on one night and I woke up and it was freezing so I turned it off. She commented the next morning to bf about how hot she got because I turned it off. This past summer, we got home and it was 80 in the house and she didn't have the A/C on, so I turned it on and she got annoyed. In the colder days, it's also a battle to use the heater. We live in a small house and have a propane wall unit that doesn't have a thermostat so we have to turn it on when it gets chilly. She never wants it on and it will be low 60's in the house! Soooo....she wants it warm in the summer and cold in the winter?? I feel like it's more a matter of control than it is the temperature.
5. Our dog is sick right now with mammary cancer. Her tumor is bleeding as we try to aggressively treat it naturally so we have to keep it covered. She will chew the bandage off if given the opportunity so we bought the cone to use on her. I can tell that MIL doesn't want to use it on the dog because every time we would talk about it before I bought it, she wouldn't say a word. Granted, I hate them too, but this is an extreme situation and I keep saying that we can't be held hostage in the house because the dog can't be left alone. So, we have the cone and bf and I have put it on her a couple times to get her used to it. Last night, we had the dog in our room with the cone on and I had to go into the living room for something and I told MIL &quot;Lady's doing well with the cone on. She's relaxing and even eating some treats.&quot; I was trying to reassure her. She said nothing to me. When I was walking away she makes a noise &quot;Hmmmm.&quot; That's it.
6. MIL wants to do everything. Take care of the house, go grocery shopping. I can't even look in a cupboard for something without her asking &quot;What are you looking for?&quot; Because she wants to tell me where it is. When I answer, she'll get up to come get it and I'll say &quot;That's not necessary, I can get it.&quot; I feel like she's more controlling than truly wanting to help. We bought a new vacuum cleaner and she comments to bf and me at dinner &quot;Now it'll be easier for Colleen to clean your bedroom with the new vacuum.&quot; As if that's the only room I need to be concerned about because she'll take care of the rest.

She's also a very moody person. We'll get home some nights and she's just miserable. I'm a much more optimistic, positive person and her energy drags me right down and I immediately get bummed out and feel kinda crappy. I have talked to bf about it, but there's not a whole lot that can be done. I've researched a ton online, and I'm trying to make comments and stand up for myself when a situation arrives. It's not easy for me because I dislike confrontation and will often put my own needs aside to maintain peace, but I'm trying to change that.

I feel like MIL lived in the house before I ever did, so it's &quot;her&quot; house and will never be mine. We are going to buy a new house in about 3-4 years, but I'm already stressing about having to stand up to her about how I want things done / decorated. I'm not sure I'll ever truly be the woman of the house. She buys a lot of things for the house and makes comments making me believe that she does so, so she can dictate how they are used. She bought a grill, and bought a pan to go on the grill for foods that might slip through the grate (or so I thought). I was grilling hamburgers and didn't want to use the pan. She commented &quot;That's what we bought it for. We shouldn't have bought it if you weren't going to use it.&quot; I like to have food directly on the grill dammit! I can understand using the pan for hotdogs etc. Then she also made comments about how dirty the grill is getting...insinuating that by not using the pan I'm letting drippings get all over the inside. Isn't that what's supposed to happen with a grill??

Okay, I'll stop for now. Breathe.....

MIL bought me a scale for, yeah.

My mother in law is just plain rude! She finds it necessary to tell me how beautiful and how much of a great cook my brother in law's girlfriend is. Never once in 27 years has she said anything nice about me. I try and I try to ignore her, but lawd that woman gets under my skin. One year she was sending a birthday card to my my son, 2 weeks after his birthday. When I told her his birthday was 2 weeks ago, that fool had the nerve to ask me If I was sure! She asked me if I was sure about the date my son was born!!! SERIOUSLY!!!

I had no idea about passive aggressive personality disorders until I met my mil. Most of these off the wall mil's have personality disorders. The difference between personality disorders and mental illness is mental illness can be treated with medication. So in my opinion personality disorders are much worse. Check out personality disorders, and maybe you will get some answers.

So my husband and I got married young for our generation. I am from another country, another culture. My husband is white Italian, I am Indian from the Carribean. We dated a year and a half and he respected me enough knowing back then I was religious and wanted to wait for marriage. He waited until our wedding night. However, rewind to when we got engaged. His mother told him to live with me first and test the waters sexually to see if he likes it before commiting to me. She went as far as going to my church and talking to our NEW Pastor at the time. Lied at said at the age of 20 I was drinking and partying with my friend\\\'s. Which was a lie. I entered competitions for preaching and singing since age 12 to get scholarships to go to college. I could have gotten a full scholarship, just needed the Pastor to sign and recommend me...instead through her talking to him, he wouldn\\\'t do it and I basically lost my scholarships and all the hard work I put into it. She didn\\\'t care, all she cared about was breaking up her son and I.
We went through with our marriage at the age of 21 and he was 20. For his age, he was extremely mature and hard working, for our generation to find someone like that is a gift.
After we got married, I got pregnant 6 months later and was so sick I had to be hospitalized numerous times. We ended up having to move in with my in laws since I couldn\\\'t work and almost lost my life in the process. My mother in law said my pregnancy was to trap her son and said the baby was a huge mistake. The entire pregnancy while I was sick, she was encouraging her son to cheat. She said to him \\\'\\\'just because you are on a diet doesn\\\'t mean you can\\\'t sample what\\\'s on the menu\\\&quot;. Her way of saying just because you are married doesn\\\'t mean you can\\\'t cheat.
Fast forward 5years of marriage, 2 babies (their only grandbabies since my sister in law doesn\\\'t want kids). Five years of continuous strife with them, stalking, even at times his mother pushed me. Lies, false accusations. We ended up staying with them over the summer time until we found a bigger apt and they started teaching our 3year old to call my MIL \\\&quot;white grandma\\\&quot; and my mother \\\&quot;brown grandma\\\&quot; She and another family member told my child, at my own bday party, \\\&quot;mommy has a green face\\\&quot; \\\&quot;mommy doesn\\\'t love you\\\&quot; \\\'\\\'brown grand doesn\\\'t love you\\\&quot; \\\&quot;white grandma doesn\\\'t want baby brother because he is brown like mommy\\\&quot;...amongst other very nasty things. I got into a huge arguement with them and we ended up moving out to stay at my moms, they believe that the last 6 weeks that my husband and I are getting a divorce. They have even bribed him with money, bought stuff for his \\\'\\\'apt\\\'\\\', written numerous letters and texts as to why I shouldn\\\'t have my children and why THEY should have custody and I should not have my children in my life. His mother even made a police report with false information about me. They are encouraging my husband to \\\'\\\'live it up\\\'\\\' with a girl from his culture.
At this point, I am fed up with them and I could care less if they even see us ever again. They will be in for a rude awakening when they find out we are still happily married. My husband and I are best friends and we adore our children! They are happy healthy kids who mean the world!

My husbands mother is profoundly lonely and profoundly unhappy woman, that was her official diagnosis from the doctors. When I met her, it was apparent that my husband already had a wife in his mother, as she was unhappy with her husband she substituted her son and they lived an emotionally incestuous relationship as husband and wife for many years. Well there is good reason that she is profoundly lonely, and I get that that stems from her profound unhappiness.

So WW3 broke out when I stole her son from her and her life since the day that we got together has been nothing but attempt after attempt to break up our marriage and win her son back. We argue about her constantly and the emotionally incestuous marriage between her and my husband has been rekindled since her husband died. Not as strong as it once was but now marred with this &quot;could be her last day&quot; bit, which we have been going through since 2008.

Right now she is in the final stages of her life, I have no idea how much time she has left but about every few months she goes into the hospital for organ failure, so I think the end could be near but then she amazes us with what she survives so who knows. My husband is dealing with this by pampering her. I know these times are self created, she stops taking her medicine at around a grandchild's birthday in order to steal the child's thunder by trying to make herself the center of attention, we get the call with the shaky quivering voice every time usually right on the grandchild's birthday, how can each time be this coincidental?

Each time she goes in, all I can do is pray that this is the last time, but low and behold each and every time the horrific old woman comes out as good as new, usually in about three days. The hardest part if I were to be honest is all the energy that we have to expend saving her when she pulls these stunts and we have to, if we don't we could be in trouble, so we do everything we can to help. Take her to the hospital, my husband is even her prescription delivery boy now just to show that we have done all we can to try and coerce her into taking her stupid medicine, he goes over each and every day to take care of this horrific creature and I can't say a darn thing about it, just bite my tongue and pray for peace from her. My prayers go unanswered each and every time. It is as if she is supernaturally protected by Satan himself.

The best way I can explain it is imagine having cancer, but having to keep the cancer going, the cancer must be protected and you must do everything you can if the cancer is about to go into remission to bring it back, so you take the cancer to the cancer emergency where the staff works hard to save the cancer and in three days the cancer is back as strong as ever and you get to suffer more. You really wish the cancer would go away as it is causing extreme pain but the laws protect the cancer, you have to instead prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you did all you could to keep it going, and pamper it too.

So my mother in law told my husband to put a protected order against his wife of eight years and he did it.....
So she also told him to kick his wife of eight years out her house and he did it.
luckily the protective order was dismiss with in two weeks because they lied.
all i have to say is karma will get them. I forgive them but will never ever forget.

I didn't realise this site was back, I've missed it so much...
Husband and I have been married for 13 years, we have a 3, nearly 4 year old son who is our complete world. We both work and we run 2 businesses. All in all, I think we do very well. For the most part we are happy, there's not enough time to repeat every single thing she's done/said, so I'll cherry pick....
1) Before I'd even met her she started dictating when I could wear my engagement ring-saying I couldn't wear it to my husband's 21st because people would feel awkward that they hadn't brought presents (this was after we had politely declined an engagement party to which she was going to invite just her family and friends, none of my family or any of our friends)
2) She point blank refused to allow us to sleep in the same room in her house until we were married-that's fine, it's her house, her rules....then she allowed brother in law and his girlfriend to sleep in the same room when they stayed over for a good 3 years before they got married
3) She screamed down the phone that my husband was selfish, cold hearted, spiteful and deceptive because she didn't like our wedding date (she also asked him what she done that was so bad that he would want to hurt her like this)
4) When we told her that we wouldn't be raising our son Catholic she burst into tears and started telling us we were making her &quot;desperately sad...desperately sad&quot;
5) When I was pregnant I was very poorly, I was in hospital 3 times and got signed off work at 28 weeks. The only reason I wasn't hospitalised was because I promised I would stay in bed for the rest of the pregnancy...she turns up the day after I'm told all this and tells me we're going cot shopping, when I say I can't she tells me she's going to ring the doctor and tell him not to mess with my mother in law (her exact words &quot;don't mess with your mother in law, you wouldn't mess with her so he shouldn't dare&quot;). When husband intervened she told him &quot;millions of women have babies everyday, this is no different...if I hadn't done it successfully twice you and your brother wouldn't be here&quot;...this is also after we've lost 4 babies.
6) After my son's christening I had to apologise to 6 people for the way she spoke to them
7) Her husband left her when my husband was 13, I'm not defending that, but my husband's 34 and she will still hold the fact that he left over both her sons...the second either of them do something she doesn't like she'll go off about how she raised them by herself and it wasn't her who left them so why are they hurting her like this? He's been married to his mistress longer than he was married to her (he's an <i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i> by the way, an awful father, but for god's sake she's such a martyr to it. I'm sure there are single Mums reading this that have had to raise their children from babies with absolutely no help/money from the sperm donor...he paid every month, the house he left her in is worth over a million quid and her parents are multi millionaires, she was never going to starve and she never had to go without by her own admission)
8) She feels it is her right to say whatever she likes about anything, which is true, but the same goes for the rest of us...if she upsets us then it's her right to have an opinion, if we upset her then we are hurtful and selfish
9)Her friends have started disowning her, her best friend sent her email stating she didn't want anything more to do with her as my mother in law had been so judgemental and nasty about her lifestyle choice that it became to much (her best friend has a younger partner, I think it's something like 20 years difference...however she's about 60 and he's around 40ish, it's not like he's barely legal)...her ex best friend's son is taking holy orders and for some reason my mother in law got invited to some kind of celebration that was being held when he'd finished his studying (this was after the email from her ex best friend), he's now an Anglican priest I think...she kept saying &quot;well, I have to go don't I? I HAVE TO&quot;...everyone (even her mother) kept telling her she didn't have to go, she could just ignore the whole thing...she then announces &quot;I'm going, and yes I will be wearing my crucifix and yes I will be telling people I'm a CATHOLIC&quot; suggestion that she not bring it up as the day wasn't about her and it might look like she's trying to cause drama fell on very stoney ground
10) I'm going to court near the end of the year as I reported a family member for historic abuse, apparently my being abused and raped from the age of 3 is exactly the same as her husband having an affair and leaving her, exactly the same....

I could go on, but I obviously don't want to bore you haha x Thank you for reading xx

My MIL situation has been going on for 23 years.
She has made up lies about me and told the whole family these awful lies for 20 years. She has told things like 2 of my 3 kids aren't my husbands kids. She says we had paternity tests done. She has told my both SIL that I have done all these horrible things to her. She wants nothing to do with my kids. My hubby only communicates with her if he calls her. She won't even call his cell.
I have written her off completely. She is not welcome in my home and I apologize to my hubby frequently but he always reminds me it is her not me.

My now husband and I moved into our newly built home 2 months before we got married and went on our honeymoon. Thanks to some awesome friends, we were able to have everything unpacked and put into place. I had the week off before our honeymoon and cleaned the entire house before leaving. We gave my MIL the code to the house in case of any emergencies....she ended up going into our home and re-cleaning it and also did my laundry. I only had the sexy lingerie I wore that week in the basket to be hand washed when I got home. I felt violated by her intrusion into my home and touching my personal belongings. I've seen her snoop through my cupboards and drawers when she doesn't know I can see her:(. We've tried to talk to her about it....she acts like a victim.

I have been married almost 30 years. My mother-in-law was hurtful from day one, making rude comments out of the earshot of other family members about the size of my butt (telling my toddler daughter in a diaper &quot;You have a fat hiney just like your mommy&quot;, the way I decorated my house, the way I raised our children, calling my parents &quot;cheap&quot;, you name it, think of &quot;Everybody Loves Raymond&quot; on steroids. I don't know how her husband tolerated her behavior because she was always so mean and condescending to him, I actually felt sorry for him. He was a sweet man, he adored his grandchildren, and they adored him. With them he was able to get and give all the love and affection that was missing in his marriage. I silently tolerated her behavior because I needed and trusted her to watch our kids when they were young because we both had to work. She overstepped many boundaries, ipurposely feeding my kids candy when I explicitly forbade it, cutting my son's hair before his first birthday knowing my families' tradition of getting their 1st haircut on their first birthday. I swallowed my pride to keep the peace. I knew she was really a weak woman underneath that bitch exterior. She married right out of HS, still lived with her parents and never spent a night alone even though she was over 70 years old! She was so afraid to fly that when one of her son's was in a life and death situation she stayed home, I lost so much respect for her but never threw it in her face, I knew I was so much stronger than her despite her false bravado and I did not need to stoop to her level to feel superior. She was racist bigot, calling mixed race children &quot;calico kids,&quot; telling me if we ever adopted children she could never love them as much as her&quot;own&quot; grandchildren, and threatened if we ever divorced I better never think of remarrying and bringing a man that was not my daughter's father into my home and that she would see her son would get full custody no matter what. Of course none of those rules applied when her other granddaughters were in that situation. But the kids are grown now and barely tolerate their grandmother because they see her for what she is (while still loving their favorite Pop Pop). Last year she said lashed out on a family member and I called her a TROUBLEMAKER. You would have thought I killed her dog, she not only cut off all contact with me, her son (my husband), and our children, but she forced her husband to do the same. That poor man would do anything to please her he agreed. She forced my adult son to &quot;pick a side&quot; and although he loved her he gave her the finger and walked out of her life forever while his Pop sat by silently. Although they are my husband's parents and we had a great relationship, or so I thought, he does not want anything to do with them either even though I begged him to resolve the dispute before they die (I am sure they thought he would leave me over this). They told my son their other son (the one she did not visit when no one knew if he would life or die) was only 8 hours away if she needed anyone. So now I am &quot;off the hook&quot; so to speak, I don't have to worry about taking them to doctor's appointments in their old age, shoveling their sidewalk, visiting them in a nursing home when the time comes. Still it saddens me that when one of them dies they have alienated a family that would have gone to the ends of the earth for either of them (even thought she didn't deserve it) and were right in the next town. But they are not my parents, they are not my problem, and now they are not my husband's problem either. All that over the word TROUBLEMAKER, absolutely ridiculous. She had proven that for sure. The sad thing is I know so many parents who lost their adult children to cancer and would do anything to have them in their life, and here BOTH OF THEM have chosen to cut off contact for an utterly ridiculous reason. My Go have mercy on their souls.

I've been with my husband almost 11 years, married for 5 of those years. He had a 3 month old daughter when we met, and I've raised her every since. We have a 6 year old together..... The ex only sees her child when it's convenient for her. She's awful.

When we first told my MIL that I was pregnant, she called my husband's ex and said &quot;Don't worry, I'll make sure this new baby doesn't take any attention away from your child.&quot; Yep! Not even kidding. And to this day, my MIL always talks to my husbands ex and tells everyone that the exs children (the 2 that aren't his) are her grandchildren.

And when my son was born, she TRIED to take control and tell me how to be a mom... At family functions she would try and take my baby from my arms without asking. And she always had to be the center of attention when it came to my children. She even tried taking the spot light at my wedding!

I have a million stories to tell... but those are the ones that stuck out to me the most.

Hi new to this and looking for some advice as really on last straw!
Just got married 2 weeks ago and been with my husband 4 years! We have 2 lovely kids and very happy but his mother I can't stand!
She has always been very rude to me and always making comments about myself and my family! She is also very money oriented and that's all she talk about!
She was rude to me on my wedding about my dress and rude to my family!
My husband doesn't say anything and just says that's his mother!
I've bitten my tongue for the sake of him and the kids but don't know how much longer for x
Any advice please x

When my daughter was 1, on the heels of a 2 months journey thru the NICU, several surgeries and then a good span of time for us to get on stable footing of &quot;normal&quot; life with a baby, I suddenly felt enormous fatigue. Had to nap during the day, general low energy. My husband's sister and boyfriend were in town for the holidays. While I was upstairs resting, DH told me that she was updating the family that I'm not adjusting to motherhood well, that it's a bit too much for me to handle (not cut out for it etc...) Little did everyone (save my husband) know, I was pregnant with #2.
Any opportunity to cast judgement and broadcast my not measuring up, she'll be on it like a mosquito to dung.

When number 2 was born she would try to grab (snatch!) her out of my hold without asking or any kind of interaction with me. I knew what to expect however, bc she did this with #1 so I had my responses all premeditated. I also had to be firm when she wouldn't give her back to me (crying in her arms and 20 mins past her bed time). &quot;MIL. Give. Me. The baby....&quot;
The thing I've learned from so many years of being on the receiving end of pettiness, is that in time, you know what to expect, the behavior is also perceivable to others, and it ceases to bother me too much. So long as I remain honest and kind, she looks conspicuously petty. And on quiet days from a healthy distance away, I'm deeply sad for her.

Well my story is a nightmare that ends sadly. I met my future husband back in 2000, I wasn't looking for anyone was just in a chat room in yahoo and he happened to DM me. We chatted for a while and he ended up calling me. I lived in Indiana and he lived here in Kentucky. After a month we decided to meet in person. Long story short I ended up pregnant and decided to move to Kentucky to be with him. Even longer story short after a couple of months and me nudging him (which was a mistake) he finally let me meet his mother, reluctantly. We went to her house and as soon as we got in I had to use the restroom (pregnant woman lol) and he stayed in the living room and talked to his mother. I caught the butt end of the conversation as i was leaving the restroom and the 2 things I heard come from her mouth was ''Is it yours?&quot; I thought .. omg no she didn't this woman hadn't even talked to me yet!.. second thing was ''First thing you need to do is get her into church''.. I mean really?!.. I came in to where they were sitting and I swear this woman drilled me like a drill Sargent, asking me everything under the sun! we didn't stay long.. 30 minutes tops.. after we got out into the car, I didn't mention what i had heard, he didn't give me a chance to say anything.. he said ''Do you see why I didn't want to come here?, Do you see why I didn't want to tell her''. I was quiet for the rest of the 30 min drive home. And it's pretty much been a nightmare after that. Now let me give you a little bit of a insight to how i am. Im not a perfect goodie too-shoes kind of girl. First of all I come from a family of 8 kids, im number 6. Im the type of person that is very quiet, sort of shy until i get to know you.. then im loud mouthed and I do have a vocab that would probably make satan blush.. just saying. Im hard headed and I can be basically difficult sometimes, but let me just say this.. I havent been around my husbands mother enough to piss her off or what have you.. but she sure the hell had it in for me.. let me explain. See while my husband was alive, for at least 12 years of our marriage, he wasn't what you would call ''faithful''. And my gut would always let me know when something was up.. my gut was NEVER wrong. This ofcourse led to arguments and fighting.. cause i wasn't bout to put up with that bs.. so anyway everytime I would catch him doing something he shouldn't, he would run and tell his mother, right after i caught him (he'd call her or what have you) telling a whole heap of fairy tails that I was basically mean and hateful to him ect ect ect.. you get the picture. Now don't get me wrong we had good times too.. basically this woman, because he was her only son took his side..never asked me what was going on, never said anything to me..oh but she sure did put him up to some evil <i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i> to do to me. Like his first marriage, she found his lawyer for him..told him everything he needed to do to be underhanded to me. Got together with his ex wife, (who she invited to my husband's memorial after I emailed the b*tch and told her not to show up) and basically concocted a story and called CPS and told them that I abused his adopted daughter and tried to get my kids taken away. They also got his adopted daughter..who was maybe 10 at the time to make up a story that i ''twisted her arm'' ok anyone that knows me would know if i was gonna hit a kid, they'd be bent over my knee..just saying...well CPS came to talk to me, but when you have a child that sits there and tells your other children while she's over your house ''my daddy said when im over here that i can do what i want and nobody is going to do anything about it'' CPS isn't exactly going to take you seriously, not to mention there was no foundation for it..they spoke to all my kids and they told cps exactly how his daughter was while over at our house. There were so many instances of his mother butting into our relationship over the past 14 years I cannot count them all. Oh and she liked to ''give advice'' to my kids, like what she said to all 4 of my children while we were at his nephews wedding. Telling them all about his nephews new wife, how her family were well to do and that if they grew up and decided to get married that they needed to marry ''someone with money''.. ok from that statement I knew exactly what this woman cared about.. and who in the hell tells little kids this crap?!.. well obviously she does. I made sure once we got to the car, to let our children know that you don't marry someone for their money, you marry them because you love them and want to make a life with them. I think there was a hidden message from her in there for me ..but anyway.. like i said i had to put up with alot of bs from this woman for years.. to shorten this story in the last couple years of my husbands life, we had split up for about almost 2 years. (long story, swear i could write a book!) but decided to get back together in 2012. He was a very different person after I had moved back home and did a total turn around and our marriage was so much better. Even though things had happened his mother, i guess you would say, tried to be ''nice'' like adding me on facebook and would relay messages to me to give to my husband when she couldn't get ahold of him. I basically tried to let bygones be bygones not only for my husband but too that his sister was dying from cancer and didn't want friction when we had family gatherings. We had a family gathering in January for Christmas since his sister was sick and in the hospital. I could tell from the rest of his family that i wasn't welcomed there, my husbands mother tried to play nice, but his niece was extremely cold to me, to the point I walked away while she was talking to my husband... wasn't a comfortable situation for me. But it was once a year so i made the best of it. Let me also mention that since my husband was confiding in his mother all our problems to make himself look good NONE of his family had anything to do with our children (we have 2 children together a girl and a boy) No cards or phone calls for their birthdays, never went to their plays at school.. NOTHING.. I kept asking my husband why they never called or anything on the kids' birthdays ect.. and his response was ''I dunno''.. they would have nothing to do with our children because of their one sided opinion of me based on lies he told them. (I wasn't allowed to have his mother's phone number btw) Which is sad for my kids.. my children know nothing of these people..not because of me keeping them from their grandparent ect, but because THEY hated me they had nothing to do with the kids. smdh. Anyway months later the unthinkable happened. My husband was a courier for a medical company and drove blood samples ect to be tested from Lexington ky to Cincinnati Ohio, he was almost to Cincinnati and started having really bad chest pains.. long story short he went to the hospital and they couldn't find anything. He ended up coming home. And even though he was having chest pains again, being a stubborn red head that he was, I couldn't convince him to go back to the hospital that night. He died at 1:18 am. Was the absolute worst night of my life. As I said before i tried to let bygones be bygones and even though his adopted daughter and I didn't get along she was the first person I called to let her know that her father was at the hospital, second person was his mother. I got very little time alone with my husband after he died because someone was constantly interrupting it with papers to sign.. wanting me to donate his organs ect. but his daughter got time alone with him, because I asked her if she wanted it and we all left the room and let her say her goodbyes. his mother showed up later. anyway next day and a few days after that his mother played her ''nice'' role..basically pulling out her check book to pay for my husbands cremation..which she got paid back in full after I got his bank account and things in order. she did the same thing at for our wedding, basically taking over everything.. but that's another story. she called me on the phone every other day and we would discuss things that would happened and my husbands sister who was in the hospital very sick. (she ended up dying 12 days after my husband) ect ect. I thought things were good.. oh she played a very convincing role to be sure. She called me one day about something and then just happened to throw into the conversation about my husbands ex wife wanting her and her family to go to the memorial. I basically tried to pled my case, to no avail. I ended up calling her later leaving a voicemail and emailing her to make sure she got the message and explain to her in a nice way that this woman had been married 4 times after she was married to my husband and everything she did to me and my children I wouldn't feel comfortable with her being there and that i was emailing his ex and let her know that she wasn't welcomed. his mother never called back so i called her again, and basically got the song and dance of ''you need to be forgiving'' and ''that was the past'' blah blah blah.. and not in a nice was either..she was basically giving me an ultimatum. and kept telling me ''oh you'll never even see her, she'll be in the back'' ect ect.. that was a bold faced lie.. his ex and my mother in law were standing outside talking at my sister in laws funeral. once they saw me come out they scattered like cockroaches.. I believe she told this woman to come to my husbands memorial anyway, cause the thing showed up.. and not only wasn't she ''out of sight'' but she pranced her sorry butt up to the front talking to my mother in law and stood there for at least 20 minutes to make sure i saw her, my mother in law also kept looking over at me... (mind you this woman never shed a tear at my husbands memorial..his own mother! smdh) and his ex sat in the middle of the church in eye sight of me.(oh and btw this chick, like i said has been married 4 times after she was married to my husband and still uses my husbands last name on facebook) the memorial thing, basic slap in the face.. oh and not only that my family couldn't make it to my husbands memorial because of the distance. His family spent the time after the memorial gathered around talking to my husbands ex.. exchanging phone numbers ect while the only time they spoke to me was to come up to me for 2 secs and tell me how sorry they was before the memorial. Noone from his immediate family had anything to do with me afterwards.. I was pretty upset and pissed and after everyone went downstairs of the church to eat i sat up in the sanctuary, I never spoke to anyone of them after that, never went downstairs and left early.. no goodbyes..nothing.. they didn't deserve it. I never spoke to them again. His sister and niece tried to talk to my children and get them to go to his adopted daughters baby shower.. wasn't going to happen. I changed my number and messaged them on fb and told them to leave me and my children alone. Best thing I ever did. When people act like this towards you and your children, best thing to do is to cut them off. My life is stress free not having to deal with them anymore. Don't get me wrong, my husband was a blessing in the last couple years of his life, and I wish with all my heart that our entire marriage was that way (it probably would have been if his mother stayed out of it!) and I wish everyday that he was still with us, but I thank God everyday that I am no longer related to those ignorant, self centered, stuck up people!

So my SIL... She gets gets everything handed to her on a silver platter. She's only had a handful of jobs and has gotten fired from all of them in just a short period of working there. I had the same job for 3 years and worked for everything I have. We both just had babies 3 weeks apart. Everyone is so accepting and supportive of her being a stay at home mom but everyone in her family puts me down for it, saying I have a family to support and I shouldn't be mooching off my boyfriend. They treat my son like the black sheep of the family and constantly praise her daughter and rub it in my face that she had a girl and I didn't. Well she's only 7 weeks post partum and had unprotected sex. She's freaking out about possibly getting pregnant again being so fertile and not being able to handle two babies. Honestly I'm so petty I hope she is pregnant

My mother in law never liked me! She hated that I wanted more out of life than living off the government like her. She also hates that I have a college degree. She was later to our wedding rehearsal try to make her son late as well and the day of the wedding she wouldn't say a word to me and refused to take pictures with me in them. During the ceremony she talked on her phone the whole time even during prayer. She didn't stay for the cake afterwards she just left but not before yelling at her son. Then our honeymoon was cut short because she threatened to call the law on him if he didn't bring his motorcycle back to her which I was unaware was still in her name. The even crapier part is it was on my Birthday so I got to spend my honeymoon/ birthday in his truck in his mom driveway taking a bike back all the while her yelling at him and me claiming I slammed a door in her face the day of the wedding which being the bride I had people around me all that day who could testify I didn't and she came nowhere near me that day. I wish I could say this was all a lie but sadly it is not. It felt good to get this out I had been keeping this in and pretending it didn't hurt me but it did! It was nice to get this out. There no such thing as a perfect wedding day.

One more confession. My MIL is close with my husband's ex-wife. MIL goes shopping with her and they talk on the phone and exchange christmas presents. I didn't care - I thought my husband should be the upset one. I noticed though that the last time we were over MIL still has their wedding picture out... OK... And come to find out she has been pushing my husband to reconcile with ex. Now I'm mad. She has never said these things in front of me but now I get why I'm never getting asked to/invited to do anything with her. I've never done anything but be nice to her - that's about to end!

My MIL situation has been going on for 23 years.
She has made up lies about me and told the whole family these awful lies for 20 years. She has told things like 2 of my 3 kids aren't my husbands kids. She says we had paternity tests done. She has told my both SIL that I have done all these horrible things to her. She wants nothing to do with my kids. My hubby only communicates with her if he calls her. She won't even call his cell.
I have written her off completely. She is not welcome in my home and I apologize to my hubby frequently but he always reminds me it is her not me.

Part of me wants to taunt the hell out of you IL's, and the other part doesn't want to tip my hand too far to you. I have to keep my thoughts to myself, but just know that for all of your own gloating, I am gloating 10 times as much, I assure you. You think you got the upper hand, but I promise you I ended up on top in exactly the way that I had forseen. This is rather cryptic, and I apologize, but there isn't anywhere safe that I can fully spout off about what I managed to accomplish to get back at a bunch of manipulative a$$#oles. OMG, it is a thing of beauty, though. Sometimes you just have to enjoy your own victories in silence, but my lord it feels amazing. After all these years, karma came a'knockin'...and I have been there to see it. God it good, karma is good, and revenge is a b!t@# (and so am I, apparently).

Dear IL's, like a puppy, I am SO enjoying each opportunity to take your noses and rub them right into your own <i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i>. For YEARS you thought you had the upper hand, pulling your little passive-aggressive bullshit and then when I got a little miffed you'd gab amongst yourselves and ensure that anything I did as a response to your BS made it into your narrative as more &quot;proof&quot; that I'm an awful person.

Well, you know what? You really had NO clue what I am really like. I never, ever, ever once showed you my deepest, darkest corners of myself where I keep my temper. You didn't even get a WIFF of it, guys. You got this fake, fluffed up version where I feigned &quot;offense&quot; in order to keep my husband on my side while I created a longer and longer list of your infractions. Do you suppose your son was intelligent enough to see all of this for himself? No, which is why I had to spell it out for him like a little kindergartner.

I got to the point where I had nothing to lose but to allow a certain situation to unfold, mainly because I knew it would draw you out to show your true colors...and, golly, you certainly complied. I took a measured risk, and it worked out because you ended up shooting yourselves right in the foot, while I came out smelling more or less like a rose...perhaps a slightly thorny rose, but a rose nonetheless.

I then caused our situation to change...which I KNEW would p!$$ you off more than anything else because it would be a huge hit to your ego. You were more than happy with the idea that I was isolated and &quot;miserable&quot;...when in fact I was perfectly happy and planning the next phase of our lives.

You always seem to forget who actually has the upper hand, here. You thought he'd stay blind to your BS and that you could take everything away from me/us. In reality, you only made things worse for yourselves while we prospered

What I find infinitely hilarious is that I am pretty darned sure that you have discovered who I am on another venting site. I've known that for quite some time. You've given yourselves away by reacting to things I've said that you could only have known by reading what I wrote on that site. tsk, tsk, tsk...gave yourselves right away.

1.) How pathetic that you would regularly check up on me on that site to see what slanderous things I might be spouting off about you. It certainly raises some questions as to your motivation for that, wouldn't you say? One has to assume it is because of your crippling insecurity and need to continue to build the narrative against me. The problem is, of course, that you are simply building a narrative with a circle of people that we literally have nothing to do with. They are completely out of our lives in every, why would we CARE what they think of us? (hint: we don't)

2.) I have had more glorious fun p!$$ing you off with the stuff I spout off. Half of it is true, and half of it is misinformation. I love throwing it all out there and letting you try to guess which is which. (I'll give you a hint: I have never actually been all that angry with anything you've done. I find it amusing. Sorry, but what was left of my good soul was blackened many long years ago by people far more important to me (at the time) than you could ever hope to be. There's nothing left inside to have any kind of feelings whatsoever about anything you do. It's fun to feign offense, but don't kid yourselves that you ever have upset me. I simply use my feigned upsetness to continue to show my husband what @$$holes you really are. Oh, and by the way, he already knows my dark side. I showed it to him very early on and he still chose to love me. He's under no illusion I've been sweet and innocent in all of this...however, he DOES see that YOU have crossed far more lines than *I* have over the years....much, much more.)

3.) I have derived immense pleasure in knowing that you literally have nothing better to do with yourselves than to try to read stuff I write about you online. This really is infinitely amusing to me.

I'm sorry to break this to you (actually, no, I'm not sorry), but my husband and I are very happy together. I realize this is both a source of extreme jealousy, as well as supreme chagrin for you to admit to yourselves. We live good lives. We are good people. We are amazing spouses to one another, and great parents. We work incredibly well together. We love to dream, laugh, since, and play regularly together.

Whatever my faults are, he loves me unconditionally - and I, him. We both have warts, but we ACCEPT each other for them. These are all attributes you will never, ever understand. You only understand manipulation and misery.

Oh, sure, my little posts on that website could be construed as manipulation. I got tired of your BS and decided that after a decade of dealing with it, that I long up to the name you have unjustly called me all these years (bitch, in case you forgot). I finally decided to give you an actual REASON to call me that. Yeah, it's a little petty. I can live with that, and so can my husband. We've discussed this, and he totally understands. See, he's done with your little games, too. He also finds it hilarious that you take what I write and then gossip amongst yourselves about it - as though any of that will affect our lives in any way whatsoever.

We moved far, far away from ya'll for many good reasons, and we plan to keep it this way.

So, you wanna call me a bitch now? Guess what? I'm totally cool with that. As my husband would say, in an adorable Irish accent, &quot;Well enjoy your stay in hell&quot;.

My mother in law was pure hell for 25 years. Our social life was her social life, because she had no friends. If we had company she would stop by uninvited. Making cutting remarks all outside of anyone else's earshot. Even cutting me with her remarks when I was going through Chemo. I hate her. The best day of my life was the day she went in a nursing home. She has been in there almost 5 years, and I am still unable to forgive her.

My SIL sold a TV at her yard sale to my sister. A few days later my MIL told my sister that SIL wasn't supposed to sell the TV. She told my sister she wanted it back. She took the TV and threw the money at my sister. That was upsetting. Even more upsetting is that my SIL didn't say anything. She let her mom take the TV back. I told my H that it was wrong of her to do that. My MIL then had my sister evicted from her apt. that she rents from my MIL. I'm so upset by that. There was no reason to do that. When she told my H the story she also added in that my family hates him. Which is definitely not true. I'm so upset by this. Now MIL has been calling me and I don't want to talk to her. I'm afraid I will say something really bad to her because I'm so emotional about it. I told my H that I won't call her back and I don't want to see her now or in the future.

We had been living with my MIL and FIL after we sold our house. I had had some problems with post partum depression about six months before and my in-laws allowed us to move in with them so that we could afford my therapy. About a month ago they flipped <i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i> and decided to kick me out, not my husband and not our one year old son, just me. They then convinced my husband to take me to the psychiatric hospital to have me booked. This was all out of the blue to me. The only thing I had done differently in the says leading up to their freak out was decide not to walk 4 miles one morning with my FIL and the baby because it was getting too hot. Oh, and I didn't cook them dinner two nights before and had done my best to avoid them considering the fact that my mother in law was always finding new and inventive ways to tell me I wasn't measuring up. When I cleaned it was wrong, when I took care of the baby it was wrong-down to the cloths I wore and baby weight I was still struggling to lose. Later on my husband and I figured out that they freaked out because my FIL was going through a flash drive on my husband's keys, he most definitely had no business doing, and found a document my husband had written to a new therapist he wanted me to see, explaining what I had been going through for the past year-down to being suicidal and dealing with the pstd from being raped as a child and then drugged and raped in college by someone in my house. He was incredibly detailed but did not put a timeline on it so I think my MIL and FIL think I was dealing with suicidal thoughts when I was at their house-which I was not. They even went so far as to read through every therapy notebook, sort through all of our bank statements, my lingerie, everything. In their confrontation with me after I came back from being evaluated by the psychiatrists at the psychiatric hospital (who did not admit me because,shocker, I am not a danger to myself or anyone else) they screamed hysterically at me that I had to leave right then and that I would never have my child again &quot;Over their dead bodies&quot;. Honestly, in looking back that was a poor choice in words for them if they truly believed I was violent. Oh well. My MIL kept screaming at me in my face telling me to get out of their house &quot;Now&quot;. They wouldn't let me hold my son. My husband was just standing there doing nothing. Finally I went over to my FIL who was holding the baby in the towel and told him to give me the baby. He would not. My MIL was hysterically screaming next to me. I reached out and took hold of the baby by his midsection, because I didn't want to grab an arm or something and hurt him. My FIL would not let go. My MIL started screaming at the top of her lungs &quot;You're hurting him!&quot; So I stopped. My MIL then called the police and told them I hit her, which I did not, and that I attacked my FIL. She told them I was dangerous and needed to be locked up. At that point I left the room they were in and went and sat by the front door to wait for the police. I wasn't going to be around them a moment longer especially if they were going to blatantly lie to the police. While I was sitting by the front door I texted my BIL who works for DHS and texted my SIL asking if she knew a good divorce attorney, since my MIL made it common knowledge that my SIL was going to divorce her husband a while before. Turns out my MIL and FIL had known they were going to confront me that day and had had long conversations with their adult children about how dangerous I was. I didn't know this then. I booked a hotel room for the night and waited for the police to arrive. I also decided to go out on the driveway and wait for the police because I didn't know to what extent my in-laws would go to get rid of me-there were numerous guns they had locked up in the house. My BIL came out and assessed the situation. He was a godsend. We waited for about 2 hours for the police to come. I didn't know it at the time but my in-laws had locked themselves in their room with the baby and their guns. My husband told me later that when he had gone back there to check on our son they had told him he needed to divorce me and fight for full custody. Eventually the police came. One officer went inside with my BIL and husband, the other one stayed outside and talked to me. After hearing the story the officer told me I didn't have to leave their house, that I had a legal right to stay until they evicted me. I told him I didn't want to that even though I had nowhere permanent to go that if I stayed they would make my life a living hell. He seemed to genuinely feel sorry for me and gave me a card for a crisis hotline. My husband went inside to get the baby and brought him out with the police. He was unharmed other than not being fed or having his diaper changed while being in the back room with my in-laws and their weapons. We went to the hotel and the next day went to my parents lake house. A few days later we signed a lease on a townhouse that we now live in. That weekend we moved in. After getting our stuff and my husband going to his brother's graduation we have decided to break off all contact with my in-laws until they go to a certain amount of therapy and are evaluated by a psychiatrist. I doubt they ever will be. My MIL is terrified of psychiatrists because her father and sister are schizophrenic and I think deep down she secretly fears she may be as well. My FIL and MIL have successfully alienated me from their adult children who have not once made contact to verify their parent's story. Lord only know what they have told them. My MIL also told a counselor at her work something that was had enough to have the counselor call DHS on my husband and I. It's just bizarre, I don't drink at all, I have never done drugs, never been in trouble with the law, never hurt my child-always fed him, changed him, bathed him, taken care of him-even when I had postpartum almost 9 months ago. I have done everything I know to be the best mom I know how to be-except for the making your own baby food and freezing it. It just seems odd to me that family would do what they did. If you thought your daughter in law was suicidal and had gone through the emotional trauma that I did would you decide to destroy her life on a Monday at 2pm? I jokes with my husband that it is like someone teetering on the edge of a skyscraper, trying to keep from falling and someone walks up, sees them and just gives them a little push. To say I am disappointed in my in-laws would be a grave understatement. Happily though it has allowed me to see their and their daughter's true colors.

After 30 yrs. of anguish with my mother in law she is at deaths door, and I am unable to feel empathy towards her or my husband. He should of stopped her behavior towards me years ago. Although, he claims he tried. Any advice from anyone would be appreciated.

Overall I have a lovely mother in law, but she did pull a stunt at my wedding that I am bitter about. At our wedding, MIL brought some random dude with her so she could show off to her ex-husband (my husband's dad), that she came with a date, while he didn't. The guy she brought was only a friend (he was married to someone else), but she said she wanted to bring a date/friend so that she wouldn't be alone. I couldn't care less if she brought a date, but when it came time for the wedding photos, when we lined up with my parents and my husband's parents, MIL gestured for that random guy to come in the line-up as well! I didnt notice because I was busy trying to pose and smile for the photo, and my husband was too nice to say anything, but my family wedding photos include a random dude that I had never seen before or since!

Well my stroy is bit twisted. i will try to make it easy to understand but if i don't apologizes from my side. I am an asian women and I didnt dated my husband before my marriage or know him or his family. it was an arrange marriage. my husband married me because 1. he wanted to have in laws who are powerful i mean powerful in sense of contacts 2. he married me cuz he was already having an affair with another women who was not acceptable for his parents as she was from other cast 3. he didnt wanted to marry the girl his parents wanted him to marry as she was quite not so good looking. So he married me but he then regretted marring me becuz 1. i have small breast 2. he wanted to get some benefit out of my family which he couldnt as my dad was not proving to be much helpful 3. on fifth day of my marriage my father and mother in law had already brain washed him that he should have gone for some other girl and marring me was a big mistake. they started forcing him to have children with me which i think were doing thinking that i will never have a baby as i was literally flat chest. on the top of it they tough that i am 40 years old which i wasnt and God knows why they were thinking that why? Al this was done against me cuz it was my mother in law who wanted him to marry that girl my fatehr in law was ok with that girl but he definitely didnt wanted my husband to marry his gf. so now the condition is that i had a baby and i was promised before marriage i will be kept in separate house in a good area which they did i used to live abroad and my husband was brain washed so much by his mother and sister that he shifted back home leaving a very good job and house everything. they didnt kept their promise of keeping me in a good house and now i am living in a very small house and with his parents. my husband once kicked me out of the house cuz i demanded him and his family to move to the house which he bought before marriage saying that i will live here. thanks to mother in law cuz she is the one who dont let him move to the other house. then he promised me that he will move to that house but come back as his sister and brother in law were coming back from USA after 8 years and they wanted to flaunt me and my family in front of his brother in law that i have a wife from such a good family but my father was against my decision to going back home so he never kept in touch with them. just like my father said my husband didnt kept his words and didnt moved me to that house. now i live in a very filthy place where even my husband dont bring his friends as he is ashamed that he lives in such a place. leaving him even his sisters hide that fact from their frinds as well that their parents and bro lives in such a place but still my fatehr in law and mother in law just to torture me dont move out. his sisters comes home my husband expects me to cook fro them like servents which i do and if i dont he insults me and treat me really band infront of other ppl. i <i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i> hate my mother in law, sister in laws and finally my husband. i want to leave him but i have no where to go as i got married to get out of my fathers house as he him self is not a good husband or a father

'Can you BELIEVE what she said about us??' squeals my SIL like a little 5 year old on the kindergarten playground trying to impress people with her gossipy war-mongering. Honey, anyone with half a brain could believe it. I mean, can you honestly act surprised that after the horrible treatment we've received for well over a decade that, strangely, someone might have something to say about it?

Unlike my miserable in-laws, I don't go around spreading gossip to people in the 'real world' (as it were). I did once make a comment to someone on FB, but it was not someone I actually have ever met in real life, and it was not someone who has any connection to my in-laws in any way. You see, I have more class than to air our family dirty laundry to anyone we mutually know...unlike them. They've ruined every potential relationship within the family (as well as to our extended 'family') by telling everyone lies about me, my husband and my beautiful (and innocent) children. Now we have ZERO chance of any kind of real connection with anyone in the greater family circle thanks to the smear campaign against us. I do have a secret for my in-laws though....psssst, lean in closer.......I could care less about that entire group of ignorant xenophobes. I'm very happy without them - I just like letting ya'll know the lengths at which my in-laws will go to try to bring us down. Strangely, it's no big loss to move here and discover they had already laid the ground work to ensure we never connect with anyone in their circle. It's OK, honey, we are fully capable of making our own friends - you know, folks with open minds, who enjoy intellectual pursuits, and who are happy, encouraging and supportive. Oh, sorry, I shouldn't use such large, strange vocabulary words since my in-laws clearly have no idea what they mean.

When I wrote recently about how things went down on Easter Saturday, I forgot a few details (because, I mean seriously, it would take a very long time to rattle off every single ridiculous slight, icy glance or rude behavior or else I'd be here all day). One interesting tidbit was when we exited the restaurant (and I'd like to point out my in-laws left while my youngest and I were using the restroom - I mean, why wait patiently and politely for us when it's far more fun to have us come out of the restroom to discover they've all left without us?). My husband waited for us (because somehow he has some idea about other people's feelings - clearly he learned that from being a bookworm and hiding himself in his room much of his teen years, since he definitely didn't learn that from any of these wretched people).

So, my husband, my youngest and I exited the building to find them all waiting in the parking lot. I was walking ahead (my husband was helping my youngest along) and I saw my MIL standing there holding a couple of bags and looking at us, clearly the international symbol that she had something to give to us. So, naturally, I headed her way. She said to me 'Oh no!! You go over there!', motioning for me to go to our car. I'm like 'O....K......' (but didn't actually say that, because I have manners and stuff, and instead smiled and did as I was commanded). Instead, she waited for my husband to get to her and gave the bags to HIM, explaining they were for the kids for Easter Sunday (the following day).

My FIL had already looked off and was getting into his car, so I did the same (hollering out a 'thank you again for dinner' in a very friendly, chipper voice before getting into our car). After we got home, I made no bones about explaining to my husband that that little display was for HIS benefit. It was so he would be sure to notice their 'generosity', since he's the one they hope to impress with these little know, to try to convince him to forget the horrible things they do since they once-in-the-bluest-of-moons will do something generous for our kids. He stopped in his tracks and thought about that...and golly, I had a point. Why not give the bag to ME, since I was the first one out of the restaurant (from our little group) and the first one to reach her. Why purposely send me away and focus only on HIM seeing the bag and having her explain the items within (you know, to get full credit, naturally).

Come on, folks....that was a pretty overt and ridiculous act....overt enough even for my blind-to-his-family's-BS husband to notice. Tsk, tsk...too obvious, honey.

What was in the bag? Chocolates that weren't kept cool and therefore melted in our tropical heat, and 2 mugs for the kids - one of which the handle had broken off of. Thanks? I ended up throwing away the melted, warped chocolate and my daughter tossed her mug when she saw it didn't have a handle like her brother's. Brilliant. So, she pushed me aside to make a big display for my husband about giving us 'treats' for the kids that they couldn't fully enjoy. Oh, but they 'mean well', you'll say. Yeah, maybe. And maybe they only put about 2 seconds of thought into things (because chocolate inside a hot car all day is going to melt...and since I made a special mention of getting together in the AFTERNOON so that our egg hunt wouldn't include melted eggs, you'd think it would have been on their minds to keep their own chocolate in good shape with...oh, I dunno, maybe that ice-filled cooler that had drinks in it could have also housed a bag of chocolates. Oh, sorry, that would give too much credit for the ability to think ahead about something that benefitted someone else and not themselves and their 'reputation'.

Brilliant, folks. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking closer to our departure date...I will literally never set foot in this region again. If one of them dies, I'll offer to watch the kids so they don't have to deal with the BS that I KNOW would come if I showed up at a funeral for any one of these spankheads. I'll be sad for my husband for losing a parent - but you know what? He's already lost them. He's already shut them off, thanks to their stupid behaviors. I sit there being the pillar of grace and friendliness while they shoot me icy glares along with the ridiculous 'bag of treats' episode in the parking lot. Tallies are being added up, folks (for the last 12 years, really), and I hate to tell you this, but you're only shooting yourselves more and more in the foot.

Can anyone believe the stuff I dare to say about these wretched people? I'd like to think that if you, too, have had to deal with such miserable people for over a decade, that you have also earned the right to blow off steam to a bunch of strangers (although I DO still consider this a sisterhood!). Thanks for reading all the way to the end. I know ya'll understand my feelings. Tomorrow is another day, where I'm focusing on my kids and my amazing (if a little blind to his family) husband. Life goes on...

Hello Everyone, I need help! I am so confused about my relationship with my husband due to his parents. A little history about us, we are high-school sweet hearts ( been together for 12 years), got married 4 years ago and have a beautiful 3 year old boy. For 12 years their has been on and off rude comments from his parents made to me. Example: his father said he is going to take his son back home to find a better girl ( this happened at the beginning of our realtionship). After we got married, everything was wonderful, great, we were loving it. His nightmare parents started becoming more manipulators once we had our son. I have been hurt so many times now, I don't know what to do anymore. My husband seems to be in denial about his parents actions. Example: I had to bring my husband to the hospital. I called his parents the next day, to tell them and ask if they can come up and watch our son while I do some errands for my sister's wedding which was that weekend. His dad yelled at me, why didn't you call me and let me know. I said I am letting you know now and calling you while I was driving your son to the hospital was not my first concern. Blunt out I said, are you guys coming up or not because I can find someone else. Sure enough he stopped right away and said no we will be there. My husband believes he didn't yell at me, it's the way he talks. I am a loud person as well, and I know when I am upset or angry, I get louder. My husband confronted his dad and he denied it, of course. This is not the first nor will it be the last time. Where is the fine line? Do I allow this to continue or do I call it quits? My husband seems to always wanting to please his parents first then us and seems to believe everything they say and not me. FYI, my husband has 2 older brothers in which 1 disconnected from the whole family and brother #2 barely speaks to his parents and it's only my husband who wants full contact with them especially the way they are treating me. These are only a couple of examples I have shared, I have 12 years worth. Hope someone can help me out.
Thanks in advance

The most fake and manipulative person I have ever met. She gets everything she wants from her 2 sons by crying or silent treatment. Recently her other daughter in law gave birth and almost died, we were all very concerned and spent many days at the hospital. Luckily she and the baby are out of danger now. But my MIL couldn't stand the fact that she is not in the spot light and guess who is in hospital now? She only had a little fever or at least that is what she claimed, she will stay at the hospital until her tests come out and of course, her son day and night at the hospital by her side...leaving his wife which just gave birth and almost died alone with her newborn and a toddler. Even though her other son and I, we live 6000km away, I don't want ever want to have a child, I have seen how my life would look, at least it is my choice to share my life with a man who will always put his mother first, why choose the same faith for an innocent soul?

Ha says upload image I wish mil never wants to take a picture of me but she flash her iPhone in my face I wasn't ready lol I saw the pic she took l of me I look not so great she did that on purpose I'm only 30 she is 70 she always trying to compete with me when it comes to looks I love inner beauty she loves buying things no judging just wish her negative attitude would change!

My mother-in-law is always throwing her own party for the same event. I threw a party and she never shows up but she will throw her own party for the same thing usually within the next day or two. I had two baby showers, two bachelorette parties, two birthday parties for my son when he turned 1 and again when he turned 2. She will make a party, invite everybody and tell everyone we will be there and then tell us that she's throwing a party for us so we have no choice but to show because she ready confirmed that we would be there. Even when I tell her respectfully to stop she will play The Guilt Trip card. When I tell her I only want one party for a single event she refuses to show up and continues to throw her own party for the same event at her house on her terms without my permission.

My mother in law obviously has mental heath issues but my wife cant see it. Before our wedding she completely disagreed with our every decision, cried about not liking her dress and was unsupportive although she claims to like me. We have been together years. We have two boys. One aged 5 one aged 5 months. Whenever she has a bad time she puts all of her emotion baggage etc on my wife rather than her husband. She expects my wife to drop anything and just be there, she expects my wife to put her before our children and myself. They are not even particulally close, my wife does not just ring her for a chat. Recently the mother in laws dad passed away. MIL had a bad relationship with him and said many times she didnt have feelings about his passing. Yet me and my wife visited him regular and did care, I often did his shopping and helped support the family during hospital treatments. The funeral has been booked and everyone who is married are going in cars together and even though there is a spare seat I have been told by mother in law that I must go alone as im not a blood relative. My wife is struggling and wants me by her side at the funeral. Ive also been asked not to attend the commital. I love my wife and her family. I cant understand why her mum is so controlling. She creates unhealthy competition. She uses guilt to get her way and although my wife says she can handle her mums problems she often breaks in to depression when her mum leans on her and im the one left picking her up and distracting the children from noticing. Help. I cant live with MIL like this

She poke fire

I have read all your posts and I think my MIL is the craziesy bitch alive. She has always been controlling and expects the world to revolve around her. Very abusive and yelling all the time at everyone! My husband is 40 years old and she has never told him the truth about his birth father. He has asked many times she keeps &quot; forgetting&quot; to do research and find names. Eventhough she does not work just sits on her computer smoking, yelling at her dogs, and talking on the phone. 7 years ago she told my husband he might have a half sister. If she knows THAT info she is obviously holding back names my husband needs to know to get answers. Update. My husband talked to a old old friend of hers and we are told she cheated on my husbands real father and then &quot; claimed&quot; abuse and ran away with my husband when he was 2, and her new lover!!!!! She has told us that the only reason she married her current husband is because he is a wimp and she is talking all his money. Oh ya that computer she sits on all day is his too under his house he bought. Poor sucker. She abused my husband through his whole life. Yelling, screaming and letting one if her MANY husbands beat my husband when he was young. Doing nothing about it. What a poor excuse of a mother. The other night after dinner she was yelling and carrying on while the rest of us were watching a documentry. I guess since I was ignorong her ( like I always do when she abuses me verbally) she started demanding a apology from me. I just snapped and told her. I won't apologize for nothing!! Anymore! She pulled a knife on me!!!!!! My husband said he looked into his own mothers eyes and realized she was gone!!! We left. Never to return!!! Thanks crazy bitch! Now we never have to see your ugly, abusive, crazy fucked up face again! Whooo whooo!! Oh ya did I mention she had sex with her own cousin after my husband was born and had a baby with him? Yep my husbands half brother is incest!!! Great mom huh? My husbands brother has mental defects and disorders because of it. I just pretend she is dead now lol.

I am at my whits end. My MIL as gone to one exstream to another. Before compleatly controlibg to not doing a damn thing. Eaither way is stressful, and I fell like she is never going to leave. My hubby and I have changed out move out data twice to acomadate her needs. There are issues with SSC (she is permitily disabeld) and her ex is holding up the last bit of it. I have hit a point where I don't care, my stress is too high iv'e gain 30lbs and have zero felling of ownership over my own damn house. 90% of everything in the house is her's. The stress leve has gotten so bad about how she will be on her own the my hubby is cosidering a loan, giving her money every month and co sighing an appartment. Witch is all fine and danddy but I get this gut felling that, that would just enabel her and she'd be back with use after the loan was spent. My husbant is also worried about how she will pay for you med's when she is on her own. This topic I am hartless about for she had the oppritunity the sue the company that casued her to be permitaly disability, has it documented and everything, could of had her medical taken care of for life with a setalment on top of that and chose not to! She chose to barily affored for her Dr's and med's. This literily infuriates me becuase it is effecting my husbant and I life together. She was supose to move out Dec 2015. Around that time she brought up going back to work part time at home (great) this was the same time I was looking for a second job and she brought up me doing the work she was going to do (and she'd be the one being payed) she never looked into it further than talking about it. I get she is disabeled but whollowing in her misery, complaining about money, and waiting for handout will not fix anything. I wish she would get a job just to help her self out. I am to the point where I want to take a trip and let them work it out, but I know that's not the answer.

I used to be close to my mother in law. When my husband and I were first married, she was sweet. A little less than a year ago now, I became pregnant with my first baby. I went to the dr who did blood tests and told me that my HCG levels were not rising correctly and that I should get an abortion because my baby wasn't growing correctly. I was absolutely heartbroken and devastated. I didn't have a good relationship with my mom, and my MIL was someone I thought I could trust. When my dr called me with that news, I went with my husband to my MIL's house. I told her what was going on. We talked for a few hours. I felt better. I asked her not to tell anyone because this wasn't very personal to me. She promised she wouldn't.

A few days later, she called and said &quot;your brothers are getting suspicious about something going on&quot; and &quot;you need to tell them&quot;. I said no.

A few weeks later, I lost the baby. It was the worst thing that ever happened to me. I told my MIL. She begged me to go to the dr to make sure (I knew I lost the baby). I didn't have health insurance so I said no. She said she would pay for it, so I agreed. We went to the ER where they confirmed I had lost the baby. A few days later, she begged and begged me and my husband to tell everyone about what happened. Finally, she gathered the family into one room and told everyone I had a miscarriage. No emotion, no shock, no nothing. I knew she had told everyone about it.

She didn't help me pay the medical bills. The costs were so high that I couldn't afford it. The accounts went into collections.

I lost all my trust in her.

I became pregnant again soon after my miscarriage. We waited weeks to tell anyone. She was the last to know. She posted it on Facebook before we could. When we found out the gender, even after telling her not to, she posted it before we could as well. My whole pregnancy, she would tell me &quot;you're looking HUGE! I bet your baby is going to be 9-10 lbs.&quot; The dr said baby is average. She never stopped telling me my whole pregnancy how huge I was. &quot;Did your mom carry that big too?&quot; It made me want to slap her in the face- especially since she gave birth to a 12 pounder!!!!

I recently gave birth to my baby girl. She was under 8 lbs. She looks like me. She is beautiful.

When I was in labor, we called our families and requested they do NOT come to the hospital until we say it is okay. Next thing you know, MIL calls 5 mins later and says &quot;we are on our way!&quot; I was PISSED. They waited in the waiting room for hours, complaining and asking why it was taking so long. The lady has 6 kids... you think she would know that I can't just force the kid out whenever!!!!!!!

We decided we only wanted me and my husband in the room for her birth. I wanted to do skin to skin for one hour, as well as give hubby time to bond with baby before anyone else did. We did that, and didn't touch our phones most of our labor. Our baby was more important than anyone.

When it was time for family to visit, they were all pissed. They were silent. No congratulations, no comments, no nothing.

Days after the baby was born, it was drama. Drama drama drama. His mom would call us crying &quot;this is our first grand baby. You ruined it for us.&quot; &quot;Why didn't you just tell us when the baby was born? We thought something bad had happened&quot; (sorry that we care about our baby more than our phones)

I cannot even put into words how crazy my b**** mother in law is. This isn't even half of what she has done. The drama continues and my baby is just 15 days old today. It never ends.

My mother in law is a sociopath, she would rather see me her daughter in law dead than share her gormless <i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i> mummies boy with anyone. we were not even married when she cracked the shits about my then fiancé telling her that &quot;No there would not be a legal document that I was not aware of giving her and her husband equal guardianship of my yet unborn children with me their mother, when my husband said no to this she threw the mother of all tantrums, banging (Too cunning to break stuff) and screaming and telling my husband to go to hell, his dad then sat me down alone and explained to me that if anything came between my intended and his mother that would just be the end. what a complete tosser. the histrionics continued for 6 long years before I said to my husband its over I'm not going to fight for you. seriously I had to sit and listen to my stupid mil complaining about children playing footy on the road and that could bring down a power line and in turn a small child might pick up that live power line and get electrocuted. The man who had promised to love honor and cherish me let me sit there and put up with this <i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i>, like &quot;OH yeah that really is feasible&quot; she rang up the council about dogs pooping on her nature strip and threatened how would they like it if she did the same and all the while dysfunctional hubby is saying &quot;Yes Moms right&quot; when I said to someone I absolutely hate that bitch hubby said &quot;OH come on that's a bit strong isn't it&quot; She threatened to steal my son from kindergarten. Goddamn I hate her. She said what a whore I was, I was scared to answer the phone for many years because I just couldn't handle her being on the other end telling how badly I sucked. When my second child was born she said &quot;Oh the first one doesn't miss you at all, He's got his Grandma and I'm his security&quot; When my mum was dying of cancer she told me not to be so selfish as to be sad about my mom and that much worse things had happened to her, in other words &quot;do not expect sympathy because you have not gone through anywhere near the trauma that I have&quot; The pressure on the unwanted in-law is so immense. one day I was leaving her house and I just could not take it anymore and I saw a truck I was supposed to give way to and I thought I've had enough and as I went to pull out on the truck my children started talking in the back seat. that evil cow had nearly caused the death of her grandchildren too. She exists to hate, she has also taken so much money from me and husband that has set us back so far as she just trolls along, even with all the money she owes me and hubby, she expected me and hubby to pay for her husbands funeral, no way, she has never given us a cent in our whole married life, she takes and takes and never gives we were so far out the back door before we stopped talking to her. Being a sociopath she can manipulate so incredibly, however her lies are so outside the bounds of reason only stupid people take her seriously. this horrid witch wanted to ruin my life and all I ever wanted was to live in peace without the emotional blackmail. She constantly threatened if someone had upset her that she would kill herself, well 15 years later after deciding to have nothing to do with her she is alive and well, probably shitting some other poor bugger off. she is just plain evil.

In-laws. Can't live with em. Can't kill em because we're all too pretty for jail.

I met my now-husband when we worked together nearly 10 years ago. He told me one day that his folks would be close by for a wedding that weekend and were planning to stop by and see him on the job. (They live about an hour away, and it was a very casual workplace, so this visit wasn't invasive.) About an hour prior to their arrival, he was very visibly unnerved and he suddenly asked me not to mention to his parents that we were dating. His reasoning was that an interrogation (of him) would follow and he wasn't ready or willing to answer questions like that about us. (We had only been dating a few weeks at this point.) Ever the over-thinker, I rebutted: Are you ashamed of me? Why don't you want them to know about me? What's so bad about me that you don't want them to know that we're dating? He had already been around my folks and hit it off with them immediately. I'm great with parents! What was really going on??

I reluctantly agreed to be just his coworker, and not his girlfriend, for the day. They arrived, made a quick tour around the office, we shook hands and exchanged pleasantries. They were there about 30 minutes, and by my DH's thinking, it was a successful visit. I was still hurt by not being acknowledged as his lady love, but I moved on from it.

Fast forward about 6 months. My then-BF-now-DH and I were travelling together for work, and our day trip took us very near his grandmother's house (MIL's mom). (Granny was very old and a widow, and MIL and FIL spent every weekend at her house.) After our work event, we decided to swing by and say hello.

As with every weekend, MIL and FIL were there, and we had a nice, albeit short, visit where DH introduced me as his girlfriend. We leave and are barely out of the neighborhood when he gets an irate call from his mother. Mind you, we are riding in a company vehicle. Together. I'm 2 feet away and heard every word. Why hadn't he told them about me? Why did he have to embarrass them like that, dropping a new girlfriend on them so suddenly? Why, they didn't know he was even dating anyone! How dare he not keep then more informed! (Please note the pattern. Everything is about THEM.)

That day, I understood why he wanted to keep me a secret for so long. I was no longer hurt or offended, all I felt was pity for this man I loved who was being bullied like a child.

Fast-forward another 2 months. He popped the question! I said yes, absolutely I'll marry you! We told my parents. They weren't terribly excited at the thought of their daughter, who was dawdling through college at the time, getting married (or pregnant) before graduating, but they were supportive nonetheless. We agreed to stay engaged as long as needed for me to graduate - only another 2 years or so. His mother's reaction to our news? And I quote, 'Oh. We didn't think you were THAT serious about her.'

Fast-forward another 6 months. Due to an 'economic downturn' (read: our boss decided he didn't like his employees dating), we were both 'laid off' (read: fired), but had another 4 weeks before we had to leave. DH found a job about 30 minutes away and I decided to follow him. I moved out of my folks house and we got our first apartment together. It was exciting at first, until it wasn't. He wasn't sharing his financial troubles with me, and I was only working part-time. About 8 months in, he finally confessed that there is no money, he's broke and even had to get a payday loan to make the rent. I was mortified and crushed that we would have to separate. I moved back in with my folks, and he went to live with his, and we spent a dreadful year in a long-distance relationship.

Having control back over her son, MIL was in hog heaven. He would try to do his own laundry, she would refuse him, saying that was woman's work. He would try to cook a meal for himself and his son (from his previous marriage - one she helped destroy). She again refused him, saying it wasn't right for a man to do such things. Clean clothes and a full stomach? Gasp! How dare he try to be an adult! *gag* It was also during this time that she began trying to turn DS against DH and me. He was 5 at the time, get an grip, lady. She would manipulate him. Buy him things to hold over his head. She made DH an authorized user on one of her credit cards as a means to control him, and berated him when he refused to use it. She undermined his parenting, and he was made to feel so small under this shrew's roof.

She had my man. She had my kid. She even had my cat. I would get phone calls from him all the time, apologizing that he let his money situation get so bad, sorry he wasn't with me, sorry we never got to see each other. He was in an inescapable hell. His mother berated him at every turn. Why wasn't he doing more with his life? Why didn't he want to spend more time with them? Why did he have time spend every other weekend (when he didn't have DS) to drive up and see HER?

The man had his fill of her BS. Without their knowledge, he began applying to jobs closer to me. He got one very quickly! A sales job similar to the one he had. He put in his notice at work, but didn't tell his folks, knowing the barrage of garbage that would be hurled at him. That weekend, we found him a modest apartment (that would accept pets!) and he put down a deposit! Here we go! It was all coming together, our year apart was finally over and I was so relieved.

The day before he was set to start at his new job, he decided to test the waters with his parents over dinner. He told them only that he was looking for jobs near me, not that he had gotten one and had even found a place to live. You would think he had killed their dog and spit on the queen! Suddenly, he owed them thousands of dollars (for helping him pay for his first divorce 4 years earlier), payable immediately. His dad threatened him with physical violence if he even thought about leaving. He called me after their conversation, once again beaten down by their garbage. I advised him to pack up his truck and GTFO of there. They would be out of the house for several hours that evening, and he could be gone in under an hour. All our big stuff was in storage with me, so he loaded up the clothes he had, DS's toys, and the cat and headed up to me! My folks agreed to put him up for a few nights since his apartment wouldn't be ready for another 3 days. He arrived fairly late, I advised he turn off his phone and go to bed and be ready for his first day of work the next day.

Sure enough, when he turned his phone on the next morning, he had dozens of text messages and loads of voicemails. His mother was irate. Why had he just picked up and left? Where were all of DS's toys? Where had he gone? When he got off work that evening, he was finally able to have a conversation with his dad. His complaint? 'You didn't even let me say goodbye to the cat.' He vowed that DH was dead to them and that they would no longer be in contact. That, of course, was way too good to be true!

My man settled right in, doing great at his job, our relationship was rocking, I was less than a year away from graduating, life was perfect. His move even brought him closer to DS, which meant a shorter commute on his custody weekends. He started going to my church, which my family loved, and even decided to be baptised, which thrilled my folks even more.

Fast forward a few months to January. Knowing I would be graduating in May, and looking at a wedding date in October, we decided to start pre-marital counseling. (It was required by our minister who we wanted to do the ceremony, and it was a state-sponsored program, so we saved a boat load of money on our marriage license!) We were reluctant at first... I've been with this guy going on 4 years, what could I possibly learn about him? It actually turned out to be quite a lot of fun, and very valuable, and I highly recommend it, even if it isn't faith-based! I digress. At our first session, our minister collected some basic information about us, including our wedding date. When we told him October, with my reason of wanting a fall wedding, he said, &quot;Why put off starting your life together?&quot; My one piddly reason didn't sound so important anymore, so we started considering dates in June. We arrived on a June date approximately one month after my graduation.

We told my folks, who were more than supportive, and his folks, who were probably just shocked he was even still with me. *eyeroll* Anyway, we get everything planned and bought and organized. Invitations went out, including one to my IL's, as a formality. When she saw the date on the invitation was June and not October, she went absolutely nuts, accusing us of intentionally leaving her out of the decisions, even though everyone was left out of the decision except the bride and groom, so.... whatever. Also, she had been told a couple months prior. Anyway, my last semester was more than a little hectic as I was working 2 jobs, taking 18 hours, applying and interviewing for jobs, and volunteering with the children at my church. Somehow we all survived! I graduated on a Saturday in May and started my new job the following Monday. I was commuting to a job, ironically enough, about 5 miles from my IL's house.

After all the accusations flying, and the nasty calls DH was getting from them about how I was leaving them out of everything and not letting them make any of the decisions, I decided to plan a solo visit to their house one evening after work. (This was the Tuesday before our wedding on Saturday.) We cleared the air. Sort of. I mean, it was a one-sided conversation in which I (politely) defended myself for a couple of hours, but I felt good about being the bigger person and falling on my sword, accepting more than my fair share of the blame for our not-great relationship. Bury the hatchet for good, or so I thought...

We parted ways that evening and I felt good. We all agreed to keep the lines of communication open and make steps in the right direction. I did not see them again until the day of the wedding. They refused to come up the night before (not necessary since they only lived an hour away), but as a result arrived way later than expected, stressing out DH since it cramped his plans for the afternoon. I had asked MIL on Tuesday to bring a jar of soil or dirt from their yard to the wedding for our unity ceremony. (I planned a unity ceremony wherein we would use soil from my childhood home and soil from his childhood home and plant an ivy together. DS got to come up and water it when we were done! It was pretty perfect actually, and now we have a living momento from our wedding instead of some cheesy sand art or a set of candles we can't light.) My MIL brought no soil, claiming she was never told to do so. (That's one of her favorite tricks - conveniently forgetting things she's been told whenever it suits her. Remember the part about not knowing he was dating me? And moving up the wedding date? Same thing.) So my poor mother had to scramble to find some dirt - I think she just got some from the church lawn! Oh well, not about big deal, but just one more thing to have to deal with on an already busy and stressful day.

Then I saw her at the church... First let me say that I advised her earlier that week to wear some shade of purple, since that was my chosen color. She was delighted since that was her favorite color. My mother bought a dress in a shade of lilac, my attendants wore deep plum, DH's tie was purple, DS wore a lavender button-down, I even dyed my shoes purple! We weren't all matchy-matchy, but it all went well together. Organized chaos, right? So here she comes. Listen, it's the middle of June. It's Texas. It's flippin hot. This b-word show's up to my wedding wearing a floor-length BLACK dress, complete with BLACK shawl. She was clearly in mourning for her poor son having to marry this witch, right? Anyway, she feigned ignorance at my request that she wear purple, her favorite color, claiming I had told her no such thing! (Selective forgetfulness, remember?) At that point, I was already over her. Done. It was my wedding day, and she doesn't get to take my cool!

(I think this is enough for one post, right? I'll continue later, so much more to tell!)

My mother -in- law comes into our home whenever she pleases, even if we're not at home. MIL &amp; FIL stayed with us for 2 days because of power outage at their house. My husband and myself have explained very nicely to please stop walking in unannounced. We changed code to the garage and she blows up our family's phones for the new code. She's becoming more of a problem for everyone. My FIL can't get her to back off. I'm ready to punch MIL in the face:(. What to do?

My husband and I are Jr. High sweethearts, both of us just turned 30. I've had issues with my MIL pretty much since day one. Whenever my boyfriend at the time didn't want to talk to his family he would shut his phone off, his parents would call my phone yelling at me and cussing at me. His mom told me I was not welcome in her home so I never went over. I never yelled back at them and always tried to be respectful to his family. I started putting on weight and at the time I didn't know it was because I was getting sick and my boyfriend's family thought it was their job to make me feel bad about it. I found out last year that I have several chronic illnesses and that I'll be sick for the rest of my life, his family hasn't been nice about it and are constantly trying to force me to have a risky surgery. I've been telling them no for the last 6 months and finally the poo hit the fan last month when I told them all off on Facebook because they're unreasonable in person. Anyway the trouble with my MIL got worse when my boyfriend and I got engaged. I paid for everything and at first my boyfriend said I could plan our wedding however I wanted and his mom talked to him and didn't like my plans and made me change from a destination wedding to a wedding in our town. His sister started cyber bullying me and I had to block her and stopped talking to her in person. The more my boyfriend talked to his mom about our wedding the more expensive it got for me. My future monster in law told me I had to do this wedding how she wanted even though she wasn't helping, I wanted to cancel the wedding and I probably should have. He kept adding groomsmen and by him doing that I had to add more bridesmaids and his groomsmen backed out at the last minute because they wanted to get their tuxedos from a different store that looked nothing like the ones we picked out. I ran out of money for &quot;our&quot; wedding and I had to ask my aunt for help she completely took over and started telling me it was her wedding now and could do whatever she wanted. 6 months prior my grandma passed away and with my aunt and MIL and boyfriend planning our wedding was causing me to breakout in hives and I started having panic attacks. I thought it would help me if I let my MIL do the bridal shower, I thought she would get off my back it worked until the shower was over. She started buying random junk without asking me and just expected me to use it at the reception, I told her I got all the decorations but she just kept buying random junk that didn't go with anything. At the reception my aunt changed the things I paid the dj to do and my husband wouldn't let me go out and fix it and his mom put the random things out onto the tables. My SIL wouldn't let me dance with my husband every time we wanted to dance she would push me out of the way, I was so pissed and I got drunk because I couldn't enjoy &quot;our&quot; day.

On our first anniversary we went out of state for 4 days and my monster in law was calling me every 5 minutes trying to control every part of our trip, I had to shut my phone off. She doesn't want me to be happy and when we got got back from our trip my MIL and FIL had the nerve to start demanding I have a child (throwing temper tantrums). Every time I went over his father would greet me with &quot;when are you having kids?&quot; He would get to the point where he was almost always yelling at me about every time he saw me.

A few weeks ago they crossed my last straw line and I cut them completely out of my life I can't handle the stress from my illnesses and their bs.

Where to begin? My mother in law has been separated from her husband for over 15 years. He has moved on and has another woman, yet whenever my mother in law wants to reinforce some wild concept that she knows best because she's been married for 30 years, she pays for his ticket to have him visit and sometimes, the new lady comes with him. Sick. Anyway, this has caused great confusion in the lives of her four adult children. My now soon to be ex-husband is caught in the middle because he has been given the role of her son/husband. On our wedding day, she was blocked by our pastors so we could run off at the end of the night and on her way home calls and texts my husband to say that we had to be home for dinner. That was the first sign that our marriage should have been annulled. We never left for our minihoneymoon because she wanted to have dinner. Dinner could happen ANY day of the week. When we planned our honeymoon a year later, that didn't happen either because my mother in law asked my husband to take her shopping because his sister was having a baby, I was having a baby as well and needed a break which was why we had planned to go away for a week before I was due to work through some things. I went by myself. It was the best vacation that I paid for, upon arriving back home, he spit in my face because I chose to go anyway with family. When I worked on my Master's degree, my MIL said that I should wait because I should focus on her son, however, I started the program before I even met her son. The problem was that she has a Masters and a PhD and she feels that I shouldn't have a graduate education. I completed my degree. Then, when my child was born, she came to the hospital after I specifically said I did not want visitors and it was an emergency situation so I would have preferred a visit a few days after. She still showed up and told my mother that she will do as she pleases and will see her grandson whenever she likes. One day she came to my home and told me that I have no respect and that my son would grow up to hate me all because she wanted to shave my 1 month old's head because she said the baby's hair is from the womb and it was disgusting. Later on she said that she has never worn or had long hair so I realized that it was a bunch of garbage and low self esteem. She has told my husband I am uppity and that I should not be as accomplished as I am and insinuated that I must have slept my way to get to where I am professionally. I have literally been pushed around and told that I don't matter and that his mother comes first among other things. There is so much more I could say, but I won't. As I said, I am getting a divorce because 1) I am tired of abuses from my MIL and husband and 2) who wants to stay in a dysfunctional relationship? To my peaceful, MIL free life with my son. Thank God for my uppity whatever and degree, that's how I was able to get out.

I stumbled upon this site today, thank goodness.
My MIL lives nearly 12 hours from us, still doesn't stop the madness.
He's her only child (nearly 50 mind you).
She's a lying, manipulative, passive-aggressive, attention seeing, nasty excuse of a human being.
I've tried praying. I've tried being overly kind. I've tried being just cordial. I've tried ignoring. Nothing works.

The first time I met her was about a month before our engagement. I should have known then that she would be trouble. I'm a natural red-head. She said &quot;hmm, your a red-head&quot;. I said &quot;yes ma'am, just like my grandmother&quot;. To which she said &quot;well that's nice but do you think you could change your hair color, I don't really care for it&quot;. I said very politely &quot;no, I really like it&quot;. But inside I'm thinking &quot;don't make my Irish come out and tell you how I really feel&quot;. Later, she said to my husband &quot;she's nice, but do you think you can get her to change her hair color?&quot;. He replied &quot;I wouldn't change a thing about her&quot;. My FIL said &quot;now maybe you'll learn to keep your mouth shut&quot;. Love and miss my FIL.

My MIL is fake and phony!! She makes me want to vomit! Before I was married I use to be so close to my boyfriend's mother. I just knew that I wouldn't have a problem getting along with my MIL once I was married, but ooooh how I was fooled. This chick wants to be bestie's with my husband's baby momma, lying and causing confusion. It's to the point that I NEVER call her!!! I mean NEVER!!! Not for nothing! Not even a hello!! I am so not interested. Anything she can do to try and undermine me, that's just what she does and then comes grinning and smiling like everything is good. I can't deal with this creep!!!

I met my other half in 2011 and we became official in 2013. Prior to that I had met his mother once for her 50th birthday party. I found out I was pregnant in December 2013 and we were both extremely happy.
We decided to tell our families before feeling the news to everyone on Facebook . I noticed he was uneasy about it . He went to her house where she lives with her boyfriend and said everything was good . The next day we receive a phone call. She had invited us for dinner... we get there and I can feel tension ... not long after she is screaming and crying she is not ready to be a grandma. She even asked us if an abortion was an option. My other half, then tell us the baby wasn't planned. What?! He was planned ... I don't get why he is saying that...
I felt really disrespected and when we got home we had our first argument.
This lady had spoiled my happy new and my other half didn't stood up to his mother
We had my incidents throughout my pregnancy and when I gave birth I was feeling really low.
After the birth of my son I decided to carry on going to university ( I was 30 and a mature student) and my mom flew over to stay with us for a moth for support. The day my mom was due to arrive I had lectures and before leaving I asked my other half to tidy up a bit. I asked this because I knew my mom would start cleaning the house the minute she walked in and I didn't want that as she is in remission from having cancer.
I get home that evening and the house is chaos. His mom is sitting next to him ... she had been there the whole day. I asked him why the house was like that? His mother get up slams my door and leaves.
Later on I text her to see if she is ok as I didn't want any more issues with her. She replied saying that I have a terrible relationship with my other half.
I was very upset and replied, that I was sorry she felt that way but that I was very happy. She never said anything back for a month, but then other half's brother came over and started saying that mom was heartbroken we didn't let her bond with our baby???
From then there have been many many incidents ... she constantly texts abuse , criticises the way we raise our children and my other half only tell me to ignore it. Then Christmas came and I wasn't allowed to go so he took our 2 children ( we had a baby girl aswell) and I spend it alone. He never sticks up for me . Things have gotten so bad that she started a smear campaign against me and now everyone stopped talking to us... my other half argues with me everytime she complains, because she is upset. I have now been diagnosed with anxiety disorder and I know it's this 3.5 years of hell . Feel hurt, upset, angry at my other half for always defending his mother and now I just want to break up with him and run far away from here.

My mother in law is a manipulative, undermining piece of work. This probably won't be my only rant on here.
Last year my husband started presenting symptoms of a mood disorder. We live almost 2000 miles from family, so I was basically on my own out here trying to deal with his often times erratic and chaotic behavior. I knew he needed to get in and see a doctor, but he was in denial that there was a problem. Figuring I needed backup, I called his mother and explained what was going on. She was a good sounding board and we communicated daily. That was a change of pace for us since there had been incidents over the years where she clearly overstepped her bounds and refused to apologize. For the sake of my husband, I wanted to keep the peace with her so I tried to put those incidents behind me.
I was on the phone with her during a particularly bad episode with my husband. He had finally agreed to see his psychiatrist but he was having a total meltdown. He was sitting in his car all day in a complete daze when he started yelling about how he felt everyone was ganging up on him and only wanted for him to be committed to a psych ward. While this was going on, his mother was asking me to put him on the phone. I asked him if he wanted to talk to her and he refused. I told her it would be better to let him calm down a little and that's when she said &quot;you know what? You need to stay out of this. He needs his family now.&quot; I wanted to cry. Here I'm dealing with the chaos of a mentally unstable spouse all by myself. I had been his loving, supportive, caring spouse for 8 years and had been there by his side through everything and this woman has the nerve to tell me I wasn't his family? I told her that her comment was incredibly out of line and I deserved an apology. She ignored me and almost a year later, she hasn't apologized.
Shortly after that phone call, I decided I was finished with her. I tried time and time again to forge a good relationship with her and every single time, she has managed to say something hurtful or will behave in a way that undermines my role as my husband's wife.
The other painful part of this is whenever my husband is experiencing a manic upswing (he's medicated but still finding the right balance his meds) his first call is to his mother to complain about some made up conflict where he's the victim and I'm the instigator. She never bothers to find out if any of this is true or tells him not to involve her in our personal business. No, she gleefully engages in the trash talking and gives him whatever messed up validation he's looking for. I'm just finished with the whole thing and I just want to wash my hands of the both of them.

What my in-laws don't seem to understand is that the more they show their true colors with me, the worse it is going to be for them. As I noted before (I can't remember if it was in my original confession as well as in comments to others), we had to cut off my in-laws (for nearly 2 years) for them to finally get the picture that we mean business. We let them know we are not going to tolerate them treating me with disrespect, and we also are not going to tolerate them picking favorites amongst our children (it is very hurtful to the child who is *NOT* their favorite).

So, as some may remember, we are temporarily living with my in-laws (we'll be in our own place next week, though, and it's well over an hour-and-a-half drive away). Please understand that I AM totally grateful that we were able to land here (we moved here from another country to, in part, be closer to DH's family (we're discovering that was a bit of a mistake) along with financial reasons). I AM totally grateful they have fed and housed us these past several months while we became acclimated to this country and while DH has been looking for a job. I am NOT grateful, however, for the disrespect we've received since we got here.

So, here we are getting ready to move in a few days, and yes they are planning to help us. That's all well and good, and I appreciate the help. They seem to think, however, that laying a guilt trip on me is going to bring them good results. My MIL last night layed this huge guilt trip on me about the kids being so far away from her (these same kids that she barely spends time with, by the way...although I will give her credit that she spends more time with them than the others). I go into my bedroom every night after dinner so that my in-laws can spend time with the kids if they choose. Typically, one will be watching TV, another will retreat to his room (my jerk of a BIL), and the 3rd will putter around doing her own thing while my kids play with toys in the living room. I give them two good hours before I start coming out and getting the kids to pick up their toys and get ready for bed (and if someone deems they can be bothered to be speaking with the kids, I give them even longer). Usually, they barely get 5 words out of anyone that whole time.

My MIL has the nerve to try to make ME feel badly because we're moving out. After the way they've treated me since we got here, she has quite a nerve. We probably would have happily stayed for even a few more months if everyone wasn't so awful. They think it is hilarious to continue to leave the screen doors open for mosquitos (and other bugs) and snakes to just wander in whenever they like, even though we have some of the most deadly snakes on the planet living right in their very back yard (bush land), and even though I have asked nicely, then begged, then got angry for them to STOP doing that. They know I'm deathly afraid of snakes, and I swear to god if a snake got in this house and bit one of the children, there would have been hell to pay.

They also think it's hilarious that my ignorant BIL makes flippant comments about my 6 y.o. DD's disability (autism). I spoke to him a couple of times very politely about it, once even at the dinner table (I had no choice because he was making his rude comments at dinner, and I felt the only way to deal with that is to address it right there and then). I then finally got angry one day and screamed at him (for literally only about 2-3 minutes!) and my gosh you would have thought I chopped off a limb the way my FIL got on my case about it. He basically told me that even though my BIL said inappropriate things, I should have 'respected' him and not yelled at him. Well, honey, where I come from women are not afraid of their men, and I'll tell someone off if it is needed (again, I try to do it politely and calmly a few times first).

Anyway, it became a big thing, and BIL started purposely opening doors in the house to irritate me (because he knows how I am afraid of the snakes and bugs here). Well, he's not the only one who does that. All 3 of them leave doors open regularly...STILL...even though both my DH and I have asked/begged/gotten upset about it. I told them it puts the kids at risk, not just me, and they still don't care.

Well, guess what? Because this keeps happening (literally just happened...again), and because of the attitudes I'm still getting, they'll realize that irritating me is a bad choice. We may still be within driving distance, but don't look to me to be making that drive very often. Trust me, if I don't harrass my DH, he would forget (or just never be bothered to) call/visit/buy gifts for his family. If I don't answer the phone, or don't pass a message along, he doesn't care. Irritating ME means these children will not be seeing their grandparents very often (they only saw them for about 4 weeks each summer when the in-laws would visit every July, and otherwise only about 1x/month on webcam). My DH is not going to want to spend a day off driving this whole distance by himself, and he knows I'm not going to be in a hurry to come visit. He knows he's welcome to bring the kids and come by himself, but I really don't see that happening very often...once a month MAYBE.

Without my support and prodding, my DH will be unlikely to call very often or visit, and if my MIL thinks she can just pop in whenever she likes, she has another thing coming. I know which days she's likely to visit, and I am happy to ensure we're busy and not at home.

Yes, I know it sounds petty, but I am done with allowing these people to disrespect me and the kids. To think they can ignore these kids when they've had every chance to play with them these past several months, and then think I'm going to roll over and accept that they have a strong need to suddenly spend time with them is crazy. It's not going to cut an ounce of mustard with me. They'll see the kids the 1x/month that DH might be willing to make the trip, and maybe (maybe) 1x/month when my MIL is in town for a couple of hours, and on Christmas and the kids' birthdays. That's all they're getting.

They've pushed us so hard that we're already making plans for another country change in 5-7 years. Moving on. We figure that gives the kids time to be with their grandparents while they are still little, and then we'll do some more world traveling when the kids are teens and at a good age to really enjoy seeing different world sites. If my in-laws don't irritate us too much, we'll let them go back to visiting for several weeks a year. I hope they are proud of themselves and with what their poor behaviors have gotten them. I once cared about what they thought. I once wanted them to love me. I gave up years ago when I realized that they will never love me, and that they are incapable of unconditional love and acceptance. Time to start preparing for greener pastures. Nice that we gave up everything to move here, eh?

My mother in law has serious issues,she sh*t stirs and bi**hes and loves to really really stir things up,and when it comes to confessing her face to she's done nothing wrong...she treats my kids unfairly compared to her other grandchildren and is a nasty peice of work. My bf doesn't see it and always forgives her for the sick twisted things she does and says to me and my kids and I have literally had enough of it all. She never has my kids for a sleep over the last time she had them was exactly a year ago but she does her other grandchildren at the drop of a hat. 24/7 ! And teases my kids about it when we go up there...fact that my bf has a little moan but then is all ok with her or have an argument then crumble and go back up there to see her!! Why do they do that he can't see how nasty she is and this is just a very small portion of what else she has done and does. I'm at my wits and end with it all,I love him but it's begging to wear off and I feel like I will be better off alone I don't want to live the rest of my life like this forever.

My MIL is literally the fakest person I have ever met

I don't know where to begin so i'm gust going to start. My MLI does not like to eat real food. By that I mean she only eats anything that is convenient. Ramen, crakers, lunch meats, chesses thing that requier little effort on her part. Becuase of this a while ago we got into a fight that resulted in her not talking to my hubby or I and buying her own food (for once) witch it was great. She was staying out of our way and I did not have to worry about trying to please her.
Before this she always complained that I didn't cook enough or what she wanted, but when I did she was not hungry or didn't want it and would just let the food rot.
Now she is interacting with my hubby and dtarted her old habbits. I have a lot of food alergies and can only have some things in the snake relm. I have to buy blokes of cheese becuase I cant have the pre shreaded kind. The addative to keep it from clumping makes me vary sick. Not even a full week after buying groceries almost the entirer block of chesses is gone with half of the other. In a week!!! Not even over a long time just ugh. Ive gotten to a point where everything she does pisses me off. Just seeing her boils my blood along with her voice. I fell like she will never leave! When ever we bring up she cryes and turns into a mess and then we cant talk. Im just so done and don't know what to do.

So it appears SIL is contacting me as a flying monkey...again. I have no idea what exactly she thinks she wants or what she thinks to gain. She lost her opportunity to be ACTUAL friends with me years ago when she betrayed my trust and spread things I told her in private to the family. Silly girl - do I look stupid? You only get the opportunity to fool me once.

I cannot get over my MIL. I just need to let it OUT! We've been married for almost 4 years now and my tongue is bleeding because of how much I bite it! I have really been trying my best to be positive and not read into things and be the better person but in order to do that I just have to get it all out. My MIL has three kids all boys my husband being the oldest. She puts us last in EVERYTHING. We have one child and one on the way. She never asks us when we would like to do get together for holidays etc. They don't give us more than 10 min notice to do family suppers. She expects us to go above and beyond for the other boys (the middle one has one child as well) to watch our niece but our child gets shoved behind. Example... Our son is under the age of 3 and she volunteered to watch him on a day she didn't have to work so we said yes and we would like it to be an all day thing so we could clean and get things done before the new baby which is due in a few months. She agreed. Well this morning came and we called, texted, and even stopped by her house to drop off our child and she didn't answer, and was not home. She didn't answer until the afternoon and said she decided that she needed to go out of town for an oil change and wanted to mow first (112 heat index) and then she requested we watch our niece until about midnight Saturday night so she and everyone else can stay late at a wedding for people she barley knows. Now she said going to be able to watch him until 1 so we gritted our teeth and accepted. well it is now almost 3 and still no more updates, no help no nothing after we made plans to be productive. This is not the first time. The other times (yes multiple) we asked if she could watch our child after I was done working so we could go have a mini date night and she agreed which really was just needing 3 hours or so to have a meal and time to reconnect so we went to a restaurant which was about 30 min away. Both times during our meal like 15 min she calls and requests that we come get our child so she can go to town to watch the other grandchild but we would have to be there ASAP because they wanted to go out drinking. I feel like she just favors this other child and its sad because our niece is a sweet girl and I don't want to associate anything negative because of someone else. She agreed to our request first so I don't understand it. It doesn't make sense to me that you would put one child over another when on top of it I'm super pregnant and my husband just had surgery and so I have to take care of him as well then add all that on and expect us to bend over backwards but no respect or consideration in return. *UGH

I have been with my partner near 7 years married 2 and now with a 1 year old daughter. My MIL has been giving me hell since she first met me I was 16 he was 18 I'm not the smartest or prettiest but my husband thinks Iam and I'm okay with that but I hear my MIL whispering all the time about how fat and ugly Iam she never came to visit her son before our daughter was born which I was happy I don't want to fake niceties for her she is a huge gossip and a drama queen if you say no to the slightest thing she make a big deal and tries to guilt trip you into and apology which I used to say sorry but now that my daughter in the picture I have started to put my foot down. But that has just strained my marriage and cause me to get sick she doesn't care about how we want to raise our daughter we tell her this what we are doing and this is what our daughter like but she ignores it and does what she wants she always just says (Quote: I have raised three perfectly good children I think I know what I'm doing) and commenting on non existant house work which Gets done daily and make me paranoid to the extreme.
Sorry this so long but I have never been able to get this off my chest and reading all these stories I felt like I had to share

Where to even start?! My mil is a crier. one of those that if it will get her attention,, you better believe the tears are going to flow. We live about 1/2 an hour from them but only see them thanksgiving and christmas. My husband has sisters, he is the only boy. mil was always really nice to me when i was first in the picture, because she was on the outs with one of the sisters, as soon as they patched things up (after a year of the sister not speaking to them) we were not talked to hardly at all. my husband has wanted to go hunting with his dad for years, but he is never invited but the new son in law goes wth the dad ALL the time. I get upset seeing hubby treated badly, and he doesnt even realize its happening. thanksgiving mil told hubby to sit by his dad, so he did, which was at the dining table, they had folding tables set up also, so me and my kids went to sit and there werent enough chairs for us. so we stood in the kitchen to eat our thanksgiving dinner. mil walked in, and i tried making it ok, sayiing it was fine we didnt mind standing we could just keep her company as she was in and out of the kitchen. well, as soon as my hubby and fil walked in the kitchen she turned on the tears! to which i got a sharp stern WHY IS SHE CRYING from my fil. but whatever! i let that go, now its christmas.........we always go to their house christmas morning at 8. every single year. so i made ALL of my plans around being there at 8. I have grown married kids of my own, that come to my house for dinner. so this year....i find out today we are doing christmas at 10! which means we wont be back home before 12. never mind that i still have to cook our dinner, and our presents wont be able to bee opened until noon or later and i still have young kids at home and dont think i should have to make them wait to open their gifts, or eat their diner. but husband doesnt see anything wrong with his parents or the fact they changed it this year last minute! Im so frustrated

This website helped me to shed some light on the troubled relationship I was having with my MIL, so I thought why not post my own testimony if it can help others. I suffered a lot because of that woman and it went on for 15 long years.

Reading about what other people were going through helped me figure out what I was dealing with, my MIL has a passive-agressive personality, it’s not a disorder that is clinically proven to be a mental illness but I think it’s very close.

Reading about it helped me understand what I had been through, and when I came across a known psychologist that stated : you should run as far away as you can from someone who has that type of personality trouble. I thought, ok this <i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i> is serious, I was not exaggerating.

In front of my husband she pretended to like me, but as soon as she got me alone, she would be mean and cruel, and when confronted afterwards (because I did try a few times), she lied to my face, stating she had never done this or that, or said this or that. I had nowhere to go with that attitude, and she won every time, I had to drop it.

A few weeks ago I put an end to my nightmare, and cut her out of my life for good. It’s unbelievable the relief I feel, even physically I feel different. I know cutting family ties might not be the « right » thing to do, but in my case it was. The woman is not going to change, and enduring more of her torture was not an option for me.

After about 10 years of her abuse, I developed an anxiety problem, I had no idea where it was coming from or why suddenly I had this new problem in my life to deal with. It prevented me from doing a lot of things. It was her, the huge weigh I was carrying from her abuse towards me. If I had known before, she would have been out of my life a long time ago.

So to anyone out there, who suffers from a mean MIL, don’t take it, not for your husband, not for your kids, not for anyone. Save your <i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i>, because nobody else will.

I'm a guy 23 years old and married almost two years. My mother-in-law is relatively attractive but outspoken, arrogant and a bossy woman. My wife is a flight attendant and 5 months ago I went through the most humiliating time of my life for 6 weeks and 4 days. I work construction and not paying attention was hit by a crane bucket that threw me 15 feet into the side of a truck. My left ankle was broken and the ACL on my right knee shot. Aside from that I had a broken jaw and 3 broken ribs. When I got home from the hospital I was bedridden for over 6 weeks. My wife had to work and was away each week sometimes for 3 or 4 days if she was on international flights. That is when the nightmare began as my MIL became my nurse when my wife was away. I argued with her to no avail and ended up naked as she washed my entire body. I was so embarrassed I would try to hide my genitals and she kept telling me not to be such a child. Can anyone imagine how humiliating it is to have a MIL not only see you naked but wash your genitals. She knew how I was embarrassed by it and to be honest I think she enjoyed humiliating me. She would constantly tell my wife how red I got when I blushed and my wife still thinks its funny. Its in the past now but my MIL keeps bring it up once in a while and all the family and friends know about it now. Iy still embarrasses me today.

I used to get along great with my mother in law until we had a baby. Ever since then I cannot stand her. It started when I was in the hospital and asked her for some time alone to work on breastfeeding with the lactation consultant and she threw a fit saying we were keeping her from her grandson. She refuses to come to our house to visit but yells at us if we dont come by every couple of days. And all she does when we do go is argues with us about how to take care of our son and complains my husband is a terrible son for not calling and seeing her every day. She tries to boss my mom around like shes one of her employees when it comes to taking care of my son even though my mom knows him much better and my mil is seriously jealous. She has very strong sometimes racist and homophobic opinions that she tries to push on others, telling me she will pay for my son to go to a private school so he isnt taught that it is ok for gays to marry. I want the woman out of my life, but i know it is unfair to my husband.

My mother in law is a princess through and through, always been provided for by her husband, and doesn't work. My husband and father in law cater to her so her &quot;reality bubble&quot; doesn't pop. She's a spoiled brat, I've seen little kids behave better than her if she doesn't get her way. I particularly find it annoying when she tries to sympathize with me, we have nothing in common. I've worked hard for everything I have, and I've had a <i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i> life doing it. My Husband, dog, family, education, and the small amount of stuff that I have in our apartment is all I really have to show for it, and even then I've had to work an ungodly amount for it.
I've had to fight for years for my relationship, engagement, marriage. I've particularly had to fight her for my husband. She can't let him go, she calls him daily. It got to a point where I left my husband till he realized what his relationship with her was doing to our relationship. Needless to say the only one who really looks after me, is me, because I end up looking after him too. It came to the point where I told him that it honestly felt like an affair; that I was his wife, and that his mum was the &quot;Other women&quot;, and that I worked all the time and paid bills, and was less than a second thought. We went out on a date and she was calling, we stayed in and watched a movie, and she was calling, we went out for dinner and she was calling, it was my bday, she had a hissy fit and he went to visit her, forgot my bday. I guess it changed his perspective pretty fast when I told him, said I deserved better, and that I was going to call off the wedding and left. He worked very hard to win me back, and he works very hard to stay in my good graces, keeping his mother at bay. We're married now, he makes me feel like I'm top priority.
I sometimes wonder about his mum though, and what warped her so bad. I mean for a women in her mid fifties to never grow up?
I'm less than half her age and I have more responsibility now than she's had in a life time. I just fret that something will happen to his dad. She'll never be able to live on her own, she's doesn't worked, and she can't support her current living style.

In the beginning my mother in law seemed so great but it changed so quickly and has been like walking on eggshells since. I had a child from a previous relationship and once I was pregnant she would constantly say how it's so much more special when it's the first grandchild on both sides. She is so opinionated, everything is about her and she loves to be waited on. She still babies her middle aged child. Ten years ago she marked an Oprah magazine article about a crazy daughter in law and said it reminded her of me. I was so angry reading that considering our entire relationship I've bent over backwards for this woman. She's said she wonders when I'm going to start looking older, always telling me I look tired, throwing a fit when things don't go her way. I deeply regret naming my child after this woman. We go to her home and we all sit there while she talks about herself the entire time. I don't care. It's gotten to the point I don't even talk anymore. There is no point, she's not listening but just waiting to talk. When my husband is away for work she will call just to ask how her son is. She isn't a very active grandmother and it's sad she never keeps her word when she tells them she's going to take them to do things. She's very flashy, very old but loves to show off materialistic things she owns. I absolutely dread going over there, my anxiety goes through the roof. I would never tell my husband not to speak or see her but I feel like every holiday for nearly twenty years it's been about her and her family. I have no idea where she gets this sense of entitlement either it makes me sick.

My mother in law (who refuses to call me her son's wife even after seven years) came to my home, sat on my sofa, held my five month old son, and informed my husband that he must not be the baby's father because neither of us have blue eyes.

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My mother in law is terrible, not only to me but to her own son. First, she degrades him all the time. She has called him fat and stupid among other things. He is a paramedic and she expects him to pick up his phone whenever she calls and then she gets extremely irritated if he misses ONE. On top of that, she is extremely hateful towards me. I have only been in the same room with her a handful of times and each time, she judges me. I have never given her a reason to hate me. I have always been polite to her and offered to do things for her but she responds with hate. She degrades me in front of her son all the time and has even offered him money to break it off with me. Every time he sees her he comes back wreaked and I have to make everything better. He hates seeing her and has thought about removing her from his life because of how toxic she is. She even causes a lot of problems in our relationship. I don't know how to deal with her and I am afraid of the future I will have with her in it. I need some help.

I don't know how long it's been since I've posted here, so maybe I'll give a recap and update in one. We moved to another country, in great part, to be closer to my in-laws. For years I enjoyed only having to see them once a year for a few weeks when they would visit us, but here I am in their country, reeling from being terrorized and tormented during the three-and-a-half months we spent living under their roof when we first arrived.

I foolishly thought they'd be happy we moved here, as I always assumed that one of the reasons they always hated me was because their son moved across the planet to be with me. It turns out they are just miserable people (which, granted, I did figure that part out long ago) and are he!! bent on blaming me for every hind-quarters itch they might suffer from. In essence, they never gave me a chance and rejected me out-of-hand from the beginning, and I've spent the last 12 years dealing with passive-aggressiveness as well as out-right aggressiveness from them. My SIL and BIL are also active players in this fun little game of &quot;Let's crap on Cat&quot;.

Well, we live an hour-and-a-half away, but clearly that's still not far enough as I still have to see them every few weeks (although I have been sitting it out more and more regularly, going about 80% No Contact since I'll make an exception for holidays and birthdays).

So, I just spent a &quot;lovely&quot; afternoon with these fine folk at a local park (it was a neutral place where we could have the kids do an egg hunt). I scheduled it for Saturday because I didn't want them to rain on our enjoyment of the actual day. My FIL showed up with his usual stick in his hind quarters, giving us the silent treatment (when he wasn't busy shooting icy glares my way or just getting up and walking off on some random walk around the neighborhood instead of spending quality time hunting for eggs with his grandchildren). My MIL was fairly stand-off-ish and my aunt-in-law (AIL) felt the need to make dumb comments about the fact that my autistic daughter gets nervous if we hop into a car without a good destination. She gets anxious, and apparently my AIL simply couldn't wrap her mind around this fact (this came up because my AIL kept asking if I had managed to see every single site in the city in the 6 short months I've lived in this country. Umm, no, not yet. Sorry, but we've been busy, and it's a pretty big city! Give us a break! She criticized me for not just aimlessly wandering around the city till I knew it like the back of my hand. I explained that's not practical with an autistic child who likes to know exactly where we are going and who gets overstimulated if you try to squeeze too many activities into one day. That seemed to boggle my AIL. Maybe she should study up on autism? Who knows. Anyway...

Then from the park we went to a local Chinese place for dinner, where my FIL continued to give us the silent treatment (Oh, but he spent exactly 60 seconds ticking my daughter, so, you know, all should be forgiven, right?). This is the same man who has still not come to see our new apartment, doesn't call or txt his son AT ALL to see how his job search has been going, how the kids are doing, etc. For the record, I'm not personally complaining that this miserable, wretched man doesn't visit. I just find it interesting that these people claim to have so much love and interest in their grandkids and in their son. They did nothing but talk about me behind my back for YEARS about how I somehow must have put a gun up to their son's head to get him to move to my country to marry me, and naturally I also ruined his life because he chose a college degree and a job that interested HIM, and not the one his parents wanted for him. It's all my fault for telling my husband to follow his heart. God, what a horrible wife I am.

Anyway, so that about catches us up. Oh, I forgot to mention that we've decided to move out of the area as soon as is comfortably possible. My husband is working on ensuring a relocation (hopefully several thousands of miles away) with his employer in a couple of years, and then we'll leave and never look back on this town (except possibly at Christmas). This experiment of living closer to them clearly failed, so we'll just focus on some of our other goals for moving here and make those happen (ie. career and travel goals).

MIL has 3 sons and I snagged the eldest; her golden haired boy. FIL is a mine worker so he is away from home quite a lot. She is desperate to hold on to her &quot;baby boys&quot; and was devistated that one got away. So much devistated that she relocated the whole family 6000kms when we moved for work so she was still I close to her son. They moved into the next street, 250m from door to door.
Sons and number 2 and 3 don't (and have never) worked, don't drive, have never moved out of home or contributed to society in any way. They are 27 and 30.
Now all of this is not really my issue, the problem arises for me when MIL opens her mouth. She tells my children that she is taking them to breakfast/ movies/ festivals etc without consulting me then just cancels at the last moment for no apparent reason! Then she constantly compares my daughter to deadbeat son #2, even suggesting that people would think she was his daughter not my partners!
Why did I say partner not husband? Because she is made such a fuss about our idea of a wedding that we scrapped the plan all together. I told my partner that I wasn't interested in sharing a last name with her anyway. We would elope but I think my parents deserve to be there to see their only daughter marry, and I can't tell my partner his parents on the afforded the same privilege. So everyone misses out.

My mother in law has to be the snoopiest, vile, most emotionally manipulative, hypochondriac control freak of a person I've ever met. Always has her nose in someone's business (especially mine).
I've been with my partner for almost 2 and a half years (both of us mid twenties), first three months not one problem. After she realised it wasn't ending she started to get jealous and started causing problems.

She dictates every aspect of his life: finances, food, where he goes, when he works, literally everything.

She goes through my private belongings when I stay there and then gossips to her friends about what she finds. She constantly asks about my work roster and where me and my partner are going so she can time her snooping before we return. It gets worse if she thinks there is bills or bank account stuff she can snoop through.

She always asks questions that are worded like an accusation and then when you confront her in front of others the waterworks start and it's just because she &quot;cares to much&quot; that she wants to be involved. Yeah right.. She is the most emotionally manipulative person I've ever met and it seems no one else in her family can see it. She will do just about anything to get her own way. I'm almost greatful I don't want children because that's something she can't use as a bargaining chip as I know most MIL's do.

It bothers because we are talking more about marriage and (we have agreed we can't have her there) and I am constantly concerned about how her behaviour would weigh on our relationship because I can guarantee she won't change.

I remember mentioning one day the area in which we would like to live together on our own and she would not &quot;allow it&quot; because it was to far from her.

I'm at my wits end, I've ignored the behaviour, I've set boundaries and consequences but nothing is working. I'm about to lose my god damn mind.

Thanks for listening everyone &lt;3

My MIL manipulates my husband by crying every time she wants us to do anything. From the holiday plans she wants us to make, to just coming over to visit her at her disgusting dog piss covered house, she always gets her way with crying. And it drives me insane. She's very overweight and has always had health issues. And every time she throws a fit I just pray that she drops dead soon. My dream is that my in-laws get into a car accident and both die together. Because if he dies, she will become a burden on our shoulders cause she's so out of shape that she can't do anything for herself, and if she dies, he will become a giant burden because he's anti-social but is needy (he has no friends, and would call us 50 times a day). I feel bad for it, but every day I wake up hoping I'll get a call that they're dead.

My mil likes to talk about what a failure my husband was at school in front of our two kids, and how 'clever' her 3 other children were including the golden child sil who she talks about all of the time. She will spend as little time at our house as possible, talking about sil and her 'brilliant' children the whole time. If I try to talk to my fil - a really nice guy - she says 'oh I used to pretend to like my fil too', or 'oh she doesn't want to hear about that.' She talks over everyone and never listens just reloads ready to go herself. She recently tried to ride over one of my plans for our family to facilitate her golden sil, but when I challenged it she went ahead and turned up at our house anyway. I asked her not to tell anyone about my miscarriage - she told everyone. If I tell the sil something she immediately tells the mother and visa versa - my husband says that's just women, they gossip, but we never hear a thing about sil's ptivate life. I am so miserable, I thought when you married it was your man's role to put his wife first but he says that I have made it so that he is uncomfortable seeing his family as though it is somehow my fault - is it?

I don't know where to begin so i'm gust going to start. My MLI does not like to eat real food. By that I mean she only eats anything that is convenient. Ramen, crakers, lunch meats, chesses thing that requier little effort on her part. Becuase of this a while ago we got into a fight that resulted in her not talking to my hubby or I and buying her own food (for once) witch it was great. She was staying out of our way and I did not have to worry about trying to please her.
Before this she always complained that I didn't cook enough or what she wanted, but when I did she was not hungry or didn't want it and would just let the food rot.
Now she is interacting with my hubby and dtarted her old habbits. I have a lot of food alergies and can only have some things in the snake relm. I have to buy blokes of cheese becuase I cant have the pre shreaded kind. The addative to keep it from clumping makes me vary sick. Not even a full week after buying groceries almost the entirer block of chesses is gone with half of the other. In a week!!! Not even over a long time just ugh. Ive gotten to a point where everything she does pisses me off. Just seeing her boils my blood along with her voice. I fell like she will never leave! When ever we bring up she cryes and turns into a mess and then we cant talk. Im just so done and don't know what to do.

So my mil is normally ok. We live with them as we are saving for a house. Fil hates (and I mean: hates and goes on long winded tangents) about not being picky with food and you absolutely should not ever throw anything away much less make a different meal for anyone.
I've taken over the cooking because mil &quot;works&quot; as does everyone else, I'm a sahm. I prepare meals that can be cooked whilst I deal with my sons bedtime routine so that once he is asleep, we can eat.
Fil has now decided he is not eating anything I make (for no actual reason he just turns his nose up at every suggestion) and instead is demanding I make him something different every night. If I refuse mil makes it, leaving me with loads of washing up....
Today was the clincher. I bought fils favourite meal, prepared it and was about to start cooking it, when mil rings and says &quot;8pm is too late for dinner. We need to eat before that.&quot; And instead she went to the supermarket and returned with processed fish fingers, processed peas and smiley faces!! (I was cooking a chicken with vegetables and boiled new potatoes)
Well it's not 7:30pm and so far no food has materialised from the kitchen. I think mil expects me to cook it for her, but I'm continuing with my original recipe. After all, if 8pm is too late to eat, she and fil should have sorted themselves out sooner, right?

My mother in law is a real piece of work. Never respecting boundaries, coming to the back door and looking through the window before knocking. Looking through closets, chest of drawers, stealing pictures out of my photo albums when we were not home. Of course your are asking why did you give her a key? She aggravated my husband and assured him it was only for emergencies. She respected no ones privacy. I hate her. Why did I have to end up with the craziest mother in law on the planet?

My infant daughter is very clingy. She doesn't even like me being in a separate room from her. And it makes sense that she's a mommys girl since she spends all day everyday with me and we've never been apart. She's such an excellent baby, always happy, doesn't cry unless she needs something and only whines when she wants me.
But everytime we visit her grandparents, her grandmother takes her from me and she CRIES IMMEDIATELY. It's painful to see the look on her face like she's absolutely terrified and sheds real tears. Now it's because she doesn't know them very well, she hardly ever sees them as we rarely get the chance to visit. But she has been held by people she doesn't know and she never cries, at most if she's ever uncomfortable shell just reach for mommy again.
Every. Single. Time. We visit her grandmother she cries, and then stays very upset for the rest of the day. I feel bad for how it must make her grandmother feel. She probably feels very terrible and has a hard time thinking that her granddaughter doesn't like her. BUT she blames me. Every time she takes her and she cries, she tells me it's because I spoiled her, she's a mommys girl, she spends TOO MUCH time with me, I don't let her get comfortable with anyone else.
I understand that it's obviously very hard to accept that my daughter is uncomfortable with her, but to put me down because of it is just low. She doesn't have a problem being held by anyone else, just her. And honestly, if she was a little less overwhelming it might be easier on the baby. Her grandmother is LOUD and annoying, constantly scratching at the baby's face, making loud sounds to get her attention when all it does is frighten her.
I know the solution is to have them spend more time together, so the baby gets more comfortable with her, but her grandmother thinks that she can just jump right in, that she should be fine because it's heerrrr granddaughter. I can't tell her that she's being too overwhelming, that he has no clue how to handle a baby really. (She's never had a baby of her own, she's my husbands stepmother) I feel bad for her, to have the baby cry every time she holds her. But then when we leave I end up feeling like the bad guy, like it's all my fault because of what they say to me. We should see them more and spend more time with them, but with the way they are I really don't want to.

My mil called our home as much as 5-8 times a day. She was told to stop calling at nap time because it was waking our daughter up. She said &quot;she will just have to get to the phone ringing my kids did.&quot; She was told to stop calling at dinner time so for years she would call every day at 5:00. If we did not answer the phone she would call every 10 minutes until we did. Anything she could do to spite. We finally stopped her from calling at 10:30 at night when we had to get up for work the next day at 6:00. Just a real nut case, and I have never met anyone like her before or since. Would not listen to anyone about anything, and it was like talking to a brick wall.

Hi I am the mother law and helped my son and daughter move in with us helped them out they got their driver license help with buying a car she hung out with me then she got pregnant she was sick all the time then they where at the hospital my rule in my house is no sodas in your bedroom I new they had some in their room and they did about 12 half fill soda can and candy wrapper in the trash so I took the cans and through them away they came home from the hospital she let me hold the baby then they went to their room I guess she was she mad that I did that they got in a fight and now I have to ask my son to bring the baby down so I can see him now my son has got back to work she dose not come out of room not she will not eat dinner with just to use the restroom all this over trash I feel disrepected in my house I let u in my house and now treated like this

Well b!tch, I won. After your most recent outburst DH realized just how sociopathic you actually are and is content to have us and our children avoid you and your family. You have played the victim/martyr all whilst spewing vitriol. You and FIL fostered a toxic environment for your own children, who are still suffering the psychological effects, and I pity them. My DH mentioned it's hilarious that his siblings borrow money from you all the time - they're likely waiting for you to croak so they never have to pay you back. DH and I are self-sufficient and don't need your &quot;help&quot;, which infuriates you since you aren't privy to our financial affairs. Your feeble attempts at controlling our lives have failed, all while bringing my family unit closer together. Enjoy the ride to hell.

Been married for a few years now. When I newly got married my husband warned me about his mother. He said he didn't want us to ever split because of her. He is a sort of quiet person who keeps himself to himself he doesn't like conflict. Im a very traditional person with traditional morals. (My hubby has been like an outcast of the family). It made me feel so sorry for him and care for him more.Well ever since I walked into his house MIL has had it in for me. She doesn't like the fact I'm independent and educated and can stand on my own 2 feet. Even worse she cant stand the fact my hubby and I are in love. She is constantly <i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i> stirring. I do everthing in the house cook,clean, do all the paperwork, phone calls to and am a taxi driver whenever they need a lift. She ruined Christmas for me and my hubby and went to tell my FIL that I don't do anything and just sit in my bedroom....the lying GIT! She is the most laziest and most evil person I have met. She gets up in the morning stuffs her face,goes for a <i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i>,cleans her room (does not touch any other room in the house) and buggers off out shopping to buy her junk food. By the time she gets home I have cleaned the house from top to bottom and cooked. She gets home runs to her room stuffs her face and sleeps for hours until FIL gets home. I fed up with her bad mouthing me and <i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i> stirring. She will only be happy when me and my hubby split. My hubby has a big family he is the youngest. Everyone knows what she is like but will never back us up. She is ruining my life !!

Im so glad I am not a lone in the hell of the mother in law. This is really long and im sorry.
Let me start from the deginning. My husbant and are where best friends growing up. So i've knowen him for a vary long time. Before getting marrieed I took a trip to visited and live with him for just over a month. (He is in the military and got stationed somewhere els) With already seed MIL living in the house. It was no big deal when visiting. Everything ran smothily no problems at all, almost like just having a room mate.
After my trip, he took leave to speend more time with me and flew back home with me. By this time we were engaged and we desided to get married on this trip.
When we moved me out there and got back the distruction started to happen. Fitghting, passive agresseve behavior, yelling, slaming doors, almost anything that makes me uncompfterbol she has done or is doing.
My husbant and I are in our 20's living with a 45year old women with cronic migrans.
Nothing can be down endless it is on her schdual. Anything from watching tv to doing the dishes can start a fight.
The most resent one was over laundry. Getting all histraical saying she didn't know we where doing our laundry sepret and that we should ask to use HER washer and dryer. When all we did was sort the it to prep the laundy and find his dirty uniforms.
The fight three moths before resulted in surety forces and my husbants officers getting involed. The &amp;$*%? military got involed. This resulted in a come to Juses meeting and a time line for her moving out and how to get there. The only problem is every week sens that meeting something always comes up where she can't get her income agusted so she can move out. She Also refuses to talk about her move out data or just tells us &quot;it will be taken care of&quot;.
Orginaly befire I moved out there she was supose to move out after Thanksgiving, but that passed. The military meeting Came to the conclution that March, April time would be the goal data for thats when our lease is up.
My MIL lives rent, water, food, almost any housing exspence free. We even give her money for gas in her car and almost anything els she may need help with. She has no job, won't find one. All her income comes from soscial secrity disability.
He has been living with her for two years and I only six months. But I am at my wits end. I can't leave my room for it makes too much noise. Talking when my husbant is home is a hasel becuase I can't talk at my nornal voice for its too loud and I will be told to be quiet. And forget about being on the phone, not only will it be to noise but she hovers and listens in on ever converstaion. I can't even call my own mother endless im out side of the house. Worst of all whem my husbant brought this to her attention all she had to say is that that is my problem. My problem? That I have to wisper to have a converstion to try and apease someone who makes living at home stressful to now end.
I am a people pleaser, I dont like conflict and prefure to talk thing out. But when some won't talk and just gives us dirty looks walks off and slams doors.
The longer my MIL is here the less communication my husbant and I have. It has but so much strain on our relationship i don't know what to do any more.

Me and my husband had a deal with the MIL, we worked for the family business and paid cheaper rent for it.
She knew I had an indoor rabbit and didn't disapprove of it when I first moved in.
After an argument, she said that the rabbit had to go or I did.
More arguments came and we moved out, she then got a dog!
Because dogs never smell...

My mother in law is the most selfish, manipulative piece of work I\'ve ever met. She does not want any of her 4 kids to be married. She is pissed whenever they get married. She just wants them all to herself forever. She does not like me because I am a different religion than her. Even though they are similar and both christian. She hangs up the phone on my husband if he is not telling her everything she wants to hear or if she doesn\'t get her way. She didn\'t show up to our son\'s birthday party because she was mad at us. She threatened not to come to our wedding because it was in my church. Also, when she did show up she wore black. She told the rest of the family how often my husband and I have sex (which my husband had told her). We live in a small town so I was furious when this got back to me at work. A coworker knew how often we do that. I am sick of my husband not nipping this in the bud. She drives him nuts also, he is just so afraid of her. He is afraid to come to church with me because he said he\'s afraid someone in town will tell her they saw him there with me. We don\'t ask her to babysit anymore cuz she hangs it over our head. When I was pregnant she wouldn\'t say hello back to my husband because we were not doctoring at the clinic that she wanted us to.

I'm so happy I found this site. I could tell you guys a million stories but I'll start with the most recent one. So my boyfriend and I have been dating 5 years and I appreciate his mother but she's bat <i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i> crazy! We went to a concert a couple weekends ago and her and her bf went to the seats first before us and my bf and I went to get drinks. When we get to the seats I go sit first and I'm next to her bf and my bf sits next to me at the end. Within 5 mins she starts getting pissy and makes her bf switch seats with her so she can sit next to me. Not horrible but why do you care that we're sitting next to each other? And throughout the concert she's yelling at him because she thinks he's looking at other women, nuts! When he wasn't he was trying to enjoy the show with her and he even bought the tickets for us! She was being jealous and insane for no reason.

I had the most horrible mother in law on the planet for 30 years. Now I am seeing my daughter go through the same thing with her crazy in laws. God I wish I could stop this crazy making behavior.

A few years back my bf of 13 years had gotten a call from his father saying, son, I am not sure why your mother is off her rocker but I wanted you two to know that there was never a name given to the miscarriage we suffered after you were born. He had seen a post of someone in the mil family taking a picture of their blessed angel's gravestone, a premature baby who didnt make it after many invetro complications. This baby's was an angel being born close to full tern of course the family was sad. I. The comments section my fil read a post by his ex stating OUR 6 YO NAME! EXACT NAME! The MIL posted that she had suffered the same thing... out of attention of course. Not new to see her tantrum or make her the center. Very narcissistic in every form. OK so being with bf for over a decade, she had been banned from staying with us due to the altercationsame she caused. Once we moved there was no one close for her to stay with so that boundary was crossed again. His dad knew she was coming to visit us soon and wanted to share the info that he had seen on fb to tell the truthings before she came in and wanted pity. Our Daughter is happy, healthy and a light in our life and his father did not do this out of spite, it was more out of shock that she would even write this to take away from her niece who was truly hurt on this anniversary of her lost loved one who was in nicu for a week before she lost her fight. OK fast forward a day before she was set to leave... we had ignored the fact that we knew because it was so disrespectful and outlandish that we found peace at times to not give her the attention when she sought it out in the pity me stories came out. So she was sitting in our living room and decided to bring up this post on her kindle. I was sitting beside her and for the 1st time seen with my eyes that she NAMED OUR DAUGHTER AS THE 1 ON HER MISCARRIAGE GRAVESTONE Which doesn't even exist. She seen me flare, it was a big f*u fight. We explained that we knew all about her lies and purposely didn't say because she had no where to stay. Now as a couple we were shocked. As a parent I was bewildered as to how she planted this story in the thread of a real hurting family member. As a Jesus loving person I thought this was a thing you NEVER put out there, a living child's name on a headstone. Like when you call in to work and say you have someone pass, a way to play hookin is not a thing to do. Like what if it really happened!? The argument happened. I was so upset that I said to my bf that she is a dirty liar who never liked the idea we named our daughter after her grandfather which makes the story even more of a lie. She was told that she would be lucky to ever step foot in our home again and this thing she put on blast, she was told to delete the comment. Instead she calls her sister in a crying fit and askEd HER TO REMOVE THE ENTIRE MEMORAL POST! I was ready to take her to sleep at the airport and it was almost 2 years before she came back and now acts as if she did nothing wrong, never mind the fact that We never spoke to her until I had to call when her son was sick in the hospital. She has made me feel crazy numerous times and I have been under minded ever time she arrives. My fiance and I are to be wed in a few months. She has tried to sabotage the addresses for invitations. Disregarded the fact that we have tried to evolve her and expects to see us the morning after the wedding. Littlet does she know, this hotel room thing this trip will be permanent. I do not care to be around her spiteful, selfish ways. When she seen the engagement ring in person she said that's even bigger than mine. When she seen the invites, she noticed we added join us with our parents instead of naming each parent, step parent and my deceased parent... she turned he nose up at them and said we didn't need to send them to all of her family. Just 1 to the entire family. Wait get this: we took both moms to venues that were in our town. She picks the most expensive, we pulled it off, saving and making payments as we have paid for everything, she says it was only $5000, and I knew then she was trying to set us up to fight over money. Which we haven't and I just looked at her like she was crazy and said MORE LIKE $10000! It will be a wonderful event to show our great relationship. It is about showing the family that we truly do love each other. BTW it took him 4 suggested proposals and 3 promise rings until I said yes because of how his narcissistic parents treat me. I am happy with him and they to this day still bring up his exes who are doctors now. I am so glad he has started therapy before this last visit. She sees that he is a man, who stands up for his little family 1st. It encourages me that he won't be throwing me under the bus as he has before to please his mom. I'm not naive, I know this can escalate after the ring. Frankly, I can't wait to see if she tries to show up late to sabotage the actual day. We are in love and I have learned to pick my battles. So when she tells our 9 YO that she is 57 again this year, the smart little girl is noticing that she's really crazy, not mommy. Lol
Please wish us luck, pray, burn some sage for me &amp; maybe once she getsaid here this time she will be realistic when her new husband is there. The guy who gets to chill at home while he sends her out to terrorize her only son and only grandchild.
Oxox peace &amp; therapy readers. I can't make this up!

Me and my boyfriend are together for 6 years now. I've known his family for 4 years now and I can say that I finally opened my eyes- or that I've become a very pessimist person .

Until 2014 me&amp;bf spent the most time together, only 2 of us : going out, chilling, talking all night long, watching the stars, no phonecalls, no interuptions, no worries. I really miss those days. Now we can't have a good conversation because his phone will interrupt us - his mother calling even if she saw him 30 minutes ago.

Back then, sometimes we slept at his house, sometimes we slept at my house. When we slept at his place his mom cooked for us, insisting that we need to eat, insisting that we need to stay longer in the house, always asking about where we were going, when are we going to be back and so on. She was always talking about money, about how much she needed help with the finances, that she was struggling and her son ( my bf )always helped her- but by helping her, he was no longer able to help me, or more exactly, our relationship. Most of the time I had to pay for our drinks, I had to pay for food when we were going out, the bill at the restaurant, I alone had to help my mom pay the bills, we were not able to go out of town or travel, let alone take a vacation.. and deep down I blamed the MIL, but I never said anything to my boyfriend because I tried to be a mature person about it, and understand that as a only son he had to help his family. &quot; But you're his family too, right ?&quot; a little voice said in my head.

Anyway, in the past 2 years, he slowly realised that he was not helping me out enough, and I gently told him that I needed his help with money and expenses for our food, our clothes, our time . And since then we stayed more at my place - my house is bigger, cleaner, we don't have to wait in line at the bathroom as we had to do at his place, nobody is asking us where we're going, with whom, why, or when. There was a period of time when I worked 12 hours shifts (sometimes during night time )and I was going to college also, so we didn't have time to go at his place often enough. After that, I changed jobs and I had to work 14 hours shifts and also finish my license, as I was a student in last year of college - obviously we had even less time to spend with our families, he crashed at my place at night so we can at least catch up and not distance ourself from one another. And that was the time his mother started calling him, his phone was ringing up to 8 times a day : &quot; When are you coming home ?&quot;, &quot; When are you visiting ?&quot;, &quot; I cooked something really delicious, come eat &quot;, &quot; Me and your father need some money, we have to pay bills &quot;. So we tried to go there more often, but the MIL had a way of making me feel guilty, like I was taking her son away from her or something. &quot; Why don't you two stay the night ?&quot;, &quot; Are you two already leaving ?&quot;, &quot; Y'all need to help me with money &quot;, &quot;Why don't you stay longer ?&quot;, &quot; I cooked this and that, go eat.&quot;, &quot; Why don't you eat ?&quot;, &quot; I made soup, go eat &quot;, &quot; Call me to say goodnight &quot;, &quot; Me and your father miss you, son &quot;. I know she is trying to be nice and polite, I know that he is her only child and that she loves him, but she has a really nagging, exasperating way of showing it.

He is 25 now and his mom calls him up to 10 times a day, everyday, even if they see each other or not - &quot; What are y'all doing ?&quot;, &quot; When are you coming to us , when are you comimg home?&quot;, &quot; I just called to hear your voice &quot;, &quot; We don't have money&quot;, &quot;We have to pay this and that &quot;, &quot; Why are y'all sleeping so much ? ( when he doesn't answer his phone because we're sleeping) &quot; and all this shenanigans every single day.

I never or rarely say anything to my boyfriend about this, as I feel that it is not my place to intervene between him and his mother. The only thing I said is this &quot; please reassure your mom that you love her, please tell her that you are not leaving her &quot;.

But deep deep down I feel like she is smothering him so much, that he will not be able to become a man, that he will always feel like he is &quot; mama's little boy &quot; and that he will demand someone to always look after him, to always clean after and for him, to always cook for him, to always remind him to brush his teeth and so on, just like his mother is doing. I really don't want to be my boyfriend's mother.

Maybe I don't understand my bf and his mom situation mostly because me and my mother rarely see eachother,we talk on the phone maybe 3 times a day and that's it, I think that this is more than enough as I am 22 years old now.

So, please tell me, am I a bad, pessimistic, territorial person for feeling like this about my MIL and her realtionship with my bf ? Or is this normal ?

My husbands mom is a complete BITCH! I cannot deal with her anymore. My husband and I have been married 8 months going on 9 and have dated for 3 years. She is a poor excuse as a mother. To begin with... she's a non stop chain smoker, and uses drugs and never took care of her children. The men she was sleeping with did. Anyways that's beside the point. The other I was sitting in the room after a week before venting to her about these pregnancy hormones and how frustrated I've been to have found porn on my laptop, him flirting with other women and etc. Well she starts flipping through old photos and finds it okay to say &quot;don't show you wife&quot;, while I'm sitting right beside him. The picture was of a stripper with her breasts out. WTFFFFF. I brought it to her attention that it bothered me and didn't even get so much as an apology.

I feel like I'm going crazy.
My DH and I recently had to make a very sudden move back to our home town as my father was diagnosed as terminal.
We didn't have time to look for a place (we decided to move, packed everything and moved within a week) so my MIL offered us a room until we could find somewhere else.
Five days after moving, my father passed away (about a month ago). All she has said is &quot;its over now&quot;. Not, sorry for your loss, or are you ok? Just its over now. She has no compassion.
My DH and I are both suffering with depression and anxiety that has affected our lives in ways that are hard to cope with. Living here makes it 100x worse and yet she thinks it's a relaxing environment.
She criticises us, shames and guilts us and bitches about us to her friends behind our back. I know this because she sent a message in a group chat between my DH, her and a family friend that clearly wasn't meant to be seen by us. My DH was sleeping so hasn't seen it but I have, and I know her talkinging about him like that would kill him so now I'm stuck about what to do. Should I delete the message and pretend it was never there? Should I confront her but still delete the message? Or should I show my DH so he can finally see what a conniving witch she is? Gah, I'm so sick of dealing with this <i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i> on my own.

Where do I start? I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for nearly two years, I was in an early pregnancy with my son when me and my boyfriend met he accepted how hard it had been and took me and the bump under his wing he loved us both and his mum was fine she would make comments but I just thought she was old fashioned, over time comments had been made and names had been given to me &quot;madam&quot;, &quot;it&quot; And &quot;her&quot; , I never say anything back and forever sing her praises to her son for the sake of our relationship but recently I had found a lump and was concerned she persisted to know why my boyfriend had to take me to the doctors and wouldn't listen even when told it was personal and private by my boyfriend, later on that evening I found a text from her on my boyfriends phone from her asking if I had an &quot;itchy fanny&quot; with a laughing face I saw this and broke down my boyfriend told me I was overreacting and was over tired then she text him telling him to come home and that she's &quot;sick of my <i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i>&quot; when I had done nothing wrong but prompt my boyfriend to go back to his mums. She doesn't accept my son, she is rude and very controlling of my boyfriend, she's never found love and hates all the girlfriends her sons have..she had no daughters. I love this guy and my son calls him dada..she slags off my family and calls them when I've &quot;done wrong&quot; to her son. When is it enough? She's practically bulling me and my boyfriend says it's just who she is.

My mother in law is a religious freak. Some of the things:
1.wouldnt allow husband to go to Walmart alone with me before we were married. He was 30.
2. Told me the spirit is Satan was inside me
3. When my daughter was 4 she told me she hated her
4. When we were trying to conceive she told me I was too fat to physically take care of a child. I was 5'9 and 230. Fat but not that fat.
5. Invited the other grandchildren over but not my daughter
6. Called me a slut on my wedding day
7. Had toy boxes for the grandchildren but not for my child
8. Refused to let my husband to see his dad when he was in the ICU. His dad died 2 days later
9. Spoke badly about me to my daughters piano teacher
10. Came to &quot;visit&quot; my church and talked bad about me to my fellow church members.
11. Talked my sister in law into getting together with my friends and she told them twisted versions of everything
12. Insulted me and then put me on speaker phone for other members of the family to hear my response. They never heard what she said to piss me off
13. Had people facebook stalk me

My mother in law has systematically pushed everyone out of her life. When we met I felt bad for her as we both suffered from bipolar depression and originally thought she was misunderstood. I bent over backwards to try and get her help and counselling but it became clear as time went by that having a diagnosis for her was not something to deal with but an excuse to be as evil as she wanted with no consequences. She creates her own reality and believes that the lead singer of a band that she has never met is deeply in love with her and taking care of the man she has never even communicated with was more important than her own child. By the time I married my husband we were the only people talking to her as even her twin sister found her to be a parasitic organism. When my husband finally broke off all contact due to her increasingly bizarre lies (apparently we stole her house, yes, the entire thing) I was her only outlet for her ridiculous stories. I had to pick her up at the hospital repeatedly because of the number of broken bones or failing organs that she called an ambulance for. After the first six months they stopped even doing x-rays and would just give her a glass of water and tell her that they were calling me to pick her up. When I talked to her counsellor about what we could do to get her into housing where she would have more attention and maybe return to reality she accused me of trying to get rid of her. No matter how many times I suggested moving into anywhere she would have more contact with people she would always refuse despite me explaining it would be no further away than she was now she decided to refuse to talk to me. She closed the bank account I set up so that transferring her money every month when she ran out of money because she couldn't budget and then called to yell at me when I didn't keep her bank account from going negative. I told her I would help her budget but I wouldn't give her a blank check. That's when she finally decided to cut me off, thank god. My favorite part? When I got a call when she claimed I attacked her (after getting the VA to move her so that her evil daughter wouldn't control her by setting her up with free housekeeping and meals on wheels) I asked them to ask how I found out where she moved to and to contact the VA for her previous trips to the emergency rooms. The cops suggested that I have no contact with her, that was already the plan, and I was informed that she had informed the VA that I lied on our marriage license and that I was her daugher and my husband was her son in law. Fortunately as her lies have grown larger the number of people listening have gone down and my husband doesn't even know she is claiming I'm related to her. My revenge has been perfect. Pictures of her were replaced in our wedding album and it's been a year since we mentioned she existed. On mother's day my husband spent an hour talking to my mom about what a positive influence she has been in his life. I didn't think about her till I heard of this site. We did talk about it when he disowned his mother and I'm listed as her healthcare proxy and he has asked me to handle her burial without telling him. I promise it will be more than she deserves.

I live with my MiL and I cant stand it! She keeps giving me unwanted advice about what to feed my baby. She gets mad when I tell her I don't feel comfortable giving a 4 month old oranges. And she keeps walking through my room even though I closed my bedroom door. There is absolutely no privacy for me.

my mother in law is a piece of work and i am so tremendously exhausted from dealing with her. i have been married to my husband for 27 years and she has never been able to let go go of her son. she doesn't like calling before she comes over. she just pops over unannounced. she said the reason i want her to call before she comes is because i want to leave before she gets there. but that is not true. she has called me names in spanish. she's talked bad about my daughter. she said she comes to visit my son not me. Recently we had our kitchen remodeled and she went and told all her family that im working my husband to death and that im taking advantage of his money. but little does she know i paid for all the remodeling from money i had saved years ago. My husband never defends me. He says that his mother doesn't mean anything by it. He's always been a mama's boy and im sick of it.

Originally when I first met my then boyfriend, I thought it was weird that I had not met his family, especially his mom. My husband &amp; I have been married for 23 years &amp; it's by the grace of GOD we have stayed. My mother in law envies me, despises &amp; altogether has soo much hatred in her heart for me. She has stolen from me. Because of her, (her husband &amp; son) my husband &amp; I lost our first home, since she decided to &quot;help-out&quot; by offering her bookkeeping services, while we were living in a different state. She had her shady relatives move-in rent-free, instead of collecting the rent. She also kept all our furniture &amp; personal belongings. Yet, was quick to include the property in her taxes for nearly 10 years! I never realized this until the movers arrived @ our first duty station, that she had also kept ALL our furniture &amp; had the nerve to sell it in a yard sale. I lost things that I will never be able to replace, since it had great sentimental value. It's ashamed how she could steal from her own son, especially during a time when we most needed assistance. We have lived in the same town for nearly 2 yrs, yet never have them over. They are disgusting! She never washes her hands after using the bathroom, yet is quick to start cooking. Right. No, thank you! I have NEVER confided in her for anything; she's very heartless. She can smile &amp; say she's completely happy for us &amp; yet covets a lot. The handful of times she's been in our home, she admires my curtains, tv, etc &amp; it's just a matter of time, before she buys something similar to what we purchased. She's very prejudice &amp; says the meanest things when I'm around. Yet, I treat her w/ respect &amp; have never raised my voice or gotten mad @ her. My mom taught me to respect my elders, so when mother's day or her bday, or any other special holiday come around, I buy her flowers, gift,etc, just to let her know she is appreciated, because her own husband doesn't do that. If I mention about going to the Bahamas on a cruise, she will be the first to call me &amp; give me the detail of her urinary to the Bahamas. I no longer have my mom; and being raised by a single parent, I can appreciate motherhood even more! Yet, this family likes to take advantage a lot. During the time my mom past away, she volunteered to once again,&quot;help out&quot; in the home, while I attended my mother's funeral. During this time she stole, silverware, personal belongings, blankets, gifts my mom had given to my daughter &amp; either sold them @ yard sales or give them away as gifts to her own family. I have called her out on her behavior, yet she claims she has never done anything wrong. I have great respect for the elderly, yet I have decided to withdrawl myself from them &amp; choose only to visit them on very short visits. I am an educated, talented, wife who they frequently ridicule. She reaches out in order to cause problems between my husband &amp; I. She texts non stop: All hrs of the day, calls during dinner &amp; although has her older son living there, prefers my husband to tackle their yard work, etc. My husband has a very demanding schedule and I work, yet she expects us to drop everything, in order to tackle her,
&quot;honey-do list.&quot; Her husband,spends a substantial amount of time on the computer looking up child pornography. He's one sick bastard! Precisely, why I rarely spend time w/ them; we have nothing in common.

Doesn't it ?

I look forward to her funeral day when all peace will come to me

My evil MIL has been talking smack about me for 23 years. She spreads lies and causes drama for all 4 of her kids. She's 90 now and gets more and more evil every year, but she's recently just gone completely off the deep end. She tried to push her blind daughter down the stairs, but ended up falling herself because her daughter grabbed on to her and didn't let go. She's accused another daughter of being a thief and told lies about her family. Now she's moving on to me &amp; my family.

I'm the (third) wife of the only son. The favored child... She tried for years to bully me. When that didn't work, she started telling lies to my DH &amp; making up stories about things I'd supposedly said &amp; done to her. Tried to get him back together with his last ex for years after we got married. I nearly divorced DH when he moved the MIL into my house when I was due to deliver both of our kids. When I'd specifically told him NOT to, that she was not welcome. She was not there to help.

Her recent craziness has now extended to trying to turn my own children against me with her lies and trash talk. She sends my daughter letters criticizing me &amp; telling lies and encouraging her to avoid me and talk to MIL instead. DH agrees with me that she has gone too far and supports my decision to have no further contact with her and to prevent her from contacting our children as well. But he continues to make excuses for her and gives her an audience for her hate toward me. He'll never completely cut her off, but she's old and in poor health. She'll be gone soon. I plan to celebrate.

We're not even married yet and I already know I'm in store for some long years with my future MiL. Our wedding is this summer and my bridesmaids are wearing 2 shades of blue. I asked my mother and future MiL to not wear blue, but was open to any other colors they feel fabulous in. A few days ago my future MiL goes shopping for her dress and sends me a picture of her in a navy blue dress, which she knows my Matron of Honor will be wearing. I kindly respond stating she looks lovely but we talked about her not wearing blue. She responds back stating she doesn't remember and bought the dress. Upset, I tell my fiance and ask for advice. Instead he tries to call and explain this was my only request to her. Her response? She gets mad and his father calls my fiance to demand $350 for the dress she bought. Still don't know if she's gonna wear it or get another, but it will set a precedence for our relationship with the rest of the marriage.

My Parents In Laws keep saying that in the morning if my baby boy doesn't see them. He will miss them too much. And then they keep teaching my son to say &quot; Daddy&quot;. That's so annoying me. And too many things. I just hate it. Everyday. I just so stress out with them.

i have been married to my hubby for about 1 year... and my respected MIL,, initially she pretends to care me a lot..but as the time passsed.. she becomes insecure of our relationship.before she used my father in law in order to bad mouth me,,but now she use her daughter against me...rather talking face to face...even if i ask her a simple question,,she turns that into a miswrable conversation to her daughter..One of my drawback is i am having aggressive behaviour..Now she is using this image of me by badmouthing to everyone...i am helpless

My future mil would rather my bf dated his sister best friend than me. There is a 6 year age gap between them which he doesn't like big age gaps. She is childish and posts instagram pictures of this girl making personal digs at me. But tbh I've made my peace with it I know where I stand. I can be mature it's just a matter of whether she can.

I have a rather long story, as my husband and I been together for ten years and married for one. MIL was never accepting of me since the very beginning. Her personality is known to be abrasive, narcissistic, manipulative, and aggressive to not just me, but the rest of the extended family as well. Unfortunately FIL is also narcissistic, but likely won't have the time I write that all here.
A little about me: I'm a nurse. I am introverted, passive, and maybe easily labeled as being timid/meek, which I am trying to work on.

When we first met, I was invited over for a dinner with their immediate family, MIL appeared pleasant. However, behind my back she told my bf at the time that I have little going on for me. I was just turning 18. She told him that I don't have attractive physical traits and that he can do much better. FIL agreed. At the time, I will come over to their place to have dinner once a week. After roughly a month, MIL walked up to me and said, 'You are not the brightest or prettiest, so you need to work harder in life than everyone else to fit in with this family. Why is it that I don't see you cooking or mopping the floor if you have the chance?' Naive me, stood there in shock, I nodded my head, went in the washroom to wipe the tears that came running down my face uncontrollably. She stood outside the washroom saying, 'You look even uglier crying. Useless and worthless, as crying is all you know.'

A few years of continued abuse went on, however I enrolled into nursing school, and saw MIL less. Unfortunately being constantly reminded how ugly I am by MIL made it hard for me to accept compliments by friends or other guys on my appearance. To make things hard, communication in my relationship wasn't the greatest. He never defended me or protected me. I fell into what I thought was depression, which lead to eating disorders that made me drop down to just 80lbs. It was a definite struggle to get through, but I am happy to report I overcame that.

Once while being over at MIL's, because she calls me over to babysit SIL's two little ones. MIL pulled me aside and said, 'You know I always try to protect you. I have noticed recently that my son leaves the house at 2am and isn't back until the morning. And I heard him talking to another woman. She has the prettiest voice. I'm not surprised though, I know my son best, so I knew he'll cheat.' Of course, I knew it was a lie. At the time, my bf and I will some times fall asleep talking on the phone, so I will hear him snoring.

After I finished nursing school, my husband and I got engaged. MIL came up to me the day after my husband purposed and said, 'What a pretty ring. I picked it, so thank me. You know I was always against you marrying my son, but he always ignores my wishes. Lets live together comfortably.' She desperately wanted us to live with her. Husband and I both just stated our careers, so we are still saving up for a place. It doesn't help that were we are from, a decent house costs 1.3 million.

While planning our wedding, she wanted to be involved with every part. She wanted us to ask for her approval when it comes to photography, venues, date, and even down to the dresses I choose to wear. She even demanded to see photos of dresses I picked out for my mother. I soon realized why. MIL even held a mini fashion show of her wearing her dresses in front of FIL and my husband. She proudly exclaimed, 'I am lucky to have such a slim body, unlike your mom's. If they held a beauty pageant for women above 40, I will surely win. I am even better looking than some pitiful looking 27 year old women.' She smirked and smugly looked at my direction. By that time, I have desensitized to most of her antics and rude remarks. Despite not having the wedding of my dream at the venue I wanted, or even the dresses I wanted to wear, I didn't let it bring me down. I only wish my husband will see that we are paying for all this, and it wasn't fair for MIL or FIL to have control over everything.

Now, things have gotten from bad to holy-bat-<i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i> madness living with MIL. MIL throws the loudest tantrums. She yells at the top of her lungs at me for the littlest things. Mind you, I cook dinner for husband, MIL, FIL, and BIL. I vacuum and mop the floors weekly, and I am on top of all the chores. For example, I was in the shower the other day, when I came out of the washroom, MIL was screaming, 'Why didn't you hear me call for you? I expect you to come every single time I call! Why are you such a filthy person? Your pillow sheet reeks, wash it this instant!' I told her they have already been changed a few days ago, and she yells, 'You think a man wants a stinky woman like you? He will leave you for a woman who smells like flowers where you reeks of garbage!' Comments like that are thrown over a 50 times a day. It has caused me a lot of stress. She will be against my nursing career. Her and FIL will gang up on me and say husband and I are destined for divorce. Nursing requires me to work nights as well, and they told me my husband will cheat on me because I am giving him ample opportunity to. Even the stress gets too much, I go home. I usually visit my parents over the weekends as I am their only daughter living here. My sister works out of town. MIL will ask why my husband seems to look paler and yell at me saying she thinks my parents poisoned their poor son. Accusations are so ridiculous, it some times has me thinking MIL is out of her mind. It's putting a lot of strain on our relationship, as my husband becomes the middle person. When my husband defends me when MIL bashes me nonstop when I am at work, MIL becomes more furious and asks him why he is always taking my side. She once told me my husband will never choose me over her because her blood runs through his, and that she is real family and I am not. I hope to move out sooner, and see less of her...

Everytime we visit my husbands parents its a nightmare. My MIL cooks all day and her food is lovely BUT she constantly moan and complain about it and it is so obvious she doesnt enjoy it. We dont ask her or need her to cook for us at all but she insists. we enjoy going out to eat and will invite them everytime. We earn a lot of money and will eventually buy them
a new house and car. Last year we visited with our 2 month old baby, I had to do the dishes after us having dinner as late as 10 pm every night (first of all I begged we have dinner a bit earlier as I needed to go to sleep) by midnight I would be done, (God forbid her son/ my husband were not aloud to help and should relax) and then I spent the night waking with my little baby to feed him while everyone else was sleeping and then SHE was in a bad mood in the morning because she didnt sleep well. Give me a break! Same thing this year. My husbands dad is such a trooper, he has to stand up with her constant nagging and bossing around. Eat this, dont eat that, do this, dont do that. This time around our baby is 14 months and obviously talks a lot and cries sometimes. She wants him to be quiet all day and shout at him and keep saying kids should be quiet and we are not their slaves so our baby need to fit around her schedule. Our baby is afraid of her and doesnt even go near here, he loves his grand father and hugs him
all the time. She treats her husband and me so bad but her son (my husband) and daugther like royal. She also treats her daugthers boyfriend like me. We are not worth anything. She is constantly mad, either its the weather or the lamp in the neigbours apartment that annoys here or you didnt eat the steak despite explaining you dont eat meat. The weirdest stuff and the worse is that my husband always puts her first before me. I refuse letting her babysit my baby alone as she doesnt have the patients for more than 2 hours and Im afraid she might harm him (she beat her children when they were small). The worse is she will give the silent treatment for days following arguments, ruining everyones holidays so everybody's tipping on toes around her. For me its a waste of my LIFE to spend any time with them and we have so little holidays already. I honestly dont know what to do, my husband has a lot of her bad behaviours like beeing moody, giving silent treatment and I dont want my baby to ever have to experience that. Im considering divorce but just want the best for my baby. Staying with him (I will suffer) leaving him and I dont know what happens with my baby when Im not around. My baby is the sweetest most innocente boy, he is very sensitive but really like an angel. I cant stand the fact of anyone ever being bad to him. Any advice?

Open Letter To My FIL

Oh B., you really just make it too easy. You see, your constant ignoring and treating my husband and kids poorly is only going to make it worse for you in the long run. You think you are punishing ME by ignoring THEM, when in reality you only make it easier for me to justify the eventual cut-off that is right around the corner. When will you realize that I don't want your money, and I don't want your land? What I wanted was something you could never give: your love. You withheld that from day one, first from me, then from the kids, and finally from my husband.

You have finally beaten me down to the point where I just want to get my kids, my husband, and myself as far away from you as possible, and to not look back. That is where this is heading, you do realize that, right? You have hurt us all for long enough, and now that you have foolishly been so blatant about taking it out on my kids and my husband (when most likely your real hatred is saved mostly for me), you have sealed your own fate. You will no longer have grandchildren who give you a second thought.

You've done a pretty good job of alienating your son as well.

One day, and Lord forgive me for saying that I hope it is not too far in the future, you will be gone. As I said, I don't want a freaking thing from you - but I do think the right thing to do would be to provide something for your grandchildren upon your eventual demise.

You can only sit atop your pile of gold for so long. You cannot take it with you, Old Man. Your privileged daughter doesn't need it, and your ignorant, drunken, racist, womanizing youngest son doesn't deserve it. These are your only grandchildren (well, until Baby Boy finally rolls the roulette wheel one too many times and knocks someone up). They deserve at least something from you....since clearly you refuse to make that something be LOVE. The lease you can do is provide a college education for them. I wonder if you've even considered them in your will....or have you already ensured that Baby Boy gets it all?

It matters not, to be honest. I didn't fight for the money my step-father swindled me out of from my mother's estate, and I won't go to battle for your money, either. You see, at the end of the day, it's blood money one way or the other. You cannot buy your grandchildren's love. If you manage to do the right thing and leave them something, trust me they will only think about it as money for college....because you have left them very few good memories of YOU that will be attached to that money.

How sad, isn't it? You've pushed and you've pushed, and you are now going to reap what you have sown.

I came here for some very specific reasons. Yes, I was hoping it would mean my kids would enjoy some time with their grandparents...but since that clearly isn't working, I now will focus on the other reasons I came. Financial reasons that will ultimately save me from certain financial traps I was once in, thanks to certain sweet benefits I can now utilize.

One day, those traps will be far behind me, and so will you be. I love my husband, and truly hope he opens his eyes a little more to what you have continued to do to him, his wife, and his children....and one day, it will be US who win out in the end.

Does it bother you that we could care less about your money? We could care less about your status (that is, of course, before you retired...and now, my friend, you are nothing without your job title but an angry, gout-ridden old man). We were hoping for something you simply never would understand: unconditional love and acceptance.

That's OK, B. We will give that to our kids ourselves...but if you think I will not tell my children how horrible you were, you are sadly mistaken. I want them to realize that their grandfather could give 2 $#!ts about anything except himself (and his drunken youngest son). I want them to realize what a disappointment you are. What a pathetic, small, ignorant man you are.

My father is way more of a grandfather to these kids...not that it would be hard to improve upon you. We have friends who are more of a family to us and our kids than you and your crew of ignoramuses have been. OK, I will give your wife the smallest bit of credit for showing SOME interest and caring in these kids - you know, periodically when it was convenient and for approximately 10 minutes per visit. But sure, I'll give her credit for those 10 minutes. The rest of you, however, get no such credit.

I hope you die a lonely, miserable who realizes that his prodigy has moved far away from him (because that's the 5 year plan, my friend). I hope you realize how far you pushed your son away - a gentle man who loved you and idolized you...and now, all he feels is disconnect, disappointment, and sadness at the very thought of you.

If all of this makes you proud in any way, may karma find you one day and show you all the wasted time that could have been spent loving these beautiful children, your wonderful son, and your daughter-in-law - who only ever wanted to be loved by you.

It is rare to wish someone to leave this planet, but I find myself feeling that way about you. You have just hurt us all so much, that I can only imagine we'll ever feel any real semblance of peace only when you are finally gone. You took a family of wonderful people (us) who only wanted to love you, and made us apathetic and sad. Bravo, my friend, Bravo.

For background info: My MIL text me back in August &quot;Stay out of our [her and my bf] conversations it's none of your business what we talk about you're the worst thing that happened to us&quot;

My boyfriends mom was great at first but since she moved in with us we haven't gotten along. She's never had a &quot;real&quot; job and when she moved into our apartment she was only responsible for herself but she's so intolerable that she couch hops until people are fed up with her. She has tried several times to guilt him into letting her move back with us but I told him no and that is that. she claims she doesn't have anywhere to go but the truth is no one wants to help her anymore - she has burned so many bridges.

We tried to help her but she takes offense to us buying anything (she acts like he is still a child) and would rather beg and scavenge for food/toiletries. She can't get a 'real' job so she just hits people up for random cleaning jobs. These people have money and she feeds them a sob story so they give her whatever they're going to throw away. I don't like to hold grudges but I have never had to forgive someone so many times. I felt betrayed because my bf took up for her. She manipulates him and guilt's him into taking her side. We used to argue about this but I have learned to listen to his side and politely say &quot;I don't agree&quot; and leave it at that. Since then he has taken up for me and actually makes her leave our house when she starts to yell at us.

I hope she realizes she is putting a wedge between her and her son and that she will treat us better.

I have nowhere else I can really post this. Ladies, can I just tell you...confronting your IL's is the absolute BEST feeling you will ever have! Confront them and then watch them squirm! Even better: get your partner/husband to confront them. I'm enjoying watching my IL's squirm, I can tell you that much. We put them right in their place, and they came out whining, crying, fussing, blaming, finger-pointing, denying and then of course comes the smear campaign. That's OK, folks...we live far enough away that it doesn't matter. They can cry all they want to their little circle of friends. Vindication tastes incredibly sweet, and I hope you all manage to serve up a delicious scoop of it in your own IL situations. Cheers!

My fiancé just had surgery. Nothing major. Nothing he needed to be cared for 24/7. I have been working 2 jobs to pay for my bills and cover his expenses, pay his bills and for our upcoming wedding. His mom just blew up in my face calling me a liar and fake. She said I don't love her son and that she's forced to love me. She mistreats my future husband and abuses him mentally. He pays the rent and hands her the money for it. She always has an emergency and uses a part of it to buy cigarettes and sofa. We have no kind of relationship. She's an evil selfish person. I stay shut when she argues and she lashes out even more in hopes for me to talk back. She doesn't let her son speak and he's stuck between us. She want to end things with her and try to love me again. I cannot stand that woman. She even said she won't go to the wedding. I could care less if she goes or not. It's about her son. I have lost all respect for her.

I've made a terrible stupid mistake. My wife works in nursing and has regular night shifts. My mother, a widow of 56 years, is sometimes staying with us. Although she is somewhat meddlesome I can get along with her. She has sometimes some sexually explicit remarks as we were alone during night shifts my wife but I saw it more as a joke. My mother in law is, unlike my wife, a strong woman and I have to confess that because of her comments I have occasionally fantasized about her.

One night, when my wife was on night duty, and I have some doozed asleep, I felt someone beside me cringe. It was my mother in law who, without talking to me began to stroke my body. It excited me and instead of sending her away I responded to her and we ended up pretty violent sex.

Although it was very tasty, I afterwards had very much regret and want to leave it to those one-time.
My mother in law, however, thinks otherwise and threatens to tell my wife, if I don't 'serve' here more. She knows because of the 'one night stand' among others that I have a birthmark on my <i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i> which she can tell my wife.

So I came into an impossible situation because of my stupidity and do not know how I can get out of here.


My MIL has moments... Most of the time she is fine but she can be pretty heartless/thoughtless sometimes. I have kids from a prior relationship. When I married her son, MIL and FIL told my kids to call them grandma and grandpa. I thought that was great. Fast forward a year and now it's made clear on almost every occasion that they are not 'grandkids'. We had a get together and there was one picture with everyone and then a second picture... without me and my kids. I avoid MIL house for Christmas because my kids are not treated the same and I would hate to have them see it. On one occasion there was even a facebook post about how she loved her [number] of grandchildren and that number was the exact number of grandkids minus my kids... I have asked my husband to say something but he won't. It's one thing to be a jerk to me but it's another to do these hurtful things to children. The kids just love MIL and FIL, they are too young to see it yet. I don't want to say something and make it worse. Ugh.

My mother in law won't leave. She's been here for 4 years to help with the kids. I've been wanting her to leave. She threatened us months ago that she was going to leave if we didn't change our ways (she's very religious and we don't share the same beliefs) and we said fine. She said she would leave in 3 months. We were buying a house with the thought of her leaving. 1 year later she is still here, making plans like she's never going to leave. We have 2 toddlers and they can't even have their own room. Husband asks when she's going to leave, she says when she gets her social security (2 years). She borrows my car all the time ( husband drives stick) she can use her daughters car but she doesn't. I can't even look at her face anymore. She acts like my house is her house. We don't even need her here to help with the kids as my husband works from home. I want her to leave now.

My mother in law comes across as the most carrying and companionate woman you'll ever meet but truthfully speaking she is the most controlling , lying , manipulating , vindictive, rude, deceitful , mentally abusive and most sadistic, narcissistic woman I have ever had to deal with. Yes , the &quot;C&quot; word!! After my fiancé had been living with his grandparents for 5 years to get away from her , he was back in his mothers house for only a few weeks .. Thats when I started dating him. 2 years this woman /&quot;mother&quot; played me and her son against each other . Telling me he had anger problems, mental issues, bad work ethics ... and at the same time telling him I'm bi-sexual , a lesbian , an alcoholic etc. Eventually , it became direct . She was trying to destroy our relationship to have him back in her life and used me as her reason to tell everyone in her life that her son didn't want anything to do with her . The text message would never end that I trapped her son , I'm a druggy and that list goes on. She had to know everything going on in our home. Like, why a cable bill was in his name ( while we had been living together and we were pregnant) to my tattoos , friends, credit history etc. Not one person from his step-father ( who adopted him) to his brothers and sister ever called to ask our side , even to this day. She can make anyone believe anything . Just talk softly , act like your intentions are in everyone's best interest and start crying . She had me even fooled, to many time. She played both of us against each other. Telling us the same things about one another. Everything she was calling me was not true and actually happening within her home ! It destroyed me just taking it for so long . She is an alcoholic ( I don't even drink) and a pill popper. her sons that live in her home were selling drugs out of it and doing it , her 16 son at the time had a drinking problem (3 DUI altercations , crashes now 21 and losses his license and even being held hostage for 3 days getting beat. Her other son still selling drugs and just recently was broken into and beat up for what's in his safe and a step-father who doesn't say anything about anything cause his wife runs the world. My MIL's brother is schizophrenic and I swear this woman has something ! Back to the time line 1 1/2 years of hell , stress, tears, sleepless nights , vomited and depression, from her bone stop lies, accusations and insults . We almost lost our daughter being born at 3lbs 14 oz from her daily phone calls and text messages that lead me to literally beg the lord to end my life to end her madness . With another 2 miscarriages at 6 weeks and 11weeks, we were now done, beyond done . Along with my ex-husband , our 2 kids together, my fiancé and our daughter , we all decided to move far away 5 states away technically . Within 6 hrs our top secret mission his phone blew up . &quot;is it true your moving , she threatened to take our children , death threats from his younger brother of&quot; how could we do this to her , he's going to kill my fiancé !... UNREAL!! She contacted my father ( who helped us move, stayed with us the first 2 months, and had always been with us daily) to help her &quot;save the children, work with her in court , Im abusive to the children and my fiancé ( her son) fears me. Let's just say my fiancé is one of the strongest men I have ever met, not intimidated by anyone and would have you on the ground before you blinked.. but anyways she even had the audacity to contact my ex husband ( who's idea was it) That man knows I'm a good woman and a great mother , we have always been a team .. yet this Phsycho thinks what she does, when she has never even seen me do anything she accuses me of because I DONT and I am NOT . Finally 5 years have past our life is everything , no drama, no fighting, we are so blessed and happy ... that was until just recently my fiancé contact her on Mother's Day . He gets preached &quot; how sorry she is for everything she'd done and said&quot;, &quot;that she wants to apologize to me and visit&quot; . Oh lord I lost my mind . Started crying like it was yesterday.. its one thing for a phone call , but when someone has cost you so much pain , emotion, stress, and we lost pregnancies .. I ask &quot;are you serious to ask in just one phone call. &quot; .. I was so not ready .
Needless to say I messaged her . Finally opening my mouth for the first time about what she has caused us, and done to me and our children . I got no response back.
My fiancé decided after everything it was time to contact his biological father who signed his rights over when he was 7 years old .. thinking &quot;maybe this man isn't everything she said and wanted to know him and his side for the divorce and giving up his rights. Within 5 weeks his father was at our door . It was the best time you could have had. Fun, exciting , they are so alike, and knowing what we know.. his side was understood ( he was accused of everything I had been . Worst off he had even been accused of molesting my fiancé and his brother . (I told you she's psychotic! ) So that's why he had enough and had no more money to keep fighting her and gave his rights up . So let's say his choices were immodestly forgiven . Just when a glimmer of having a family back in his life , was present .. it was taken ...
It was brought up that his mother always refused a pregnancy test , he always questioned if my fiancé was his son . Oh my god our hearts dropped ..within that 2 day visit they immediately did a test . My fiancé told his mother about contacting him , all was great .. but that's not what she wrote on face book when they finally met .My fiancé opened a Facebook just to read what she wrote and respond lividly .
72 hrs later the results of the paternity ..NOT the father ! He posted it for the world to see . Tired of biting his tongue all these years and taking her rathe and everyone else she brain washed .. he said it like it was and how he felt.
My man lost it , crying like he never has while taking out in the punching bag, to the point it split , I had to be the one to break the news to his dad . My heart broke hearing a grown man weep and scream &quot; why on the phone &quot; &quot; how could she do this to me &quot; &quot;how could she ever put me through everything she has&quot;... it was a hard day .
The outcome of phone calls from his fathers side poring in that they don't care , they have always loved him and still want him in their lives along with his mother now threatening legal action, slander etc. ( when she posted first) to his brother calling twice with death threats like he did 5 years ago . he was a emotionally toiled man happy, yet angry and heart broken .. and now even more questions as to who he is and who his real father and family is.
Needless to say this woman is officially written off , to all of us. We want nothing to ever do with her especially her own son for the 28 years of lies in his life .
Worst mother in the world is an understatement as his own mothers side, brothers and sisters feel for her and make the comments &quot; why are you so angry &quot;, &quot;you never knew your father anyways&quot; this is your mother, the test is wrong &quot;. Forget them all he said . He had us and even though his father is not his biological father that's all they both want now. To be father and son . A court date is all we are waiting on to make it official again and the love and respect that should be expected , within a family . I pray the day she rots in hell . No one deserved what she has put her son, me , our children , the man she claimed was his &quot; father, his fathers family and even her own that are all blind to all of this.

My MIL is scheduling a photoshoot for just my boyfriend her and my son.... I guess I'm not apart of the family I made

My father in law needs a punch I swear. They've been away for the weekend, so whilst they were gone I took the opportunity to do up my sons bedroom, sort and tidy the living room toys and do the kitchen.
They're home today and now he's going bananas telling me to tidy stuff up, put stuff away and fix stuff. Frankly he can swing for it. He's supposed to be working (he works from home) but isn't actually doing anything. He's &quot;tidying&quot; but actually just moving stuff to other piles which make the house more cluttered. Every single thing he has moved has been something of mine or my sons, he's not touched his massive pile of crap in the middle of the room......kill me or him!

Anyone dealing with a MIL that doesn't like you because your a different race or nationality?
I am White (Scottish/Irish) and my husband is Black. We are both in our early 40's.
Been with DH 5 years, married 3. Never ever called me by my name, refers to me as Her or She.
Even when she looks at me she has the look on her face like she smelled something bad.
She knows NOTHING about me. NOTHING. Only few things she knows she has found out from my DH.
Never asked me a question about myself. Never struck up a conversation.
When I tried speaking to her I get yes no answers.
She refers to our marriage as a situation.
Needless to say she was not at our wedding. I was willing to have her there, my DH said no but not because he stands up for me but because he doesn't have much of a spine to stand up to her and would rather avoid her than confront her.
He has never had the YOU DON'T HAVE TO LIKE HER BUT YOU MUST RESPECT HER speech - which is part of the problem.
Anyone out there hear me?

My mother in law sucks. We just moved in with her about three weeks ago. I'm pregnant with my first child. And, our plan was to stay here for a while and save money.

She's under stress and has some emotional issues. I understand these things about her but, I still don't feel like there's any excuse for her behavior. To make a long story short she's rude as hell. For lack of a better word, she's ghetto. She's got a gambling problem and smokes cigarettes. She knows why we came here and agreed to help us get on our feet with a new baby on the way.

Once we get here, she's asking for money. Okay that's fine. We do live with you and it's only right to contribute. But then we start to understand just how much of her money goes to bingo when first, the cable gets cut off. Then, the lights are cut off (she did pay the same day so they were only off a few hours but I just don't understand why she's letting them get cut off in the first place?). She's very irresponsible and her priorities are all messed up.

Her brother lives with her. He is disabled and she gets a check for him. Still, she was constantly ask us to buy him food. Her car is leaking GASOLINE. I can't even go in the garage because it smells like gas and I doubt that's safe for baby so I park outside of it. Yet, she brags a bout making $4,000 a month. Hm. I actually don't doubt she makes close to that. She's a RN. But, she's got a gambling problem. She's making a habit out of asking for money, beer, food, rides to work at 5 am (because now her car is overheating as well), and feeding her brother. I get food stamps. She's asked me to buy food. Okay sure, that's fair. I buy food.

Now what pisses me off is this..

She recently asked me to put a house in my name because she's in bankruptcy. And she's basically getting evicted (didn't tell us this. my mans older brother let us know she's behind on rent and has to be out by a certain date). She gives us BA stories about why she can't get a place in her own name without realizing her older son has already ratted her out and warned me against getting anything in my name for her. He has three kids and has an eviction on his name thanks to her. I told her I wasn't comfortable with doing that. She said I need to grow up. I heard her on the phone saying how people need to &quot;grow up&quot; (people being me and my man) and how people are so worried about their credit when they could just deal with whatever happens as long as we have somewhere to stay. She says &quot;I'm in bankruptcy. I deal with it I still make things happen and I get by. People need to realize you just have to do what you have to do.&quot; Billshit lady. I care about my credit and would like to avoid any hardship at all. She catches me alone on the kitchen and the pressures on. She starts to tell me how I must not trust her enough and that's fine she'll find a place with or without me but we may have to leave. Being passive aggressive and manipulative. She tries to back me into a corner. She's a bully and seriously has mental issues.

Need I remind you, I'm pregnant with my first child. She's constantly asking for money. I don't understand why she's be asking us. We're trying to save and already give her rent, feed ourselves, and buy our own things. Everything down to our own toilet paper and soap. She asks us to drive her brother to/from dialysis. And has never said thank you or offered us any help.

We don't ask her for a DIME. That's not my style and we just don't need her help other than a roof over our head for the moment.

So, this is the best part. When she is bored and were out and about enjoying ourselves.. When she has no car or money to go gamble she just aims and shoots. She picks fights. She'll tell us how nobody helps her. So we remind her (in a very respectful reasonable manner) of all of the ways we actually do try and help.. She starts to tell us how she doesn't need anything from us. How disrespectful we are and how she can just get a place for her. Basically letting us know we can just leave.

Im a very respectful person. I'm fair and reasonable. Believe me when I tell you, she's batshit crazy. She's a con artist. She manipulative and conniving. I feel so uncomfortable here. I don't want to separate from my man. I will have to if I go stay with my mom. She's only for an apartment with my two sisters living there already. I can't come with my man and our dog and a baby on the way. This is the only place there's room for is. She knows that. And is taking full advantage of our desperation. It's driving me crazy and causing me so much stress... Of course whenever I try to talk to her in a mature respectful manner she takes anything I say up the <i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i>. And twist my words. Knowing she's full of <i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i>. Knowing I'm so respectful. She's disrespected me plenty times. I can't even speak up or she throws a fit about how she won't be &quot;disrespected in her house&quot;. It's ridiculous.

Even though he and I aren't married yet, it is like we are married. For starters, we've mostly lived with his mom with me in college. My own family doesn't live far but we wanted to stay together and her place was best option due to size and it's just her and my fiance. He and I have been together 4 years (since highschool) and engaged three years. We had an apartment about six months but it was income based so when I got a raise and he got more hours we were threatened to be kicked out. So we moved back in with his mom. We just got our first rental house. Every time we mentioned leaving or getting a place she becomes passive aggressive and his and my relationship is stressed severely.

Where to start?? He didn't have a great childhood. Father passed away when he was younger. When we got together he had depression and anxiety. It was pretty bad. Their holidays is her sitting in the living room, him in his bedroom playing video games. He barely respected her and would get pretty angry a lot over the smallest things. High tention. She screams at the top of her lungs at her animals (was four now three little dogs and so many cats: I'm talking at least nine inside and nine outside). Her house is not the size that can handle that.

Though he still has trouble with anxiety and depression from time-to-time it's decreased a visable and heavy amount. From the get-go I forced him to start talking to me and still have to remind him if he doesn't talk to me I can't understand. Then I use the same repeated logic to help bring him around. He's very practical and logic is the only way to get through. His mother is not logical but she tries to step in and always starts stuff which makes it worse. I've learned how to somewhat counter her affects. I've also gotten the tension calmed a considerable amount and they both can go a few weeks now without fighting.

His mother is his only family relatively close and he doesn't care for his family out-of-state (which they are annoyed by). I have a huge family, I have three siblings, I have cousins all over our town. I introduced him to family meals, family holidays actually TOGETHER but it's difficult for him to adjust though it's slowly getting better. I tried inviting his mother with us to my parents house for Christmas a couple years ago and we tried to make her welcome and gave her gifts. She has declined every invitation since then. He and I still make time on holidays to stay at her house and it's awkward: in a way he tries to talk to her now instead of staying in his room but it wasn't working. He's reverted back to staying in his room. When he tells her he is also going with me to my grandparents house on the holidays she gets passive aggressive.

She does my laundry. If I do my laundry with my own detergant and everything she grills me about how much soap and dryer sheets I've used. She wants to do it bc it keeps her busy. I don't like her folding my underwear and washing my items but I've given up fighting it. I can't even do dishes without her commenting that I didn't have to. She never once thanked me. She doesn't want me cleaning up after the animals bc they are her responsibility but if she comes home to a mess we have to listen to her screaming at them for an hr. I tried buying groceries a few times but everytime I do she goes out the next day and buys double the amount: even if she doesn't have money for it.

I'm glad we got a place. A house! But it's right around the corner... not that distance would really matter to be honest. My grandparents helped us move appliances we had to buy with their trailer. We could tell she was upset and about in tears but we let it go. She helped us move a couch and get cleaning supplies (she is involved). We ended up getting sold a fridge infested with roaches ;( first time experience for us buying and it bit us. She was helping us fix the mess. I listened to her about how to use the spray and the baits, the foggers. She got angry with ME bc BOTH he and I wouldn't let the appliance (fridge) drop down our porch steps onto the side walk. She litterally wanted us to just let it go and hoped it would break so it couldn't be sold again. She was screaming, neighbors on half the block came outside. I finally raised my voice (he and i were holding the fridge up) and told her I can write on it with permanent marker or a paint marker- we're not breaking our steps or picking it up off the sidewalk. He agreed with me. She got angry, got in my face and said &quot;oh, right, because you know best don't you (my name)! Well I'm done helping. F-it. Don't listen to anyone!&quot; Then she gets in her truck and speeds off. He and I manage to get it to curb. He had to leave me to go back to her place to get the extra spray we had. At that point I was trying not to have a panic attack and my phone had died. Eventually he came back with the spray and she came about five minutes later. I didn't want to see her face but I forced myself to stay calm and she acted like nothing happened. When my own mother got off work she came over and calmed me down, helped me take a breather. Explained we didn't waste our money bc we learned a valuable lesson (yada yada). She helped us finish up and helped me the next day since she was off work. Stayed at my side. When my mom was present, his mom acted calmer and didn't dare get in my face. When his mom started telling me to do something, my mom only had to say one thing and his shut up. I don't understand why she'll respect my mom but not me. She's much older (at least 16 years older) than my mom.

What gets on my nerve most? Her way is right. If I do something differently than her, my fiancé goes to her and asks if I'm doing it correctly. Seriously?? He didn't do that when we had our apartment. With this new place, she is letting us use one of her ACs. Great, thanked her sincerely. She said we could have a coffee table from her shed- I didn't like it. I didn't want it. She rolled her eyes at me.

He and I was almost married last summer when we were in our apartment. I was organizing it and everything. So excited. Talked to her- told her I was planning it. He told her. I was planning it. Not my mother or my grandparents but me. He and I were ones who would have to pay for it. He and I were ones who'd have to settle on a price with our bills. She started a bunch of drama on Facebook about how she finds out on facebook that her son is getting married. She had several people and his distant family looking down on him and I. A complete pity party. She called him early just to argue with him about it and complain. We went to her house to talk and she started yelling at us about it and saying we never told her. I finally got angry and told her my own grandparents didn't know yet because they don't have facebook and I haven't seen them recently. She was surprised and was like &quot;oh, really? Well...&quot; was so angry. We ended up canceling the wedding in the end bc after that happened he told me he really didn't care if we got married it was up to me. I told him I'm not marrying someone who feels so indifferent. It works the same way with kids. I want one of our own and one adopted when we can handle it. He was always iffy but I finally talked him into it. We even tried to adopt a little girl I took care of at a daycare when we had our apartment but couldn't because we had to be married first and both had to be 21 (we were 20 at the time). Whenever things are going bad with his mother though, suddenly he's back to not wanting children and only okaying it for the future bc I want them. Yet he tells me how he wants to raise them and we've already agreed on names. My best friend just had a baby this year. I love spending time with them and I'll use my money to buy some things, and got a good deal on toys to keep at our new place. His mother hates when I pay money for the stuff. She'd rather go dumpster diving or collect it from someone's trash. He gets annoyed and says it's not my place to buy it. I haven't bothered saykng anything to his mother but I finally told him if he doesn't want to give me a child then he can back off and stop juding me for helping take care of my best friends child.

My stress levels are pretty high- they always are anymore. He and I were supposed to get away for a few days but we ended up getting the house the same weekend and so we stayed. This was our weekend instead. My mother has told me she never would have put up with him this long but she'll support me no matter what I do. My father can't stand his mother and thinks I can do better but he lets me do as I want and tries to help when he can. I know how he is without her around. I also know how great a guy he is- he's just not a social person so only certain people see that side of him. He's also a sarcastic jerk with people he trusts and likes. (That's how my dad's entire family is). My mother took offense to it at first but finally realized that just means he finally trusts her and is more like my dad than he first appeared. Unlike my dad, he is more accepting of others, polite, and open-minded. My father just doesn't understand that he hasn't had a male role model since he was 9. Also a reason I think he wavers on children. He's scared because he doesn't understand what a father should be m, and he and my father probably aren't spending quality time together anytime soon.

I'm sorry this is so long but I've been holding it in for a long time.


~Our first year~

We are three days away from celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary. Your 1st anniversary is traditionally celebrated with a paper gift. We have lived through a crazy storm orchestrated by his mother, ex and daughters all year. So one of his gift is a roll of toilet paper that has Happy 1st Anniversary printed all over it! You wipe away all the negative crap and focus on the good and love that is our future. lol! I got him another gift too, but couldn't help myself from buying the $15 toilet paper roll. Sometimes it just doesn't matter how much something costs, its just too perfect.

I'm married to my best friend and love of my life. He is a wonderful Christian man with a horrifically dysfunctional family especially my manipulator in law (his mother). I believe the only thing that saved him from being like his family is that he was raised by his Grandparents who were wonderful loving people. We got engaged after dating for a year. This is a second marriage for both of us. I was married previously for 21yrs and him for 15. I had been single for 5yrs when we met and him for 11yrs.

I knew of some of the manipulation and guilt put on him by his Mother but it came into full focus the night we got engaged and this past year. The co-dependent relationship his Mom and Ex have together is off the charts uncalled for. You see the ex lived with his family during their last years of high school having no family of her own. They married right out of high school and had a rocky relationship the whole 15yrs. The were separated more time than they were ever together. His Mother was an alcoholic narcissist who married his Step Dad when he was only 3. He was beaten by his Step Dad until he was big enough to stand up for himself and put it to an end. Fast forward to after his marriage and his Mother works with his ex wife, have for years and years. The whole time he was single his family invited his ex to everything. Some things I understand, they have kids together after all. But to every picking thing ever? He was never able to move forward in his life and everyone he ever dated was treated poorly and run off. After all who would want to put up with all of that the rest of their life? (Insert raised hand) I would, I love him so completely that I will not allow their drama and hate to hurt us. Biggest lesson learned this year is that he needs to stand his ground. Everyone deserves respect and should not allow anything less in their life. Even if family disrespects you, don't let that be ok and turn into the norm in your life.

The whole 1st year we were dating when we were around my MIL you could literally count down the seconds until she mentioned his ex to he and I. His adult daughters do the same. He obviously divorced her, but his Mother sure hadn't. The night we got engaged we rushed back to my families house to tell them the news &amp; called his Mom on speaker phone. After he finished telling her our happy news the next words out of her mouth were &quot;do you really love my son?&quot; You could have heard a pin drop along with everyone's jaw at her rudeness. She contacted me shortly after and asked to meet for lunch &quot;to get to know me better&quot;. We met but instead of getting to know one another I sat through almost three hours of why I shouldn't marry him and how his ex was the love of his life. Um...not according to him. Just saying...

At our wedding rehearsal she was adamant in front of everyone to switch sides with my Mother so she could see her son's face and not mine. That makes a new bride feel all kinds of special, lemme tell ya. My Mother refused bless her heart, loudly proclaiming this is the brides side and I'm not moving an inch. She did offer to pay for my dress and even though I didn't feel comfortable with it my hubby insisted. She did end up paying but drug her feet until I had to scramble days before for alterations. It was a mess and I'm sure intentional. Oh, and of course she added in it was only right because she had also paid for his 1st wife's dress. But of course I wasn't allowed to spend as much as she had given her. Don't you worry, I got the dress I wanted.

This past year of our marriage she's done whatever she could, whenever she could, to disrupt our happiness. The 1st holiday we decided to invite both families to our home was Christmas Eve and she and the whole family refused to come. They insisted that we go to his Sisters house and my family wasn't welcome. Let me add in the past we have gone to his Sisters and if so had only 20min tops to spend as he in law enforcement and was in full uniform just before having to log on each year. It makes for a very stressful rushed holiday. This past year he had to work also but if it was at our house he would have had two and a half hours to spend enjoying family before he had to get into his uniform and leave. They still wouldn't hear of it. We stood our ground and had it at our home with my family and his daughters. She followed that up two weeks later by throwing a fit because we went away for the weekend for our birthdays and didn't have a family dinner. Our birthdays are around Christmas and New Years. After the Christmas Eve fiasco there was no way we were agreeing to dinner.

My MIL also has done everything possible to come between he and I and his adult daughters. That's another long story but she should respect his parenting and not undermine him at every chance she gets. Most recently she sent him a slanderous, evil email against him and targeting me and trying to destroy our marriage. All of what she said was not true, out of context, manipulative and guilt poured out on him all for her to have a better relationship with his daughters and ex. That's the moment I realized how truly hateful and co-dependent she is. I know now she will never change, we can never trust her or expect anything but the bile and evil that spins in her head and heart.

I've come to the conclusion that non of her or his families non-sense matter. The only thing that does matter is our love for each other. They aren't in our daily lives and we can pull off being cordial no problem. We've set our boundaries and will plan a wonderful future and happy peaceful holidays. Some they might be invited to but it's up to them if they walk through the door or not. We limit the time we have to be around her and thankfully so. No one needs that toxicity in their life.

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